[Fix] Charms Bar Randomly Appears on Windows 8/8.1 Devices

Problem Description:

Most of you might be aware of the new Charms Bar feature introduced in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems. Its a new type of toolbar which is auto-hidden by default but can be shown on screen by moving your mouse cursor to top-right corner or bottom-right corner of the screen, that's why its also known as a Hot Corner feature. It can also be accessed using Win+C hotkey.


But most of the Windows 8/8.1 users don't like this feature. They find it annoying and want to permanently disable it. That's why we posted exclusive tutorials to turn Charms Bar off in Windows 8 and 8.1:

The above tutorials help you in permanently disable Charms Bar in Windows 8 and 8.1 but still sometimes a few users are unable to get rid of the annoying Charms Bar. It still appears on screen randomly even if they didn't move the mouse cursor to top-right or bottom-right corners of screen.

In such situations, most of the times the Charms Bar appears on screen when the user moves the mouse cursor or swipe from middle-right area of the screen.

Problem Reason:

If you disabled Charms Bar using above mentioned tutorials but it still appears randomly on screen, you might be using a touch-enabled Windows 8/8.1 device such as tablet, laptop with touchpad or All-In-One PC.

Actually all touch-enabled devices come with 3rd party drivers and applications preinstalled and one of these preinstalled applications is responsible for this annoying behavior of Charms Bar.

All computer brands install required drivers and software for the touchpad or touchscreen of your touch-enabled device and this software program contains a few options to access Charms Bar using gestures, etc. These extra options cause this strange behavior of Charms Bar.

Problem Solution:

Solution is very simple. You just need to disable the gesture setting to access Charms Bar. You'll find the options in Mouse settings present in Control Panel.

Just follow these simple steps to get rid of the annoying Charms Bar permanently on Windows 8/8.1:

NOTE: We are using a Dell touch laptop to write these steps. The steps will be similar in all other brands such as HP, Sony, Samsung, Asus, Toshiba, Acer, Lenovo, HCL, etc.

STEP 1. Open Control Panel, change View by type to Large icons and click on Mouse icon. Alternatively, you can directly open Mouse settings window by running main.cpl command using RUN dialog box or Start search box.

STEP 2. It'll open Mouse Properties window. Now look for a tab with the name "Touchpad" or "Device Settings" or "Synaptics Settings" or a similar name. Once you find such tab, click on it.


STEP 3. The tab will allow you to directly edit touchpad settings or will contain a link to launch touchpad settings window.

STEP 4. Once you open touchpad settings window, look for options similar to any of the following:

  • Enable edge swipes
  • Edge swipe
  • Left edge swipe
  • Right edge swipe
  • Top edge swipe


STEP 5. To completely disable Charms Bar, you need to turn these Edge Swipes options off. Uncheck all options related to edge swipe and save settings.

Alternative Solution:

If you can't find any option to customize touchpad settings in Control Panel as mentioned in previous method, you can try following Registry tweak to make the trackpad edge swipe zones smaller:

1. Press WIN+R keys together to launch RUN dialog box. Now type regedit in RUN and press Enter. It'll open Registry Editor.

2. Now go to following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Synaptics\SynTPEnh\ZoneConfig\TouchPadPS2_3\Right Edge Pull

Please note that the key name may slightly differ in your computer.

3. In right-side pane, double-click on LoYRel and change its value to 99999

You can note down the previous value in case you are not happy with the output and decide to restore the value in future.

Setting the value to 99999 will decrease the "Hot" or "Landing" active zone on your computer screen. The higher the value, the smaller the zone. So when you move your mouse pointer on screen corners, the charms bar and calendar will no longer pop up on screen.

You can still access the charms bar by going to the extreme top-right or bottom-right corners of screen and then swiping down or up or a little towards the center of the screen. Of course, you can also access Charms Bar using WIN+C hotkey.

Thanks to our reader "Fran Heredia" for sharing this alternative method...

That's it. It'll completely disable Charms Bar and it'll no longer appear on screen. You can still access Charms Bar by pressing Win+C keys together if you want.

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  • Sorry VG for off-topic but today we are able to play Rubik's Cube game on Google Home!

  • Thank you so much. It was irritating me a lot.

