[Fix] “Get Windows 10” Upgrade App Icon is Missing in Taskbar

Recently we told you about the new "Get Windows 10" app released by Microsoft for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. This new app will help Windows 7 and 8.1 users in upgrading to Windows 10 for free.


[FAQ] "Get Windows 10" App and "Reserve Your Free Upgrade" Notification Icon

The basic idea behind releasing this app is nice as it'll automatically download Windows 10 setup files and will help users in installing Windows 10 easily without worries. This app also checks your computer for compatibility issues and lets you know whether you can upgrade to Windows 10 or not.

But there are many people who are happy with Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and they don't want to upgrade to Windows 10. For such people this app and its icon present in Taskbar notification area might become annoying. That's why we posted an exclusive tutorial to disable or remove this Windows 10 upgrade app and its Taskbar icon:

How to Disable or Remove "Get Windows 10 Upgrade" App and Icon from Taskbar?

Now there is another issue appearing for several users. Many Windows 7 and 8.1 users who want to upgrade to Windows 10, are not getting this app and its icon in Taskbar. Since they can't see the Windows 10 upgrade icon, they are unable to reserve their Windows 10 upgrade.

We have received many comments and emails from our readers who are not getting "Get Windows 10" icon in Taskbar system tray. They want to install the app but they have no idea how to do it.

That's why today in this tutorial, we are going to cover all methods and information which will help you in understanding why are you not getting Windows 10 upgrade app and its icon in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 Taskbar and how can you show it in your system.

So without wasting time lets start the tutorial:

Important Things to Know About "Get Windows 10" App and Icon Availability:

First of all lets tell you about some important points which might be causing the missing "Get Windows 10" app and icon in your computer:

1. Your Windows must be genuine and activated. If you are using a pirated Windows, you'll not see Windows 10 upgrade app and icon.

2. If you are using Windows 7, you must install SP1 (Service Pack 1). If you don't install SP1 in Windows 7, you'll not get the upgrade app and its icon.

3. Windows 8 users must upgrade to Windows 8.1 to be able to get the Windows 10 upgrade icon. Windows 8 users can upgrade to Windows 8.1 for free using Windows Update or Store app.

4. If your computer is not compatible with Windows 10, you'll not see upgrade icon in Taskbar. You can make sure whether your computer system is compatible with Windows 10 or not by visiting following article:

Windows 10 Release Date, Pricing Details and System Requirements

Microsoft will enable the Windows 10 upgrade icon on incompatible PCs after Windows 10 launch date i.e. July 29, 2015.

5. Since the Windows 10 upgrade app and its icon are installed via Windows update, it might be possible that your Windows is not fully updated. So open Windows Update and make sure all available updates have been installed successfully.

If you have disabled Windows updates installation using Windows Update settings, enable them so that Windows can install the required updates.

6. If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer web browser in Windows 7, you must upgrade to the latest version i.e. IE11. Once you upgrade to IE11, run Windows Update and Windows will find and install the required updates to show Windows 10 upgrade app icon.

7. If you have removed Internet Explorer using "Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows features on or off" option, you'll have to re-enable it. Once you re-enable Internet Explorer, run Windows Update and Windows will find and install the required updates to show Windows 10 upgrade app icon.

8. If you are using Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 8/8.1 Enterprise, Windows RT or Windows RT 8.1 editions in your devices, you'll not see Windows 10 upgrade icon as these Windows editions are not supported by free Windows 10 upgrade offer.

9. If your computer is a part of a domain or network, you'll not see the Windows 10 upgrade icon.

If you are sure that none of the above mentioned points apply to you, following methods will help you in getting "Get Windows 10" upgrade app and icon in Taskbar:

METHOD 1: Show All Icons in Taskbar Notification Area

It might be possible that the Windows 10 upgrade icon is present in Taskbar but its hidden. You can show the icon by using following steps:

Right-click on the date/time in Taskbar system tray and select "Customize notification icons" option. It'll open a new window. Now enable "Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar" checkbox and it'll show all icons in Taskbar.


If the Windows 10 upgrade icon was hidden, it'll appear now in Taskbar.

METHOD 2: Enable Get Windows 10 (GWX) Using Registry Editor

There is a Registry tweak available to enable or disable Windows 10 upgrade app and icon. It might be possible that the Registry setting in your computer is set to not show the icon in Taskbar.

Check out METHOD 3 in following tutorial:

How to Disable Windows 10 Upgrade Using Registry Editor?

Just set the values of DisableGWX, DisableOSUpgrade, AllowOSUpgrade and ReservationsAllowed DWORDs to 0, 0, 1 and 2 respectively. If you find it difficult to change Registry values, you can use following ready-made Registry script to automatically enable GWX app and its icon:

Registry Script to Enable "Get Windows 10" App and Icon in Windows

NOTE 1: Also go to following key in Registry Editor:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\UpgradeExperienceIndicators

And in right-side pane, make sure values of UpgEx and UpgExU are set to Green. If their values are different, change them to Green.

Also make sure Genuine string is set to 1.

If you can't find above mentioned values in "UpgradeExperienceIndicators" key, you'll need to create them manually. You can match values of all available strings with following screenshot:


Restart your computer to take effect.

NOTE 2: If you see another key with the name REDUCED under UpgradeExperienceIndicators key, it means the "Get Windows 10" app is running under reduced mode. It happens when your computer hardware is not compatible with Windows 10 upgrade. In such case, as mentioned in point 4 of "Important Things to Know" above, the app icon in system tray will automatically appear after Windows 10 launch date i.e. July 29, 2015. So you should wait of Windows 10 launch. If you don't want to wait, you can try to delete REDUCED key and make sure the entries present in UpgradeExperienceIndicators key match with the above screenshot.

PS: If you are not familiar with registry editing tasks, we are also providing ready-made registry script to do the task automatically for your convenience. Just download following ZIP file, extract it and then run the given .REG files to enable GWX app and its icon:

Registry Script to Enable Missing "Get Windows 10" App and Icon in Windows

METHOD 3: Manually Run Get Windows 10 App

If the upgrade app has been installed in your computer, you can try to manually run the app by going to "C:\Windows\System32\GWX" folder and run GWX.exe file.


