[Fix] Internet Connection Not Working Using Mobile Phones or USB Modems in Windows

The solution given in this tutorial will work in all Windows versions!

This problem is faced by many Windows users who try to connect to Internet using their mobile phones or USB devices such as USB Modem, etc. When they install the bundled software and try to connect to Internet using the given dialer program, they get error messages and the error messages do not help in troubleshooting the annoying issue.

Recently an AskVG reader "Windows Fan" contacted us regarding a strange issue which he faced in Windows 8.1. He was using Tata Photon+ wireless broadband data card which allows you to enjoy broadband speed (kind of) using a USB drive. He told us that it was working fine in previous Windows versions including Windows 8 but when he tried to use it in Windows 8.1, he got following error message:

Failed to create a phone-book entry.


The same problem was also faced by another AskVG reader "Anurag". He told us:

I have Dell Vostro laptop and Tata Photon+ data card. I installed Windows 8.1 on the laptop and every other driver got installed without any issue. But the Tata Photon+ data card is not connecting to Internet. Its giving the below error message:

Unable to create a phone-book entry.

Tried a few solutions available online, no dice. Also tried calling Tata Photon helpline, they said they can't help. Tried downloading new drivers available for Windows 8 from their website, still same issue. Tried using different Tata Photon+ card (from a friend), still same issue.

It'll be great if you could help. Thanks for taking the effort to read through.

We have also received a few similar emails from other AskVG readers who faced similar problems while using their mobile phones to connect to Internet in Windows. They were getting "Could not connect to the Internet" or similar error messages and were not able to connect to Internet.

So the question comes, why does it happen? If a mobile phone or USB modem Internet works fine in one Windows version, why does it not work in another Windows version? The reason is different features and functionality of different Windows versions.

When a new version of Windows is released, it comes with new or improved functionality and the same thing happened with Windows 8.1. It seems Microsoft has made some changes to Network and Sharing Center in Windows 8.1 which is causing this issue.

Actually when you try to install drivers and required dialer programs for your mobile phone or USB modems in Windows 8.1 or other Windows versions, the setup fails to create the required Internet connection which is used by its dialer to connect to Internet, that's why you get error messages.

The solution to fix this problem is very easy! You just need to create the Internet connection manually and then you can use this Internet connection to connect to Internet.

So if you are also facing this issue in Windows, check out following simple steps to fix it:

1. Open Network and Sharing Center using Control Panel. You can also open it by right-clicking on Network icon in system tray and click on "Open Network and Sharing Center" option.

2. Now click on "Set up a new connection or network" link.


3. It'll open new connection wizard. Click on "Connect to the Internet" option present at first place in the wizard.


If it shows "You are already connected to the Internet" message, click on "Set up a new connection anyway".

Again if it shows "Do you want to use a connection that you already have?" message, select "No, create a new connection" option and click on Next button.

4. Now click on "Dial-up" option.


5. Here comes the important part! In next screen, you'll need to enter correct dial-up phone number, username and password. These 3 things will differ for different service providers. If you don't know about these things, you can contact the customer care and ask them.

Generally for GSM mobile phones and USB modems, the dial-up phone number is *99# or *99***1#. Leave the username and password fields blank.

For CDMA mobile phones and USB modems (Tata Photon+), the dial-up phone number is #777 and username and password is internet (all in small letters).


If the above settings don't work for you, you'll need to ask your mobile phone customer care for correct settings.

6. That's it. Click on Connect button and you should get connected to Internet without any problem.

You can create a shortcut of this connection on Desktop so that you can access it quickly and easily. To create its shortcut, click on "Change adapter settings" link given in left-sidebar of Network and Sharing Center and there you'll see your new connection icon. Right-click on it and select create shortcut option. It'll create its shortcut on Desktop.

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  • what about MICROMAX 3G USB MODEM ? (purchased on 2009)
    i have tried to install its inbuilt software, installed without any error.
    But whenever i tried to run its installed application from desktop shortcut, the application it says modem not detected. i have tried various tricks described on various websites. but NO SUCCESS.
    i m using WINDOWS 8 RTM X86 ( as an Administraror User).
    While my beetal usb 3g modem works fine on same laptop (windows 8).
    The above micromax modem works fine with windows 7.

    any help VG!!!

  • What about HUAWEI USB Modem?
    First trying plug Modem, then i open up files nope appears, Second disconnected modem and rebooted then worked fine!
    Modem can't be found sometimes.

  • VG

    ^^ It might be a hardware glitch.

    Open its connection properties from Network and Sharing Center -> Change Adapter settings and make sure the correct modem and port is selected in its Properties.

