[Fix] Links from Yahoo! Messenger, FDM and avast! Open in IE Even If Firefox is Default Browser

If you use Yahoo! Messenger or avast! or Free Download Manager (FDM), you might have noticed that whenever you click on any link in these software, it opens in Internet Explorer even when Mozilla Firefox is set as Default browser in your system.

Most of the times this problem occurs in Windows Vista. If you are facing this problem, then follow these simple steps to fix this problem:

1. Click on "Default Programs" shortcut in Start menu. Now click on the last option in the list "Set program access and computer defaults":


2. Now click on "Custom" section and select "Mozilla Firefox" in "Choose a default web browser" section:


3. That's it. Click on OK button and now all links will open in Firefox instead of IE.

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  • awesome. thnx for this solution.

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