It'll add the icon to Taskbar and then you can access the app by clicking on the icon.

NOTE: If you still don't see the icon in Taskbar, open Command Prompt as Administrator and run following commands one by one:

C:\Windows\System32\GWX\GWXConfigManager.exe /RefreshConfig
C:\Windows\System32\GWX\GWX.exe /taskLaunch

Now the icon should be visible in Taskbar notification area.

METHOD 4: Manually Install Required Windows Updates

If you don't see GWX folder in your computer, that means "Get Windows 10" upgrade app is not installed in your system. To install the upgrade app, you can try to install the required Windows update yourself.

Following are the direct download links of the required update KB3035583 which is responsible to install "Get Windows 10" upgrade app and its icon:

Just download and install the update and your Windows will start showing Windows 10 upgrade icon in Taskbar notification area.

PS: If you already have the above mentioned update installed in your computer but still not getting the upgrade icon in Taskbar, first uninstall the update using Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> View installed updates option. Then reinstall the update by downloading from above mentioned links.

METHOD 5: Fix Using Official "Get Windows 10" App Troubleshooter

Microsoft has also released an automatic Fixit tool to fix this problem. This official tool will automatically scan your Windows and will find out the reason behind this problem. Once it detects the issues, it'll let you know and will help you in resolving those issues.


You can download the troubleshooter using following link:

Download Get Windows 10 App Troubleshooter Tool

METHOD 6: Upgrade Using Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

If you still can't see "Get Windows 10" app icon in Taskbar system tray, you can use another method to upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

Microsoft has released a new program called "Windows 10 Media Creation Tool" which allows you to upgrade your Windows 7 or 8.1 computer to Windows 10 as well as create installation media such as bootable USB drive or DVD to install Windows 10 later.

You can download the tool from following topic:

Download Windows 10 Offline ISO Files for Clean Install or Upgrade

[Guide] How to Free Upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8.1

Also Check:

Things You Should Know and Do Before Upgrading to Windows 10

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  • Not sure why everyone's so obsessed with the "missing" icon.
    On my main machine it didn't show up until after this last Patch Tuesday.

    I also have two other machines (activated with MTK) where it showed up right away...
    Means nothing.

  • I can see the GWX folder. When I run GWX.exe, nothing's happening. I still can't see it in tray icons. But when I run GWXUX.exe, I can see GWXUX running in 'task manager'. What's the issue?

  • VG

    ^^ Did you try the Registry method and checked the string values?

  • Hello VG, I will like to inform you that I never updated my IE and also turned it off using Windows features but still “Get Windows 10″ Upgrade App Icon is appearing in my notification area and I had already reserved my W10 upgrade using that. So in my case, your 6th and 7th point are definitely not (fully) correct...

    OS: Win8.1 Pro (x64)

  • VG

    ^^ That information about IE latest version was provided to me by Microsoft itself. :)

  • I don't have any 'UpgradeExperienceIndicators' key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\

    But the app GWX is there in directory :

    What to do in this problem?

    Windows 8.1 Pro

  • VG

    ^^ Then the best way would be uninstall the update and then reinstall it using the given download links.

    PS: Before uninstalling the update, try the commands given in Method 3.

  • I forgot if I updated IE before disabling it, but it is surely disabled, so may be there is nothing to do with IE i think, you can check that by yourself :)

  • Dear VG, It is not required that you have to have IE, to get the Get Windows app. I got the app and notification icon, but I had IE turned off months before.

  • i have windows 7 domain joined but im administrator what can i do to install it?

  • Tried it all yesterday- no icon.

    Then suddenly this morning- there it was. Thanks! Not sure which step made the difference but just glad it worked.

  • I got the GWX icon although my W7 SP1 is made genuine online. Is it possible to receive a genuine W10?

  • I'm running W8.1 x64 Embedded Industry Pro, it's genuine. I've done all your suggested changes and I don't have the icon. I've added the strings Genuine 1 and UpgExU Green. I see on your screenshot Version 3, mine says Version 2 in the registry. Before I go further, I'd like your opinion. Thanks!

  • I tried those commands given in step 3, but nothing happens, after restarting PC, I reinstalled the update from the links given.
    Also in Windows 7, I downloaded the update & installed it, after restarting, nothing happens.
    What to do now?
    Thanks in Advance

  • Yahoo!!! Method 3 worked for me. Thank u so much. :D

  • Thanks for the reply. I tried the registry method, but still it didn't work. Actually I installed all the important updates available. And now I can reserve Windows 10 :D
    But what is more surprising is that I am using a pirated version of Windows 8.1 (activated using KMS program).

  • Tried all this, still no icon on my Win 7 machines. I'm guessing all of these actions are placebos - every reboot you have an X% chance of getting the icon, if you don't get it there's nothing you can do about it. I'm tired of all the hassle. If this is an indicator as to how the Win10 program is going to go I probably don't want anything to do with it. Seems like MS wants me to stay on Win7 anyway.

  • I opened the confifig.xml file in notepad & noticed :
    I took the ownership of this file, copied to desktop & changed "false" to "true" in string:
    Original : false
    Edited : true
    I don't start GWX App directly from that folder but running commands given in step 3.
    I don't know that this trick will work or not.
    Windows 8.1

  • Thanks VG the only thing I needed to do was update because I turned off automatic updates.

  • Nothing seems to work. The refreshgwxconfig task will not run. I keep getting a Last Run Result - Access is denied (0x8070005) error code.

  • Hey VG, I opened my registry and there were no string values under "UpgradeExperienceIndicators" other than the default one....

    I see the GMX files in my computer though, but whenever i click to run it,nothing happens.... I reinstalled the update too...

    I tried the thing in the command Prompt, but nothing happens also?

    I am running Windows 7 SP1....Any help?

