[Fix] Lock Screen Slide Show Feature Not Working in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1

When Microsoft released Windows 8.1, the company added a new feature "Slide Show" on Lock Screen which allows users to select desired images and then those images are shown on Lock Screen in form of a slide show. The background image on Lock Screen automatically changes to the selected images after certain time interval when this Slide Show feature is enabled.

How to Enable Image Slide Show Feature on Windows 8.1 Lock Screen?

The same Slide Show feature is also available in Windows 10 operating system which works the same way as in Windows 8.1.


But there is a small bug or glitch in this feature in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. Sometimes this Slide Show feature doesn't work for many Windows users. Recently I got a comment from an AskVG reader "Paolo":

Please I need help with lock screen slideshow on Windows 10 64-bit. It doesn't works on my PC. I put images on a folder, all pics are jpg and I select folder for slide show, but nothing happens. Some solution(s)? Thank you so much.

I don't use Slide Show feature on Lock Screen but to help the reader, I enabled the feature in my Windows 10 PC by going to "Settings  -> Personalization -> Lock Screen" and then selected "Slideshow" option from the drop-down box. I also added a folder containing several wallpapers to provide the album for slide show.

But surprisingly the slide show feature didn't work for me as well. When I locked the computer using WIN+L key combination, Lock Screen was showing only the current background image. It didn't start any slide show of images.

After doing some research and changing settings and options at several places, finally I was able to enable Slide Show feature on Windows 10 Lock Screen.

If you are also using Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 and the Slide Show feature is not working on Lock Screen, following methods should help you in fixing this annoying problem:

METHOD 1: Remove and Re-add Images Folder

First of all try following simple fix:

1. Open Settings app from Start Menu or press WIN+I keys together to directly launch Settings app.

2. Now go to "Personalization -> Lock Screen" and click on the existing folder containing the images for slide show feature. Now click on Remove button to remove the folder from the list.

Do the same thing for all existing folders present in album list.


3. Now re-add desired folder by clicking on "Add a folder" button.

Now check if the slide show feature has started working by locking your computer using WIN+L keys together. You can also try to restart your computer to take effects.

METHOD 2: Change Lock Screen Slide Show Advanced Settings

If the above mentioned method doesn't work for you, try following:

1. When you are on "Settings  -> Personalization -> Lock Screen" page, click on "Advanced slideshow settings" link.

2. Now set "Only use pictures that fit my screen" option to Off and set "Play a slideshow when using battery power" and "When my PC is inactive, show lock screen instead of turning off the screen" options to On.


NOTE: Second option "Play a slideshow when using battery power" will only be available on laptops and tablets.

Now the slide show feature should start working on Lock Screen.

METHOD 3: Enable Slide Show Feature on Battery in Power Options

Although this option is related to Slide Show feature of Desktop background but you can try the same method to fix Lock Screen slide show issue:

1. Type powercfg.cpl in RUN dialog box or Search box and press Enter. It'll open "Power Options" window. You can also open it from Control Panel or WIN+X menu.

2. Now click on "Change plan settings" link present near your current power plan.

3. Again click on "Change advanced power settings" link present in next page. It'll open a new dialog box which allows you to change various advanced settings of power plan.

BONUS TIP: You can directly open "Advanced power settings" dialog box using control powercfg.cpl,,1 command in RUN dialog box as mentioned here.

4. Now expand "Desktop background settings -> Slide show" and set "On battery" option to "Available" from the drop down box.


Apply changes and it may also fix the issue.

METHOD 4: Disable Ctrl+Alt+Del Requirement on User Login

If the option "Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to unlock" is enabled on your Windows 10 computer, the slide show feature of Lock Screen will not work.

So you'll need to disable this option to be able to enjoy slide show on Lock Screen:

1. Type control userpasswords2 in RUN dialog box or Search box and press Enter. It'll open classic "User Accounts" window.

2. Now go to "Advanced" tab and disable "Require users to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete" option.


Apply the changes and now slide show should work on Lock Screen.

