[Fix] Large Icons and Dark Background Color Problem in Taskbar Jumplist in Windows 8.1

Today we are going to address a very weird and annoying issue present in Windows 8.1 which is bugging a lot of people. I have received many emails from AskVG readers about this particular problem. This problem is related to jumplist (also known as Taskbar items context menu) which is shown when you right-click on an item present in Taskbar.

Usually when you access a program's jumplist by right-clicking on its icon on Taskbar, you get something similar to following image:


But during this weird problem, whenever a user tries to access jumplist in Taskbar, he gets an ugly looking jumplist UI as shown in following image:


As you can see, the background color is very dark and the dark text displayed on it doesn't look good and users can't read the text properly. Also Close and Pin buttons/icons are displayed very large in size and their position is also incorrect. The 2 icons are offset and overlap the text. Everything is just completely messed up in the jumplist.

Today in this tutorial we are going to tell you the reason behind this problem and the working solution to fix this annoying issue:


When someone starts facing this problem, he thinks that it might be a side-effect of some Registry tweaks or 3rd party software. Some people think it might be happening due to some settings change or due to using a 3rd party theme. But believe me its not your fault.

Actually this issue occurs due to a Windows Update KB3072318. This update replaces lots of system files in Windows 8.1 including Explorer.exe file and that's the reason behind this problem. Since jumplist is the part of Windows Shell, Explorer.exe file is responsible behind showing jumplist UI along with other UI elements such as Taskbar, Start Screen, Desktop, etc.

The new Explorer.exe file installed by this Windows update contains some incorrect code which breaks the UI of jumplist. The jumplist starts using the background color of Start Screen, that's why you see a dark background color in jumplist. So if you have set Blue/Purple background color in Start Screen, you get the same color in jumplist background.

Also the icons have been changed in Explorer.exe file, that's why you see big and misplaced Close and Pin icons in jumplist after installing this Windows update.

It seems the developers who created this update, didn't check the UI effects implemented by this update properly.


The solution to fix this issue is very simple! Uninstall the new update and you'll get rid of the ugly looking jumplist in Windows 8.1.

This update is optional and not an important one. It was released to help Windows 8.1 users in upgrading directly to Windows 10 right from the OOBE (Out-Of-Box Experience) process.

To uninstall the update, use following steps:

1. Open Control Panel and change View by type to Large icons. Now click on Programs and Features icon and then click on View installed updates link present in the left sidebar.

2. Now scroll down a little and look for following update:

  • KB3072318

3. Once you find the update, right-click on the update and select Uninstall option. Alternatively, you can double-click on the update to directly uninstall it or click on Uninstall button present in the toolbar.


4. That's it. It'll require a restart. After restarting you'll get the normal jumplist back in Windows 8.1 Taskbar.

PS: If you can't find the update KB3072318 listed in "View installed updates" screen, you can uninstall the update directly using following command in Command Prompt or RUN dialog box:

wusa /uninstall /kb:3072318

The command will automatically search for the update and will uninstall it.

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  • Thank you. Solution worked.

  • Oh! It was that! Many thanks!

  • NO, this did -not- fix the issue for me.

    I am using 8.1 (update 1) with Classic Shell 4.1.0

    The KB patch is not listed in Programs & Features, and issuing the elevated command prompt results in an error message informing me that update is not installed.

  • VG!!!! u da best!!!!!!! Its same here...after updating to latests August 2016 windows 8.1.......i cannot see KB3072318...elevated cmd shows KB3072318 not installed pls help.....some update rollups are cumulative.....could this be the issue.......pls help..........my windows 8.1 jumplist is a mess

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