    Windows Update Standalone Installer
    The update is not applicable to your computer. I ALWAYS GET THAT ERROR EVERYTIME I TRY TO INSTALL THIS UPDATED WHICH EVER ONE KB3035583

  • It's apparently a Recommended update. I didn't get it at first because in my Windows Update settings (on Win 8.1), the option "Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates" was unchecked.

  • Troy - Which version of Windows are you running? If it's Windows XP or Vista, that would explain it. Ditto if it's an Enterprise version of Window 7 or 8.

  • I am running windowws 8.1 on my laptop and I got the GWX app however I had to refresh my laptop and It was gone. it is up to date and I have tried all the methods listed above and I still have don't have it I have. I can see the GWX folder and the GWX.exe file even when I click on it does not respond. Can someone please help..

  • My problem seems to emulate the one CoOl KinG has. There are no entries under the Registry key. I think it may be related to the fact that I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and only then did I get the Pro pack and applied it. Every criteria required by the upgrade to Windows 10 is met (I'm running dual boot with a preview version already). I got the update icon to appear by running GWX.exe as administrator. Once the icon was there everything worked normally!

  • Additionally after I ran GWX.exe all of the Registry entries appeared.

  • When trying to do the registry thing when I go to UpgradeExperienceIndicators there is nothing there except default. Please help

  • I am not able to install offline file via above link as the installer shows this is not applicable to my computer......

  • I'm running Windows 8.1 and my update icon disappeared as well. I am no computer guru, but I have checked in Customise notification icons and the GWX icon is still there, although inactive. I also have a notification in Windows update that my copy of Windows 10 has been reserved. There is no way I'm going to fiddle about with the registry to try to regain the icon, as it has quite simply been made inactive by Microsoft until Win 10 is made available.

  • I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro and i wasn't getting the Icon until i runned the following commands:

    C:\Windows\System32\GWX\GWXConfigManager.exe /RefreshConfig
    C:\Windows\System32\GWX\GWX.exe /taskLaunch

    Thanks for the help guys.

  • I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro and i wasn't getting the Icon until i used the following commands in the CMD:

    C:\Windows\System32\GWX\GWXConfigManager.exe /RefreshConfig
    C:\Windows\System32\GWX\GWX.exe /taskLaunch

    Thanks for the help guys.

  • Thanks for the comprehensive instructions. I tried several different methods including running through the Dropbox zip file from CNet but nothing seemed to work until I found this page. Having sorted it out I feel a lot happier about going off to work on friends machines who are also having the problem of a missing icon. :)

  • For some strange reason I didn't get the icon from MS even though my Windows 7 installation qualifies. I dd find the GWX.exe application but when I ran it manually it didn't do anything. Then I checked the UpgEx, UpgExU and Genuine registry keys mentioned in here and didn't find them so I created them. Then I rerun the GWX.exe and this time it did work and the icon showed up and I was able to reserve a Windows 10 copy. Thanks!!!

  • I tried all the methods but still window 10 app does not show up. I am on win8.1 pro 64 bit. My laptop has been purchased 3 days back.

  • "And in right-side pane, make sure values of UpgEx and UpgExU are set to Green. If their values are different, change them to Green."

    Only had UpgEx but changed from orange to green and it's worked for me! Thanks!

  • hello i tried uninstalling and reinstallting the update and when i went to registry under UpgradeExperienceIndicators right side is blank ...:( and even C:\Windows\System32\GWx - dos not show anything like GWX.EXE under download folder , i tried update windows is up to date and even IE is version 11 and did msconfig and sfc /scannow ...still no go

  • Hey Arin and other people,

    I faced the same thing where UpgradeExperienceIndicators right side is blank. I just manually wrote them as per the screenshot provided. I just couldn't get the time stamp but it didn't create a problem. You can write your own registry by right-click and then select string and then write the correct name and then enter. After enter, double click on the registry and put the value or word in the registry. I didn;t get the timestamp as i have mentioned above but it didn;t stop me from my WX. After you have written your registry just simply close. Make sure before restarting, you go to your computer and put C:\Windows\System32\GWX" folder and run GWX.exe file. You will automatically see your windows icon at the bottom of your taskbar. Hope it helps. And by the way , I tried Method 4 first. No use. Then Method 3 with and without the command prompt but no use. Then as a last resort Method 2 but before doing the restart I repeated the Method 2 just clicking the GWX.exe. And it worked.

  • All the PCs on my network that are on the Active Directory do not show the Get Windows 10 icon in the system tray. All the PCs that are NOT in the Active Directory DO show the Get Windows 10 icon in the system tray.

  • I am using windows 8 .Is the update is only for windows 7 and windows 8.1 ? I am not getting downloaded get windows 10 application through windows 8.Manually Reservewindows10.cmd also not working in windows 8.please somebody help me out..............

  • VG

    ^^ Yes. You should first upgrade to Windows 8.1.

  • After a solid week with hours of reading and running programs. applying this and that installing all the required updates still couldn't get the win get 10 app on my Task bar until i tried your method #3 " HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\UpgradeExperienceIndicators" changed UpgEx and UpgExU from red to green, rebooted my computer and when it started the app was there thanks a million.

  • Did all above methods but no success... early i was getting the icon but i formated my PC now i am not getting windows 10 icon... i have register windows 8.1 genuine user

  • Thanks The_Super_God for that tip.

    On Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, I had empty registy on right side of UpgradeExperienceIndicators.

    Manually added three registy as in Method 2.
    UpgEx and UpgExU and Genuine

    Then Ran the two commands mentioned above:
    C:\Windows\System32\GWX\GWXConfigManager.exe /RefreshConfig
    C:\Windows\System32\GWX\GWX.exe /taskLaunch

    Got the icon in system tray and reserved my copy.


  • Hello VG,

    After checking following key in Registry Editor:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersionAppCompatFlags\UpgradeExperienceIndicators\Reduced

    And in right-side pane, values of UpgEx and UpgExU are set to Green.

    The registry settings are in extra sub-folder "REDUCED".

    Can you tell why it is showing extra folder "REDUCED".

    Why and what it means to have "REDUCED" folder is present under \UpgradeExperienceIndicators.