  • Nice post bro VG ;)
    Its been a long time since I drop-by here in your sweet cribs.. (been very busy with reality for the past years, and it is still)

    anyhow, I also faced this problem after installing Windows 8.1 the other day, and my workaround is just like yours ( I wonder why it doesn't work even if we run them as admin and compatibility)..

    just as always bro VG keep it up and take care bud...

    yours truly,

  • VG

    ^^ Thanks and welcome back. :)

  • @VG can make a tutorial for fixing this problem?

  • I always getting this problem on my dell vostro laptop but with intex 2g 3g dongle i fix it soon with same procedure mentioned in above article

  • Hai Vishal,
    I am having a weird problem.When i connect to internet with my Huawei airtel E173 modem(updated with Mobile Partner firmware) it disconnects after sometime and reconnects automatically.
    Please help.

  • And the OS is Win7 Ultimate.

  • VG

    ^^ Its called dormant mode which is used to save bandwidth. You can run ping command to prevent it.

  • I have a more complex problem......

    All types of dial up networking options have been disabled from My up-to-date windows xp sp3 os. I have tried many types of repairs like tcpip repair, winsock reset, tcpip reset (by using netsh), ipsec repair, etc.

    I will be glad if you check it on remote assistance like ammy or teamviewer.

  • @VG,
    Thank you Vishal for your help.But please help me.Tell me what's ping command please.

  • @big b
    VG can't help you i think.He is using Win8.1 and testing it.

  • Tata Photon is a piece of s**t company because it give 60 kbps in my area. I tried in other states same speed. It claims 3 MBPS Download but i give 60 kbps. It is piece of s**t and it is waste of money.

  • @big b

    Which version of win xp do you have? Home or Professional edtion?

  • This is my second post to your site with another problem faced with windows 8 -

    I am using reliance netconnect + dongle to access the internet and want that all my activity must be shown in the task manager "Performance "tab as it used to be in Windows 7 Ultimate However the Ethernet shows not connected and remains disabled.

    There are two ethernet connections shown with one wifi along with cpu disk & memory under the performance tab.

    One of the ethernet becomes active as soon as i connect my laptop with wired ethernet cable to ethernet port and shows the graph as i access the network access. The second one remains inactive all the time.

    Problem is - why there is no network monitor graph for the dongle? when in resouce monitor showing network graph..:

  • I am getting error saying that Modem is either busy or not configured properly.
    I tried reinstalling drivers... but that doesn't works.
    and it's not always happens... sometimes it connects... sometimes not ?

  • VG

    ^^ It might be a hardware problem. Which Internet connection are you using?

    @Kuldeep Surana
    Sorry to say but cant help much. Microsoft has redesigned Task manager in Windows 8 and many features and functionality has been changed.

    Open Command Prompt or RUN and type ping -t server_ip_address.

    @big b
    Try sfc /scannow command as mentioned in method 4 of following tutorial:


  • Thank you very much... it works.

  • cool it worked on my airtel 3g dongle....but its very vwry slow...>:(..any fix??

  • Hey VG, just tried what you showed and seems to work fine for me. Used it for airtel dongle and it connects good. You might want to add that after connecting we can still use the application provided by the dongle company just like it should be used without any problems :)

  • @iianmam Slow inet's better than no net, right? My mum says iinet ADSL is slower than Bigpond Cable but I notice no diff (prob cause I dont play MMORPG's--i'm a casual net user).

  • Its a nice blog to resolve the mention issue with Tata Photon Data Card.
    Thanks tos askVG..................

  • Hello vishal,
    I have a problem ,i have installed windows 8.1 ,but when i connect my micromax 353g modem it fails to install drivers ,so that it shows no device.
    I have tried every possible methods like compatibility,etc. pls help

  • VG

    ^^ Manually open the content of Modem USB drive by going to My Computer and right-click on USB drive icon and select open. Now look for the folder containing drivers and manually install the drivers.

  • Nice post, thanks

  • i have using vodafone mobile broadband model- k3770-z.. it was installed successfully ... and connecting the network success.. the internet working time is run... but the data is not not run...not connect the internet.... network and sharing center is get result as "no network access"..... please help...

  • good morning... i am using OS WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE in acer laptop...and i have using vodafone mobile broadband model- k3770-z.. it was installed successfully ... and connecting the network success.. the internet working time is run... but the data is not not run...not connect the internet.... network and sharing center is get result as "no network access"...the problem is only for me.. other laptop is accepted the modam.... connected the internet..and then data run.. please help...

  • thanks buddy

  • hi VG,
    with ref to prev post, as i wanted to show ZTE USB Modem #FFF1 under the performance tab in task manager, following are the pics that may help u .Please respond if it is possible to show the modem or dongle network activity under task manager as with same dongle its showing in windows 7U but not in windows 8.



