[Fix] Can’t Use Google Now Launcher as Default on Your Android Mobile Phone

As I told you earlier that I got my hands on OnePlus 3 which comes with stock Android OS and I was eager to try its default Google app launcher on my Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone.


So I downloaded and installed Google Now Launcher from Play Store in my S7 phone and when I tried to launch it, it told me that "TouchWiz Home" is currently my default launcher and I need to set Google Now Launcher as default using Settings.

But when I checked Settings -> Home Screen, only 2 launchers were showing: TouchWiz Easy Home and TouchWiz Home. Google Now Launcher was present nowhere in the list, so I was unable to apply it as default launcher in my phone. My phone was not recognizing Google Now Launcher at all.


After a few minutes R&D, finally I found out the culprit. Actually Google Now Launcher requires "Google App" installed and enabled in the phone. In past I disabled Google App in my phone which was now preventing Google Now Launcher to show.


So I opened Application Manager and enabled "Google App" again and then I was able to select Google Now Launcher as default launcher by pressing Home button.


So the bottomline is that if you are trying to use Google Now Launcher as default in your Android mobile phone, you must have installed or enabled Google App (also known as Google Search or Google Home) in your phone otherwise the launcher won't apply. If you already have Google app in your mobile phone, make sure its updated to the latest available version.

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  • hello sir/madam,

    I had the exact same problem. I followed the steps mention and enabled my google app and now the google now laucher is showing up in my change HOME screen options. Thank you so much for all the help.

  • You are absolutely right ..thats exactly what happened to me then i fix it by doing same thing you done .. but i dont know why google app should do with launcher?

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