    As per Method 3 and Image in your article, all registry settings are present in single folder "UpgradeExperienceIndicators".

    So, what is it all about. Is it means reduced Upgrade ?

    In my PC , the registry settings as shown in your image above, but in my PC it is shown distributed under 1."UpgradeExperienceIndicators" and 2. REDUCED.

    If someone also see this REDUCED folder, then please share.

    As in method 3 ,"Just set the value of DisableGWX DWORD to 0 or delete the DWORD".

    but where is location of this registry key ?

  • Hello VG,

    I wanted to share Image of the problem but could not do so. How to post image in the comments here .Or Can I send to you so that you can see the image. Thanks

  • Hey VG,

    I got windows 10 reserve option while I was installing windows 8.1. I have reserved my copy of Windows 10, however I have not received any email confirmation from Microsoft. I am little worried now.

    NOTE: I am running genuine windows 8.1.

  • VG

    ^^ If you see the icon in system tray and if you have successfully reserved Windows 10 upgrade, you are good to go. No need to worry.

    Create those values in UpgradeExperienceIndicators directly.

  • Thanks much VG.
    If I create the values (which are in REDUCED folder) in UpgradeExperienceIndicators directly, then that will be double registry settings because those are already present in REDUCED folder. What happens to those registry settings which are already present in REDUCED folder ?

  • What about any info about REDUCED folder in registry ?

    No info !

  • VG

    ^^ Delete the REDUCED key after creating same values in UpgradeExperienceIndicators key.

  • Trying to get this to show up on my son's pc. Nothing has worked so far. Also as noted the registry entries seem to be missing (actually those same entries and are listed in the next folder. But all are set correctly, only difference is folder name). I've tried the fixes provided, on microsoft answers; I've just tried your solutions and so far nothing seems to work. I did just uninstall the update and reinstalled it; even though it was only installed 2 days ago.

    Might you have any other solutions to help?

  • Oh I didn't see the comment to delete the reduced key I did however create those entries in the other key. I'll try that next.

  • Alright final update.. I've tried everything and it's still not working. In the GWX folder, the download folder is empty. All updates installed, uninstalled the update twice and reinstalled; ran the fixes numerous times. Double checked and triple check the registry entries; created the new ones rebooted numerous times and nothing.

    Now I am comparing the registry entries to my own computer that does currently have the icon and has already reserved my copy of windows 10.
    UpgradeExperienceIndicators has

    Now for reduced
    UpgEX (set to orange)
    UpgEXU (again set to orange)
    and Version
    again this is from a machine that has already reserved windows 10. His system is nearly identical to my own. Both have Windows 8.1 profession fully updated one is x64 one is x32.

    So I hope someone out there may have a solution to this when all else fails.

  • Hi @Sonya,

    I have same registry entries to my own computer that does currently have the icon and has already reserved my copy of windows 10.
    1 ). UpgradeExperienceIndicators has

    2). Now for reduced
    UpgEX (set to green)
    UpgEXU (again set to green)
    and Version 4

    But VG has suggested to delete "reduced".

    But before deleting "reduced" , I need more information that what it is for ?

    Please every one find out about "reduced" registry entries !!!!!!!!!

  • HI.
    I have the same problem with registry . there is this folder called Reduced for me .
    I created all of its content in UpgradeExperienceIndicators and deleted Reduced nothing happend. I checked my registry again and that Reduced folder was there again after almost one day.
    Plz find a solution for this.I have tried everything possible. What else can i do????

  • Hi!
    Yes, many people are having unknown " REDUCED folder "" in PC Registry settings in addition to UpgradeExperienceIndicators. I also asked on Windows Community and their tech support says that they don't have this REDUCED folder in their PC Systems.
    So, please raise this issue on forums so that we can find about it more and get solution.

  • i personally cant even find the UpgradeExperienceIndicators in my appcompatflags... its just not there! im a total idiot with things like this... pls help i just get 5 things but not the UpgradeExperienceIndicators :/

  • okaaaaaay so i copied the UpgradeExperienceIndicators from a pc which had the icon... still doesnt work :( i rebooted it multiple times i tried the cmd thing i tried straightup opening the gwx file but still no icon... i really want to get it before its getting released and ill have to pay for it! please help me fast...

  • *EDIT:* successfully got it! had to search for some certain update AFTER doing all this stuff and starting the .exe installed the update, rebooted pc, worked!

  • UpgExU and Genuine don't show up....HELP MEEE

  • Tried the solution by Joe... and the issue finally got resolved.. Reproducing his solution below:

    For some strange reason I didn't get the icon from MS even though my Windows 7 installation qualifies. I dd find the GWX.exe application but when I ran it manually it didn't do anything. Then I checked the UpgEx, UpgExU and Genuine registry keys mentioned in here and didn't find them so I created them. Then I rerun the GWX.exe and this time it did work and the icon showed up and I was able to reserve a Windows 10 copy. Thanks!!!

  • For those who still cannot get the icon after running the script try to validate your Windows via microsoft.com/genuine/validate/

  • Thank you for this. So yeah the problem was my IE was disabled in control panel->programs and features. After turning it on and updating a couple of times to the latest version, after restart the icon was there.

  • Hi VG,
    I have tried everything as described but when I look into Method 2. I just see UpgEx in my registry but no UpgExU. Since the second file is missing in my registry how do I fix that.
    Windows Update is installed in my laptop and its exe file is present in System32 folder.

  • I tried all of the methods but nothing worked. It is not showing in the taskbar.
    Mine is genuine windows 10. Can you tell me if there is any other way?

  • One other thing to note - if you have optimised your windows and moved things like program data and profile directory or program files etc. to a secondary disk ( for people with high spec machines and ssd's etc.) then the win 10 update will fail as MS have decided that any of "their directories" that arent on %winsys% means that you cannot update to win 10 .

  • How do I know I am getting the right upgrade to windows 10?

  • I had the icon in the Task Bar, but it disappeared when MS sent me a reservation confirmation email. I went to Control Panel > System & Security > Check for Updates and got "Windows 10 Upgrade Reserved". So, I'm not concerned about that little icon being gone.