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METHOD 5: Enable Windows Search Service Using Services Manager

That's the solution which actually worked for me. The slide show feature on Lock Screen is dependent on Windows Search service because the images folder which you select for slide show feature needs to be first indexed by Windows Search service and if the Windows Search service is not running in background, the slide show feature doesn't work as the folder is not indexed. It seems a bug to me.

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Since I don't use Search feature in Windows frequently, I always disable Windows Search service to improve performance as no indexing is performed in the background. But if we disable this service, the slide show feature stops working on Lock Screen.

So re-enable Windows Search service using following steps:

1. First of all open Services Manager using services.msc command in RUN dialog box or by using other methods as mentioned in STEP 1 of following tutorial:

Beginner's Guide to Configure Windows 10 Services

2. Now scroll down and look for Windows Search service. Double-click on the entry and make sure "Automatic" is selected in Startup type drop-down box.


3. Apply changes and click on Start button to immediately start Windows Search service.

That's it. Now slide show feature should start working again on Windows 10 Lock Screen.

NOTE: Just check "Indexing Options" in Control Panel and you'll notice the same folder present under "Index these locations" which you selected as album for slide show in Lock Screen settings page. This thing proves that Lock Screen slide show feature has some dependency on Windows Search service.


PS: If you uninstalled default built-in modern (metro) apps in Windows 10 using this tutorial, you can try to reinstall the apps which may also help in this issue:

[Guide] How to Reinstall All Default Built-in Apps in Windows 10

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  • Hi VG,

    thank you for helping me, i really appreciate!

    The situation is:

    i've a radeon HD4870 VGA that's not fully supported from amd and microsoft on win10
    so i come back to windows 8.1.

    Now i've tried all 5 methods you suggest, but nothing of these works.

    The last one method i try also with expectation, cause i turned off index service for save my ssd from extra job that it does on disks.
    But also with win search service active and folder indexed in the control panel option the
    slideshow doesn't works.

    So i decide to have a simple static image and when i want another one simply change it manually.

    sorry for my bad english (not my language)

    Best regards!

  • Hello,
    I really need help with changing my lock screen background. I have a Windows 10 PC, but anything I try to change my lock screen wallpaper to, it still shows the default one, and I've tried every single possible way. Could you possibly try to find a fix to that bug?

  • VG

    ^^ Check following:


  • Did everything here, nothing worked.

  • Thank you for the article. It led me to try out another option to fix the same issue.

    Based on your finding regarding the dependency with the Windows Search service, I tried and found out that a similar dependency (but in reverse) exists with the CTRL+ALT+DELETE requirement.

    Turn off the CTRL+ALT+DELETE requirement first. Then set up the lock screen slideshow - use 1 min intervals- to test it. Then finalize your settings, e.g. set up the intervals to the value you want.

    After that, turn back on the CTRL+ALT+DELETE requirement. Everything worked (for me at least).

    So now, the next problem is how to make Win10 do the same when no profile is signed on. Set it up with the default profile or whatever it is that is in effect before someone actually signs on.

  • Wonderful,
    I did the first and the second method, then problem fixed...
    Thanks so much... :3

  • Once again, Microsoft takes something that should be simple, and makes it so convoluted as to be useless as a practical matter.
    As much as I'd like to use a slideshow for my lock screen, I refuse to waste my time working around yet another MS bug.

  • Yeah have to agree. Only Microsoft could include a feature in their OS that doesn’t actually work or is buggy as hell.

  • The word Unbearable comes to mind with Windows 10.

    I like it. I think it fits perfectly.

  • My lock screen picture mode doesn't work, how do i fix it?

  • Try to enable themes service

  • Tried all 5 methods and got no results, but chose an image from my wallpaper folder that had all the wallpapers I wanted to use and when I switched back to slideshow, it worked perfectly.

  • Method #2 worked for me. I know the appreciation of photos are in the eye of the beholder, but I filled a folder with pics from here. Stunning.


  • This error has persisted for a year and a half now and occurs if you change the screen saver settings. Changing the screen saver resets the lock screen behavior to default. Likewise, Changing your lock screen settings erases the screen saver settings to 'none'.

    I pointed this out in my feedback but they have yet to address the issue.

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