  • VG

    ^^ Sorry but I cant help much in this issue.

  • HI VG

    I have internet broadband connection in from my local internet provider.
    My plan provides 10 GB plan per month. 4 MBPS plan in day which count in 10 GB & in night 9.00 PM to 9.00 AM offers 1 MBPS speed it's free.but for using free internet I have to reconnect broadband connection after 9.00 PM.otherwise it will count in 10 GB.

    But from last some days I never reconnect after 9.00 PM.still I can use 4 MBPS plan without counting in 10 GB.it is not showing in usage summary.

    How it is possible?.Is there any bug in connection or in my windows 8.1 OS.

    Please help me.because I want to format my current os. but after that i will not able to use free 4 mbps plan anymore.

  • VG

    ^^ It doesnt seem a bug in Windows 8.1. Most probably either a loophole in your ISP network or your ISP changed the rules.

  • Awesome!!!! Thanks a ton.

  • ank91 and my problem is same with same micromax device and same
    windows 8.1 RTM X86
    please look in to this problem and give us some solution

  • VG

    ^^ Check its driver/setup CD and it should contain a folder to install drivers. As mentioned in the above tutorial, Windows 8.1 is unable to install drivers or create connection for some USB modem devices. You'll need to manually install drivers for your USB modem.

  • I have installed win 8.1 , but my beetel data card is not working on it, it installs clearly but doesn't allow some options like, manually profile setting, it doesn't allow the call and hangup icons, it shows no device,
    need ur advice,. Thnx

  • All of the persons who have problem with modems and other devices purchased before and not works in windows 8 or 8.1 .
    I have a powerful method which work with micromax modem and hope that it will work with other devices.
    Give it a try
    First install modem application software.
    it will show no device although the modem inserted.
    restart if it says.
    Now go to device manager in win 8(open this pc -navigation pane -this pc-rigth click-manage.)
    /Win 8.1 use win + x and choose device manager.
    right click on ur modem driver and click on update driver.
    Choose for browse my computer for driver.
    browse for c drive---program files---(ur modem folder)---Driver folder---(choose the latest os folder according to x64 or x86. ) think that this folder would be ------Win7_32
    now next -it will automatically install driver.
    now do the same for all modem driver having yellow mark.
    Now exit ur modem and connect to pc again. now it will fin ur isp instead of no device.

  • I have a situation when i plug in my 3g card It doesnt want to install the drivers. I am using a windows 8 machine.

  • Hi all; has anybody ever found the fix for error code 42144 without having to pay ?

  • Hi All,
    I have problem in my 4G Airtel dongle. Its connecting, but not able to browse anything in browsers. In anyof the browsers. :(...... But the same dongle is working in different laptop.

  • I got error 720 in last step while connecting. The details below show "A connection to the remote computer could not be established. You might need to change the network settings for this connection."
    In tata photon application it while registering and verifying username password, stop with redial message, as connection to remote server could not be established.
    Any idea, help please?

  • VG

    ^^ Make sure you are entering correct username and password as mentioned in the topic. Also check connection properties and make sure correct COM port/modem is selected for the connection.

  • i am getting a problem with my reliance netconnect plus modem.It just stop working with my lapop but its working in others laptop..i unstall and try to install again but its showing me time out repair manually.my modem driver is zte fff1 #3

  • VG

    ^^ After uninstalling, open Network Connections and remove all unused connections present in the window.

  • Nice data is available.I have got the solution of my problem.thanks.

  • it didnt help me VG... my problem still persists

  • Hello,
    I use Zte MF 631.
    I installed it on my windows 8 but all i get is connect failed.I have uninstalled other usb connections on my laptop.it works on my desktop but doesn't on my laptop .
    what should i do?

  • hello.
    I am using Huawei 14.4mbps 3g modem.
    but whenever i insert my device to my PC ,it connects and disconnects automatically,
    please tell me what to do????

  • hey VG! after following all d instructions u gave,I got dis connection failed with error 633 alert(the modem is already in use or is not configured properly), what to do? trusting u for something ASA effing P. thanks!

  • VG

    Sorry guys but cant help much in this issue. There might be driver problem which may cause such kind of error messages. Also make sure no other dial-up connection exists in Network Connections folder. If you find any extra connection, delete it.

  • Please help me.....I am using modem with Gsm and Network coming but when I connect it seem that Your Connection Intimised....

  • Please sir help me...I am in grave problem....Please help me sir..I am using win7 in my 1 day old new desktop...I am using Huawai 3 G modem with Gsm sim Airtel,Idea...After Install it Network come in modem but when I click to connect it does not connected....I will try again and again click connect but it does not work....Please Sir help me...