  • Thank You!
    I Was Searching The Internet So Much That I Was Going To Call Microsoft But I Found This

    Barack Obama
    The President Of The United States Of America

  • Why does the color in the registry editor have to be GREEN, and the VERSION 3
    can anyone explain this setting?
    Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

    2). Now for reduced
    UpgEX (set to green)
    UpgEXU (again set to green)
    and Version 3

  • Why do I have to set the color to GREEN in the registry editor?
    Can anyone explain?
    I have Windows 7 64bit

  • I did entered the setting manually in the registry editor and the get windows 10 appeared, I reserved, but I have notes that the reservation says that is for a windows 10 home version, my windows version is 7 Ultimate, it should say that the upgrade is for windows 10 Pro that let me wondering now. Can anyone explain why the color have to be GREEN and under version is 4 does this settings have to do with the windows version that you have in your computer?
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

    1 ). UpgradeExperienceIndicators has

    2). Now for reduced
    UpgEX (set to green)
    UpgEXU (again set to green)
    and Version 4

  • Hey Man! You Are AWESOME!
    Thanks Because It Worked!

  • sir i try all but no use when i try to instal Download KB3035583 Update for Windows 8.1 (32-bit or x86)
    Download KB3035583 Update for Windows 8.1 (64-bit or x64) it say update not applicable to your device

  • Hi, I already reserved my upgrade previously but recently I re-formatted my pc and now I followed these steps to make the icon visible and I did not need to put any email address this time, it simply said that I'm reserved for it, happy to know that. but weird that the "check your PC" part says report isn't available at the moment, but previously when I reserved it in my old OS it showed me that my PC meets all recommended requirements. would there be any problem for that ? I mean should I be worried ? And I want to be assured that its reserved correctly at the email address i mentioned on my OS before the re-format. Thanks

  • I Tried All The Methods You Provided And It Didn't Work
    I Am Running Windows 7 Home Premiium

  • I accidentally deleted the reduced key in the registry without copying the values can you help me out, what should i do?

  • thank you, ( really )
    you help me and helo a lost of peolple

  • Hey does anyone has an answer referring to the editing part of the registry about what color to input and what version number?
    anyone please?

  • Thank you so much!! whitout you I'll never be able to do all of this. you are my saviour

  • VG

    Color should be set to Green. Leave the version number intact. It might be 3 or 4 in your system.

  • Hi
    I just want to ask here, what if some of my apps are error or accidentally deleted is it there is tendency that when the time i upgrade into windows 10 it will be ok .

  • Thank you for this. Tried it all. Added the registry edits, used the cmd commands, tried opening it manually, nothing happens...

  • Hello I just run your .REG file and done the registry editing as i had REDUCED key there but now i want my REDUCED key back so can u please tell me what was the string value inside REDUCED key

    If not possible please tell me what's wrong is here did i missed something in registry editor

    Name Type Data
    (Default) REG_SZ (value not set)
    DX12 REG_SZ 0
    Fam REG_SZ 0
    Fing REG_SZ 0
    Gamer REG_SZ 0
    Genuine REG_SZ 1
    Office REG_SZ 0
    Timestamp REG_QWORD 0x1d0c623cb09155b (130822246226269531)
    UpgEx REG_SZ Green
    UpgExU REG_SZ Green
    WP REG_SZ 0

    I had these string but still no win 10 reserve icon

    If u can tell me REDUCED key then it will be very helpful as i want to wait now. Accidentally i had clicked that .REG provided by this site

  • BTW my PC config:
    Win 7 ultimate 32 bit

  • Thanks mate. methods 3 worked like a charm.

  • The part of "METHOD 2: Enable Get Windows 10 (GWX) Using Registry Editor" worked for me, I just created the registry values under the "UpgradeExperienceIndicators" key.

    Thank a lot!!!

  • Hey VG,
    now 2 updates are required for GWX app to appear, so please update the article.

  • So I meet all the requirements and everything but I still had the REDUCED key in my registry. I deleted it, restarted and the strings still didn't appear in my registry. So I added them and ran that registry script to enable them. Now I can find the GWX.exe and accompanying files in system32 but still no icon in my tray. Did I miss somethign?

  • Hi, I tried all of your solutions, but I don't have any kind of icon in my tray. When I checked the registry, I never saw any REDUCED key or value or whatsoever and I do not have the same keys as you do (still had UpgEx, wich WAS set to Orange). Also, my version value is set to 2 while yours (on the screen shot) is 3.

    I also installed/updated/enabled my IE and still got nothing. I also uninstalled then reinstalled the update needed for the icon to appear, nothing. I ran your 2 cmd commands, guess what, it didn't work. I'm starting to get a bit pissed of this situation, as I really want to use Windows 10.

  • I did everything you mentioned. and I even checked with Microsoft for genuine of my Win-7 64 bit ultimate. but nothing works.

  • Also, if it doesn't work for some of us here, at what time exactly will it come out? I know it'll be at 29th July, but will Win 10 release at midnight UTC-5 or anything like that?

  • Still not working for me after making sure that all updates are installed, and trying the measures outlined in Method 3 (Using Command Prompt), but the icon still isn't showing up. Given Windows 10 releases tomorrow, I would have expected for the icon to have shown up by now, but it just isn't appearing. I've tried opening it directly from the file as well, but what it seems to be doing, which I noticed when trying to open it with Task Manager open, is that it seems to be opening then closing immediately after... My computer meets the specifications (Barely) so I can't work out why it isn't working.

    Windows 7 Starter Edition

  • Went to the registry and found nothing. Added the provided values and executed the GWX method from DOS prompt. Works like charm! Thanks so much!

  • Hi VJ,
    I need some help about my acer windows 8/8.1 some of my app tiles are error.
    It's around 3 years since i bought it, i do disk cleanup and delete all there even not checked
    and i find that some of my tiles app are error.
    Pls... help me how to solve this or any can experience about this that can help on me to solve.