  • I have turned the charms hot corners off, yet the charms still pop up randomly. I tried turning off the corners under the mouse option, but they don't give me the options you show in the example above. My laptop is an HP, not a Dell, so I guess this is the difference. However, I am so frustrated with these charms.. I have no need for them, and even though I've turned them off, they just pop up randomly, blocking me from doing what I'm trying to do.. I'm using Windows 8.1 and have to say, I'm really dissatisfied with it. I only bought a new laptop because my old one ran on Windows XP, but boy did I prefer that over this!

  • THANK YOU! They stopped appearing everytime I went to the scroll bar. This was really interfering with my work, the reason I bought this new laptop in the first place. Turning the charms off in settings didn't do it, but this did. Love!

  • THANK YOU!!!! That setting was soooooo annoying! XOXO

  • Thanks so much! These 'uncharming' charms were interfering with my ability to use the scroll bar or even close windows and I was getting so frustrated. I tried turning them off in the windows options but they annoying kept popping up. Eventually I figured out that there was a particular gesture on my laptop that made the charms pop up but didn't know how to turn them off. Your tutorial was fantastic :)

  • Thanks so much, I was able to turn the "random" appearance of the Charm bar of on my new Toshiba Satellite M50 laptop off - as you wrote I had to go to system settings - mouse - then choose a special tab for the mouse driver then go to options and then ... there is an option call "edge swipe" - when I turned this of, the Charm bar appearance was gone. You know what? This edge swipe was meant to do the following: when you moved your finger from outside of the touch pad to the inside of the touch pad this will trigger the special function edge swipe and will show up the charms bar ... omg what a stupid option. Now I also understand why it was so random, only if by conincidence i moved by finger from outside the touch pad to the inside it would appear. Thanks again for pointing me to the right direction how to turn this off!!!

  • I have a Toshiba Satellite C55t running Windows 8.1, and the process is a little bit different (I'm assuming it will be different for HP and other too). After you have turned the charms off with the system settings, try this out if you are still getting those annoying charms:

    I right clicked on the desktop and opened up "Personalization" at the bottom of the list
    Next, I selected the "Change mouse pointer" link in the upper left of the screen
    Then I selected the "Device settings" Tab and clicked on the "Settings" button
    That is where I saw a boxed checked for "Enable Edge Swipes" - I unchecked it and EUREKA, no more Charms!

    I hope that helps some of you frustrated people out there (I used to be one of them).
    With that, I hope Windows repents of their evil works (Uncharming charms, Genuine Disadvantage, etc.) and start putting the end user first again. If not, than may Linux/Unix/Android or some other form of efficient free OS completely obliterate Microsoft on phone, tablet, laptop and desktop systems.

  • What a RELIEF. The touchpad settings were the ultimate solution to get rid off the "random" charms. Have tried everything before - switches, registry tweaks... THANK YOU for saving me from insanity and permanent depression. Microsoft should have been prosecuted and penalised for inventing such user-hostile features. Completely out of touch. Am afraid we're stuck with Windows as OS in the foreseeable future but my next phone - I will so very much not, never, ever consider a Windows phone at all. Not even if they paid me to use it.

  • thank you so much...finally I can get to work...:)

  • I think Boogey has solved the problem. Thank you so much. This was making me insane!

  • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 From the bottom of my now no longer frustrated heart!!!!

  • This 'feature' was driving me insane, tried all the registry tweaks. Thanks Stefan and Boogey, I have a Dell Latitude and the touch pad feature had edge swipe enabled. No thanks to Micro$oft for this idiocy.

  • I hate Windows 8.1. Not even Microsoft Level II Tech's can fix my new Acer laptop Charms Menu.
    It pops up every 2 minutes just like a virus. If you have not purchased a laptop with Windows 8.1, a poor attempt to copy Mac, Windows 8.1 is truly the worst OS on the market, Run as fast as you can buy a Mac or prepare to be aggravated every hour on your new Microsoft Windows 8.1 computer. Now it will not install any Windows updates for over 4 months, Microsoft gave up on my computer. A new Acer Aspire Laptop. Microsoft refuses to fix the many problems thousands of customers are experiencing with the Charms Menu & update problems.


  • Many thanks - charms bar now completely disabled!

  • Sanity at last. The charms where driving me mad. I use the computer for work and when working on documents etc. the charms would intrude at the slightest movement of the mouse.
    I could have happily smashed the computer sometimes. Now I can work normally and without frustration. Many thanks for bringing peace into my life. So many people hate the features of windows 8, why doesn't Microsoft listen to their customers.
    Thanks again and a Happy New Year.