  • VG

    ^^ Did you try above mentioned method? Did you try to connect directly using dial-up connection shortcut?

  • my dell vostro 2520 laptop not working properly for usb data card. how to solve the problem.

  • I have Dell Vostro laptop with win 8.1 (64 bit). I am not able to connect to Internet with any of Data Cards (tried Reliance, Tata Photon +, BSNL 3G etc). Signal strength is good. And all these data cards are connecting to Dell OptiPlex (Desktop) with same configuration - Win 8.1 (64-bit) etc. Tried all possible methods including creating a dial_up (which I could not create). Can anyone help me in resolving this problem? Thanks .....

  • hey
    why my mobile internet connection doesn't connect my window 8.1 pro pc.....with using USB cable......
    can anyone help me for solving this problem...??????

  • I have a new hp laptop its connected to internet but after some disconnect and show limited

  • HI

    i am using TATA Photon Max wifi usb .Whenever i connect it directly to laptop it work as remote server and i can share files between laptop and phone and under network adapters this comes:
    Remote Network Driver Interface Specification (RNDIS)
    but when i connect my usb modem direclty through wall plug and connect my laptop then it does not act as remote server and under network adapter Remote Network Driver Interface Specification (RNDIS) is not showing.
    using WINDOW 7
    Please help

  • bro,
    I am using HP envy j110tx having windows 8.1 and I am having it updated in all updates provided. I am trying to connect a Nokia Asha 230 phone to access internet via dialup connection. I am trying to achieve it via One touch access but when the computer shows connected, within seconds my laptop restarts and takes a bit extra time than normal boot. Please, bro help on this issue.
    Needing a solution urgently,
    Thank you

  • VG

    ^^ Might be a driver problem. It might be possible that the driver of your mobile phone modem is not compatible with Windows 8.1. Sorry but I cant help much.

  • @Deepakkumar
    Try updating your Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver. You can find it in Nokia support site for your phone.
    Hope this helps.

  • Hi,
    I recently bought Reliance Pro 3 USB data card. After activation and making appropriate settings it still is showing following message when trying to connect - Connection failed because the modem (or the other connecting device) on the remote.
    I tried the steps given above but it is not working.
    Please help me with solution if you have any.

  • VG

    ^^ You can try to root your mobile phone and then try various apps available to add hotspot feature.

  • if there is any thick for call ing or massageing then plz

  • I have upgraded my pc from xp to windows 7 ultimate. Earlier dongle was was working properly but after upgrading it shows 'connect failed'. Pls sent me proper settings & help me.......Thanx

  • Hi,
    I have a Tata photon plus dongle which I m trying to use on my windows 8.1 machine, the device gets connected to the Internet but when I try to open a Web page it shows page cannot be displayed. Although the same device works fine on Windows 7 machine. Please help

  • Hi
    i have reliance 3 cdma data card. It was working fine with windows 8 till it updated itself to windows 8.1 update number kb2919355. The data card has stopped working. It gets connected shows green light but cant open anything on a browser...browser says no internet connection

  • Hi

    I used to have a Tata Photon USB dongle. I now have an airtel USB. Whenever I connect the Airtel USB to my laptop, the Tata Photon dialler opens and connects to the net.
    Yet in my network connections it shows that I am connected via Airtel.

    Please help and explain this wierd behaviour.

  • VG

    ^^ Check in Add/Remove Programs (Programs and features) and if you find an entry of Tata Docomo Dialer, uninstall it.

  • Hi,

    Am using Reliance Pro 3 Data card. Before its was working fine. but after some time its getting error " Error720- The remote computer couldn't establish the connection.
    If I format the system then its working. But every time format is not good.

    Please help me to resolve this issue.

  • You better try to re-install the application. You may also create another server linking network by configuring your reliance modem...
    Yep, formatting everytime is not good, since it may harm your computer's hard disk as well as affect the operating system inversely as well.
    If both of the above mentioned functions do not work, try to re-initialize the modem by following the link C:\Windows\system32\drivers%&%modules\functionality.bat and re-edit the path to help the computer recognize your modem. Install shield is a better option to link it.

  • I have a reliance 3g data card which is working fine when i use it with my laptop associated with windows 7-64 bit, but when i plug in my tata docomo card, it terminates abnormally or displays the message--"0x00000000 caused it to terminate abnormally" and when i click on ok, it again displays the message--"the program requested valve to be terminated". and sometimes the computer also displays the message that the driver of the data card is not installed properly.

    Anybody, help me to fix it!!

  • Sir iam using mmx 210G in windows 8.1. it works fine .when I install it on windows 10 build 10125 it shows error driver installation failed

    please show me a answer

    Thanks for VG fot creating amazing tips and tricks

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