  • still. i cant found the windows icon on the task bar
    my all update is done my window is orignal and it is 8.1.
    once it was shown and written u will get this update on 29th july after that my laptop get some problem. i reinstall it (factory reset) then again i reinstall the 8.1 after that i unable to get the windows icon...
    please solve my problem

  • Till morning ....i found my windows 10 app on taskbar
    After updating windows optional update
    It disappear ...

  • I did everything you mentioned. but not happen. WIN7 SP1 Home Premium. Please help me. (Genuine)

  • Same here also. After updating windows update (Update for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems (KB3055343) )the windows 10 app icon on taskbar disappeared ...
    Please help!!! Why the ICON disappeared on today 29-7-2015 ; the day when Win 10 is launched.

  • Well, I typed commands given in method 3. I typed the first command given about 4 to 6 times, then typed 2nd command, GWX (Get Windows 10) App icon is now there sitting in task bar.
    I have reserved my PC for upgrade but where will it store downloaded the Windows 10 installer?

    off topic question : is IE still there in Windows 10, or it is hidden?

    Windows 7 64 bit
    Intel i3
    Thanks in Advance

  • The windows 10 icon in my pc was there for more than a week, but it disappeard yesterday. I thought i was the only one.

    My version of windows is genuine, and I have more than the required system specs for the upgrade. I'm worrying if I will still get my windows 10,

  • Same here also !!!!!! What we should do now ???? Wait for icon to reappear !!!!!!
    or, head over download direct from MS ????????
    The windows 10 icon in my pc was there for more than a week, but it disappeard yesterday. I thought i was the only one.
    My version of windows is genuine, and I have more than the required system specs for the upgrade. I'm worrying if I will still get my windows 10,

  • What is the secret behind the disappearance of icon from taskbar !!!!!!!

  • I have tried everything mentioned but yet still no icon. here is what is showing in my win sys32 file
    Well i cant copy and paste but everything you show is in there but wont put in taskbar
    What else can i do

  • After trying method 4. now GWX app icon is now there sitting in task bar, but GWX can't download Windows 10 (30/7/2015) i have reserve the windows 10.

  • can we instal windows 10 by ISO? it's free?

  • Sacchin same is the problem with me

    i tried it all
    yesterday it appeared for a while but as soon as i installed other windows update, it disappeared.
    Help needed

  • Vishal, need your help
    Get windows icon just disappeared..!!
    I had the GWX upgrade icon since last few weeks,and was reserved. But today I noticed that the space available in C: drive was less, So I revoked the confirmation and resized the partition & allocated some more GBs to C: drive..! After the final reboot, the GWX icon was missing & tried methods suggested above, but couldn't help...!! PLEASE HELP..!!
    **I am running on Genuine Windows 8.1 WMC
    Few Windows updates are left--> postimg.org/image/84kydnub3/ & they seems to do nothing since I had the upgrade icon earlier...!!

  • VG

    If GWX icon disappears in your system, try the method 5 and use Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to quickly upgrade your computer to Windows 10 without any problem.

  • Is there anything to be worry about when i am upgrading to win 10 using media creation????
    Like activation problem after upgrading?

  • VG

    ^^ No. If your existing Windows is genuine and activated, Windows 10 will be automatically activated after upgrade.

  • Hi
    On July 28 I got a message on my PC that you can reserve a copy of Window 10. I clicked the window 10 app on my taskbar and reserved the copy.
    But now suddenly this window 10 app icon has been vanished from the task bar. I tried many things explained above but no help.

    I am using Window 7 Professional at present with 64 bit Os.

    Will this vanishing act of Window 10 app icon affect the downloading of Window 10?

    Please help me how to solve this problem.

  • I've used every fix on here, and I cannot get this icon to show up at all, I check the system32 folder and it is in there, even running the gwx.exe manually doesn't load it.

  • where is method 5///

    this mess up does not bode well for microsoft

  • I have downloaded iso file but I dont have serial number .
    how do I upgrade . plz tell. All the above options tried to get windows 10 app icon in the notification area. but in vain, so downloaded iso

  • @Mike did you get the option to upgrade when putting the bootable os in? if so just upgrade instead of clean install, once you get the upgraded version, extract the product key, write it down an do a clean install.

  • Dear VG, I need your help.
    Where will Get Windows 10 App download & save Windows 10 ISO image?
    Windows 7 64 Bit
    Thanks in advance

  • Here is the link to download Windows 10 in your computer. You can download 64 bit or 32 bit from this link now. After download choose "upgrade this PC" and it should do the rest.

  • Running a genuine copy of windows 8.1 as a virtual machine on a Mac. Have updated as much as I can via Windows Update. Have tried all of the recommended fixes above. Have tried the fix shown here

    Nothing I have tried is working for me.

    I use Classic Shell to make my 8.1 experience more like Windows 7, and I thought that might be preventing the icon from appearing, so I uninstalled Classic Shell, and rebooted. Still no change.

    I called Microsoft yesterday, and the person I spoke with blamed it on server load and told me to try again in a couple of days--that the icon should appear then. She said that the fact that I'm running 8.1 as a virtual machine shouldn't matter for the icon to appear and the update to apply properly.

    Are there any other fixes I should try?

  • None of these solutions helped me but I think I have a reason why. I did have the symbol, had registered and got the approval email etc.
    Yesterday I was hoping Win 10 would be available for my machine but wasn't. So I installed the MS ClientMedia app as I thought rather than everyone here downloading 3GB each I would use this app to download once, make the media etc, but I cancelled out of that and thought I'd wait a few more days. WhenI installed this app was the second I lost the system tray icon.

  • Hello. I see the icon of windows 10 to get it, but when i press it doesn't load.
    It gives me this : gyazo.com/592e3a5144cc3696695cd82ab70cde5c

    What should I do guys??? please help me!!

  • I am having the same prob, i did have the reduced file but its gone for now but doed keep popping back up, the other issue i have is that its saying that windows 10 cant run as i dont have the updates KB3035583 and KB2976987 which i do i have both and i still cannot get it to work, the only time i did manage it the upgrade to windows 10 failed. Ive posted on the microsoft community but no one even bothers to help you.