  • A BIG thank you. I am now rid of the charms bar!!!!!!!!!. I had to go through a uncomfortable learning process, altering settings, downloading third party software (that occasionally worked, more often than not).
    After reading and following your instructions, it (the bane of my laptop is gone).

    Windows 8.1....not impressed.

    Here's hoping the problem is now solved....

  • Many many thanks for this.
    Problem is ALL soft operating systems are unstable. DOS, Windows, iOS and the rest, oh Android too. Haven't had a Mac..
    Win-XP was The Definitive version. Not perfect but good enuff.
    All the constant upgrades. Are they REALLY necessary? I know, all the viruses..
    At least now I can type this without the screen going wacky.
    The sad part is that the Ning-Nongs who programmed this nonsense have probably retired on the proceeds, while you and I keep trudging on..
    Again, heartfelt thanks for the advice. Boogey's method worked on my Toshiba S40 too.
    in New Zealand

  • I want to thank you so much! You don't know how much!!! I've been crying days and nights as i was suffering from being irritated by the swipes thing!!! It was killing me!!!! I even took my HP to repayers but they didn't know how to switch the right swipe off!!! I love you people!!!! Im still crying but now from happiness!!! Xxx

  • Turned off everything Charm-related, and it still popped up randomly. Clue: I usually auto-hide the taskbar, but when I accidentally raise it and then mouse to the right the Charms bar pops up.
    Turned off auto-hide and it still pops up once in a while but far less often. (Think: trying to scroll down by pointing at the bottom of a scrollbar. Oops, went too far, task bar pops up. Move up a little. Charms!
    Lenovo B50, Windows 8.1

  • Thank you very much sir. That thing is really annoying and now it's gone, (lenovo user).

  • keshav, to disable that annoying chrome bar, click on the tools in the upper right hand corner and choose "Relaunch chrome in windows 8 mode" this will get rid of that bar.

  • Dear friends,

    I think the real problem would be 'how could a soft programmer be so stupid?'
    I understand you create a completely useless and idiot option (like charms). But the fact you prevent me from get rid of it - that's beyond any logic.

    Another disgusting thing is the autocorrect option. The idiots didn't noticed there are billions in this world who are not English natives, and sometimes write in another language. Well, in this new (and improved) edition you can't disable this option!

    Is this stupid way of thinking THE FUTURE?
    ... simply charming ... :)

  • charm bar does not stay visible long enough to click on charm bottoms

  • do not want to disable charm bar. want to restore it

  • Microsoft - please wake-up!

    Nightmare with dell touchscreen - windows 8.1 - went mad -hampering serious work.
    Tried various options. But always it resurfaces after some time

    Hope this works please.
    If it does - billion thanks.
    Microsoft are u listening?

  • OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I turned off the charms but they still kept randomly appearing ALL THE TIME and it was so frustrating. Nothing I tried worked until I found this and IT WORKED!!! So grateful!!!

  • Freedom at last from irritating, annoying, stupid, ill thought out feature. Thanks so much.

  • 2nd attempt to get rid of stupid, ill thought out, irritating, pointles 'Charms' gimmick, followed all tutorials to disable corners etc. then went to my Asus laptop Smart Gesture controls in Control Panel and have now disabled ALL edge gestures. Hopefully that will finally get rid of this extremely annoying waste of space.

  • I love you. All the tutorials forgot to mention the last part about tuning the edge scrolling for the mouse. This may be the single worst feature about failure 8.1. Thank you fo rthis tutorial that charms bar was driving me up a wall.

  • Thank you Boogey, This seems to have fixed it, thanks again:
    I right clicked on the desktop and opened up "Personalization" at the bottom of the list
    Next, I selected the "Change mouse pointer" link in the upper left of the screen
    Then I selected the "Device settings" Tab and clicked on the "Settings" button
    That is where I saw a boxed checked for "Enable Edge Swipes" - I unchecked it and EUREKA, no more Charms!

  • Doesn't work. I'm using a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series, Windows 8.1 and my touchpad properties/settings aren't in mouse properties. I did find the settings for touchpad though and turned off both edge swipe and corner options, but the annoying charms bar still appears quite often. Just one more reason I hate Windows 8.

  • I meant to put that I have a Toshiba Satellite C55B, try to find where you can uncheck "Edge Swipes" ??, so glad I found this info because it was driving me crazy. gt

  • I had gotten rid of charms and then in the last update they reappeared. Grrr.... there is another problem that seemed to get worse and that is a touchy-touchpad, opening links that I haven't clicked on, etc.

    Well, in fairy tales, wicked sorcerers always cast charms that put barriers in the way of honest hardworking folks. They did it to be malicious. Kinda like MS, I think.

    Anyway, this technique broke the spell. So, thanks.

    I hate windows 8. It was designed for tablets and it's hell trying to get work done on my laptop. The cursor goes to places I don't intend. All the time. I may try using a mouse and see if that solves the touchy-touchpad cursor problem. Maybe the cursor is cursed by those MS sorcerers, too. ;) I certainly curse at it all the time.

    Once the warranty is up, I'm going for another os. I wonder if it's possible to go back to xp or should I go for linux. A reason to buy a mac in the future.

  • I have done all this but if I place the cursor in bottom right corner and move up I get the toolbar on the right plus date and time on the left.

    I have not got a touch screen. I am on a Tosh satellite L50 B with Windows 8.1

  • Garyt!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!! I swear I was starting to drive myself insane going through the control panel did the trick. And it's safe to say I'm back to my old self again with loving my laptop. Thanks for the information it helped.

  • OMG, IT WORKED!!! Thank you... this has been a pain in my butt for such a long time.

  • I have a Dell laptop, and disabled the corners and also the edge swipes as suggested here, and the charms bar still appears when the cursor is at the right hand edge. The corners no longer work, but putting the cursor on the right edge, such as to scroll, still makes the charms bar appear. This has to be the worst thing about Windows 8. I absolutely hate it!

  • You Rock!!!!! I've been trying to fix this for 2 years!!!!! Thank you!

  • OH.............Thank You Soooooooooo Much..........

    I almost broke my laptop for this irritating thing charm .........................

  • pls disable win+c hotkey!!! i don't want to see this thing again!

  • Hi everybody. I had this same trouble with the touchpad but there was NO option in the settings that enabled to turn off the swipe edges (tried every option and nothing happened).
    I found this comment a guy offered in the Microsoft website and IT WORKED!!!
    I hope this works for you guys that doesn't have the option either.

    Bellow is textually what this guy wrote:

    What you are doing if you follow these steps is you are making the trackpad edge swipe zones smaller.
    1. Press Win (the windows button on your keyboard) + R
    2. Type regedit and press OK
    3. When it asks, “Do you want to make changes”, click Yes
    4. Registry Editor opens. Navigate to:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Synaptics\SynTPEnh\ZoneConfig\TouchPadPS2_3\Right Edge Pull

    (You might have something slightly different from this)

    5. Right click on LoYRel, and click “Modify”
    6. You need to change the “Value data”. Make a note of what it is so that if you are not happy later you can come back and change it back. Mine read 1388, and I changed it to 99999. Apparently what you are doing is decreasing the “hot” or “landing” active zone on your screen, and the higher the value, the smaller the zone, so when your mouse pointer goes there, the charms bar and calendar will no longer pop up (so I made sure mine was real high!)
    7. Change the value, click OK, exit the Registry Editor! I didn’t need to restart my computer; it worked immediately (I’m still holding thumbs though!)

    You can still make the charms bar appear if you go to the extreme top or bottom right corners, swipe down (or up) along the edge a little and then in a little towards the centre of the screen, but it's much easier to just press Win+C. I hope this works for you – it worked for me and ended my frustrations! No more annoying interruptions!

  • Working on a TOSHIBA with Windows 8.1 Pro. Tried all of the above methods to no avail. Either there were no settings for 'touch pad' or when there were, there were no 'disable swipes' or 'charm bar' settings. I decreased the touch pad sensitivity as well as the edge motion region, turned off the edge motion entirely, but it all made no difference; the charm bar still appears with a slight swipe on the right edge of the touch pad :(

  • Thank you Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • Right-edge swipe is IMPOSSIBLE to deactivate on my device (I was able to deactive right screen edge nonsense but not the touch pad nonsense).
    On a cheap but brand new HP notebook/laptop. Tried tweaking the touchpad and mouse settings and the registry setting (Right Edge Pull etc...) and it still does not work, even AFTER a full reboot.
    PLEASE, someone find a SOLUTION for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you, article is really helpful, thumbs up

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