    Would really love a fix to this as ive tried everything possible and still nothing works

  • Also i have tried running both of the commands below and neither work it just goes back to the C:\Windows\System32 command line

    C:\Windows\System32\GWX\GWXConfigManager.exe /RefreshConfig
    C:\Windows\System32\GWX\GWX.exe /taskLaunch

  • Hello VG, as advised I have installed Windows 10 using Windows media creation tool,selecting "upgrade this PC option "and is working like charm.
    Can you guide me to get the .iso file so that I can use it to install in my sisters PC & could avoid 3+GB download....!!

  • hello all,
    I upgraded Win 7 pro retail license activated to Win 10 Pro.

    But information on the internet and many websites says that I can find out my new Windows 10 key through Produkey software. and
    after checking out the Windows 10 key,
    I found out that the key is a generic key.
    So, actually my windows 10 Pro is activated with generic key.
    So, actually Microsoft activated Windows 10 Pro gave me a generic key through upgrade against my retail license activation.

    If I am wrong , please let me know!
    Some websites are telling that every one will get new key against old one.
    But actually I got generic one.!!!!
    Is there a another to find Windows 10 key. I used Jellybean and Produkey, but same generic key !

  • Hiiiii, I am Atishay......I am not getting windows 10 upgrade, I hv reserved my windows 10 but when I always click on "Get Windows 10" icon which is located on taskbar.....It shows that "You will get windows 10 in few days or few weeks"......I am only asking that should I upgrade windows 10 or not..!!!!!!!I am waiting for a reply pls reply me as soon as possible.

  • VG

    ^^ You can upgrade immediately to Windows 10 using Media Creation tool or you can wait if you want:


    Windows 10 upgrade is activated using your previous Windows product key and your machine hardware ID.

  • Hello VG, as advised I have installed Windows 10 using Windows media creation tool,selecting "upgrade this PC option "and is working like charm.
    Can you guide me to get the .iso file so that I can use it to install in my sisters PC & could avoid 3+GB download.......!!

  • VG

    ^^ Here you go:


  • hello sir i have window 8.1 genuine and when i had update for window 10 so update is completed but in the process of upgrade system gets shutdown so now how can i upgrade my system

  • hello sir,
    please tell me the solution if you have

  • Just install all windows updates, specially (KB3035583, Win 7 KB2952664) IE 11 and wallah..GWX show in tray. :)

  • All my updates r up to date and i have the required KB3035583 but still no icon

  • Thanks for reply VG, but I have already upgraded my PC to W10 via Windows media creation tool and selecting upgrade this PC option....
    Can I have .ISO file from this upgraded PC, so that I could avoid another download??

  • VG

    ^^ Check following hidden folders:

    C:\$Windows.~BT or C:\$Windows.~WS

  • I have file called C:\$Windows.~BT but it only has a file called sources in it ??

  • VG

    ^^ You only need install.esd file. Do you see it in that folder?

  • What finally worked for me!

    Go to support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3080351
    and under Enable the Get Windows 10 app (notification area icon)

    copy this text or follow their guide without the ---- symbols:

    REG QUERY "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\UpgradeExperienceIndicators" /v UpgEx | findstr UpgExif "%errorlevel%" == "0" GOTO RunGWX

    reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Appraiser" /v UtcOnetimeSend /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

    schtasks /run /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience\Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser"

    schtasks /query /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience\Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser"

    schtasks /query /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience\Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser" | findstr Ready

    if NOT "%errorlevel%" == "0" ping localhost >nul &goto :CompatCheckRunning :RunGWX

    schtasks /run /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Setup\gwx\refreshgwxconfig"


    save this text as ReserveWin10.cmd in c:\
    then open command as admin and run the following command.

    Let this script run, it will check your computer for compatibility, if successful it adds tasks to the task scheduler.

    Then go into tasks, Microsoft - Windows - Setup
    Here you will see gwx and gwx triggers
    right click all the tasks and select run. This should instantly show the icon back

    Enjoy :)

  • No in C:\$Windows.~BT it has sources then when i click that it has panther which panther is empty so idk wats going on

  • Finally found an offline installer... the troubleshooter says that my edition (Enterprise) is not eligible/supported for the app.

    so... downloading it from the media creation tool will be the best solution for me.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  • i manually download and install KB3035583 and KB2952664 in windows website and use a tool that windows provide if your computer is eligible to get Windows 10. when i ran the tool, error keeps me telling that KB3035583 has not run. but when i check windows updates->view installed updates that states successfully installed. I tried to Check for Update and i saw KB3035583, even though it was already installed i just install that update and also what i do is i have Administrator account and log in to it. i go to windows\system32\GWX and double click GWX.exe and i restarted my laptop and then the windows 10 loaded in tray. :)

  • My windows 7 is on a tiny SSD so I did a clean install of it on a bigger one to do the upgrade with. Old install has the upgrade icon, new install doesn't. I can't get it to show up no matter what I do. I have every available update installed. It's genuine and I have activated it. The troubleshooting tool tells me it's not available for my version of windows, and only for 7 SP 1 and 8.1 users. Except I HAVE 7 SP 1...

  • I fulfill all the criteria stated but only get the icon on one PC. I have bought and paid for 4 copies of Win7 HP. 3 are OEM and 1 is Retail. I should be able to receive 4 licenses also yes? Because all machines use same Router then they are networked so therefore only getting one notification, so how do get around that?

  • Peace and grace be with everyone,

    Here is how I finally got the "Get Windows 10" icon to appear.

    After running the "GW10Appdiagnostic" tool several times and installing all the recommended updates, I kept on getting a message telling me that "KB3035583" needed to be installed, even though I had already installed it. So I installed "KB3035583" again in a different way.

    Here is how I installed "KB3035583":

    1. From desktop, search Windows Update and click it. ***Search Windows Update, not Windows Update Settings, nor Check For Updates. Must search and click Windows Update***

    2. After you click Windows Update, a new window will appear, click Optional Updates Are Available. Mine said 81 Optional Updates Are Available.

    *First Note, your Optional Updates Available maybe more or less. Just click it and don't worry, the new window will give you the option to choose which updates you want to install.

    *Second Note, if you have the option to click on Important Updates, go ahead and install all your important updates. I didn't have Important Updates to be installed, so a link for Important Updates did not appear.

    3. After you click Optional Updates Are Available, a new window will appear with all your optional updates. Look for "KB3035583", check its box on the left, and click install located on bottom right.

    4. After installing "KB3035583" restart your computer. After you restart your computer, wait a few minutes and you will see the "Get Windows 10" icon. Be patient, my icon took like 1 minute to appear.

    Hope this work for many, as it worked for me. I'll leave with this verse, Deuteronomy 31:8 The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.

  • - Currently running on Windows 8.1 (64-bit), x64-based Systems -

  • GW10APP said that my pc is not compatible but i have a windows ultimate SP1 , it should fit the requirement right ? need awnser ASAP

  • Method 3 worked for me. I spend hours on this today. THANK YOU !!

  • I have downloaded the App from windows 8.1(64 bit) ,while installing it says "check internet connection.Windows Smart Screen is not reachable and can't help you decide if this program is ok or not" what shall I do next?

  • I have 2 identical machines, both running windows 8.1(64bit)
    One has the get windows 10 icon, one hasn't.
    Using the above mentioned methodes I found that one of the two has GWX running in reduced mode? (Both machines are identical)
    What to do with the one not showing the icon?
    (I know I could use an iso, but what could be the reason this happens with this system eq is it possible to delete the register keys en let gwx (??) generate the reg.keys again)

  • I think Method 5 is the best. it fixed my problem

  • Hello VG,

    i got win10 icon but that is not working. and in window update for win10 i am getting error like
    80200056, 80072EE2, 8024402C, 80240054 after 100% download.
    i am unable to update window 10 on my laptop. currently i am using win 8.1pro.

  • Hi VG,
    I am in a fix trying to get the gwx icon on the taskbar. My os is windows 7 ultimate sp1 and the troubleshooting app from microsoft says it is an unsupported version.My windows is up to date and the gwx folder is also present in my pc's System32 folder . I ran the gwx.exe file but still the icon is not appearing on the taskbar. Please help me.

  • i have w7 sp1 came with the machine ie11 installed tried still no icon

  • running GWX.exe on elevated command prompt worked when everything else failed ...
    Stupid maybe but still a question...I got the app does that I am qualified for free windows 10 upgrade no matter what bullsh*t I've done to my computer and my original os because I've literally sod*mized them again and again.

  • Not sure if this will help, but i have a document i have made showing TWO different methods to upgrade to windows 10, ones with the windows icon, ones without. works for me so i hope it helps, visit this link to view my PDF

  • Hey, I cant find a registry editor on my computer?

  • I had no problem upgrading to Windows 10, that went very smooth. Not so sure I'm crazy about all the changes, but like anything it will take some time to get use to. My Problem is, now I don't have my icon for Internet Explorer in my taskbar. I have Microsoft Edge now, but that doesn't contain my favorites. I'm very frustrated & need help to get it back on my taskbar. PLEASE HELP!

  • VG

    ^^ Check following:


  • Windows 10 update was a smooth one for me, the problem started few days back. Now when I go to Windows Update & Security I am not able to see if there is any new updates available for me.

    For few days, I was able to manually download updates which we pushed to my laptop but now I can see is . . . . . . ...... these type of dots?

  • Method 3: I have C:\Windows\System32\GWX folder. But GWX.exe file is not seen.
    When I ran the command C:\Windows\System32\GWX\GWXConfigManager.exe /RefreshConfig
    I get the error message “System can not find the path”.
    Method 4: KB3035583 failed to get downloaded. When I tried the link given by you Windows update Standone installer opens and kepps searching for updates in this computer. This process continues endlessly.
    Method 6: The troubleshooter also failed.


  • I am using a Windows Starter version... My PC is update still I dont have that windows 10 app... and then I did every method that fill in you website.. when I go through "Get Windows 10 App Troubleshooter Tool" its says "Window 10 app will not display on enterprise editions of windows... help me out please....

  • Anyone knows where the "setup" is stored once the download of Windows 10 starts for the upgrade?

  • VG

    ^^ Check following:


  • Hello!

    I had Windows 10 running on my Laptop from the date it released. But a week ago I had to restore my laptop due to the issue and hence it took me back to windows 7. I get notifications to update my laptop and I am doing so. I tried installing windows without the update by downloading the setup from the Microsoft website. But, after 3 steps of installation it said startup error and my desktop screen was with some random wallpaper and i could only see a huge arrow. Then it said startup repairing and it couldn't fix. I got freaked out. I had to directly shutdown the laptop and then my laptop worked. I wanted to ask you that is that okay if I try it once again with an externally download windows 10 link from Microsoft after installing important updates or it would be harmful to do so which might bring my Laptop to the same problem? Another thing is that it has been long time windows 10 is out now, so will I still get an icon? so is it worth waiting for that icon? Please help me out. Thanks so much in advance.

  • VG

    ^^ Yes. Microsoft is regularly releasing updates to help users in upgrading their computers to Windows 10. So if you install all available updates in your Windows 7 computer, it'll install the Windows 10 upgrade program.

  • Here is how I fixed it. Hopefully this helps someone.

    The problem was that I created a registry key to disable the icon.

    Hit Windows Key + R
    Then type in regedit.exe and hit ENTER.
    Go to this location


    and delete the DisableGwx DWORD.

    Now the icon should be back.

  • I am able to get windows 10 notifications icon with the help of method 3 {by cmd}
    But when i click on the icon , nothing happenssss......
    Please help me to solve this problem

  • Thank You for this article. I was trying to get one of my machines updated, but the icon never appeared. I ran updates several times and even uninstalled/reinstalled the update several times. I think adding the registry keys fixed it. After doing that, I reboot but the icon was still not there so I was about to give up and tried checking for updates one final time and the update screen was right on the Upgrade to Win10 screen. Wahoo.

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