[Fix] Can’t Type @ and Other Symbols in Windows 8 or Later, Incorrect Character Appears on Screen

NOTE: This tutorial will also work for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Many Windows 8 users (mainly Indian users) are facing a weird problem. Whenever they try to type @ symbol, an incorrect character " (double-quote) appears on screen. Same thing happens when they try to type double-quote ("), the @ symbol appears on screen. It becomes very frustrating as the users can't type their email ID in emails, etc.

The same problem also occurs with some other special characters such as #, ~, `, | and \.

Now the question comes why does this problem occur and why are only a few Windows 8 users facing this annoying problem?

The answer is simple! This problem is coming mainly in those Windows 8 systems which contain Windows 8 downloaded from Microsoft Store using the Upgrade assistant and which were not upgraded to Windows 8 but the user did a clean installation of Windows 8.

Actually when you download Windows 8 setup files using Upgrade assistant, its downloaded from a server which is not in your local country and this Windows 8 setup comes with United Kingdom set as the default country. When you upgrade your existing Windows OS to Windows 8, the setup automatically adopts the existing country and language settings but if you perform a fresh installation of Windows 8, it automatically sets United Kingdom as default country and English (United Kingdom) as default system language. That's the main reason behind this problem.

The solution is very simple. You just need to change the country and system language in Windows 8 to your own country and language and it'll solve your problem.

So if you are facing this annoying problem, check out following simple steps to fix it:

1. Press WIN+R keys to launch RUN dialog box, then type intl.cpl and press Enter. It'll open Regional Settings. Alternatively you can also open it from Control Panel.

2. Now go to "Administrative" tab and click on "Change system locale" button.


3. Now select the correct language and country from the drop-down box. If you are living in India, select "English (India)" option.


Apply the changes and Windows will require a reboot.

4. After reboot, you'll get a new language changing icon near the clock in Taskbar. Click on the icon and select the new language from the given list:


That's it. It'll fix the problem and you'll be able to type @ and other symbols without any problem.

5. Now you'll need to set the newly added language as default system language. To do this, click on "Language preferences" option present in the above mentioned list. It'll open Language window. You can also open it from Control Panel.

6. You'll see that the new language is shown below the previous language. Click on the new language which is English (India) in our example, and then click on "Move up" button.


7. It'll make the new language as default system language. Now you can remove the previous language by clicking on it and then clicking on "Remove" button.


That's it. The above mentioned steps will fix the problem and you'll get Windows 8 in your own locale.

Check out following video showing the complete method live in action:

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  • I don't believe! Minus one for Windows 8.
    It is coming to be hilarious... with so many annoyances...
    It was designed to be used by touch screens, keyboards are irrelevant.
    I'll keep my current system for now.

  • I agree with you, SCBright.

    This is another goddamn reason why we should say "removed by admin"

  • ^^ Lord, do you understand what are you saying? You say that Microsoft should be insulted because users who did a clean install (it wasn't even supposed to) experienced some problems? Heck, they shouldn't be able to do that in first place. Be graceful for what you get.

  • I don't get it. I've made a clean install but I've had the option to select language and locale during setup...

  • Thank u so much VG. I was having the same problem and your solution worked like a charm. :D

  • Thanks VG~.. I thing there is Different with the keyboard layout..

  • I knew this was a problem. Certain win7 pcs too experience it if you change the keyboard layout. In any case I selected India in regional settings so mine is working. Maybe charecters get incorrectly mapped while adopting.
    Vishal why don't you remove such disgraceful comments polluting your site. Plus one pgg. Please refrain from foul words.

  • If MS doesn't tell you VG will. So cheer up guys.

  • @Lord Patrick: everyone has the right to like or dislike something, but you don't need to use dirty words to express your opinion!

    I really dislike W8 for many reasons: it is Tablet oriented, has many strange bugs like this one, you spend much clicks to complete a task and so on.

    For tablets and smartphones it is wonderful and very fast, but for desktops it is not ergonomic; can you imagine to keep your arm suspended in a large screen for hours on end? The long-term result will be a tendonitis.

    MS should make separate editions or give an option to install a proper OS for a proper system.

    Everything else is OK with W8.

  • I clean-installed my upgrade on a different partition, and though there were no settings, the setup works perfectly fine, @, " etc. included. In fact, I'm typing this on Win8!

  • Hey, I think I got it! When in the upgrade assistant, it asks you whether to preserve files, settings etc. or not. I chose to save everything, so maybe settings somehow got copied to the ISO image I burnt!

  • hi VG, i have another problem about my windows 8, the problem is i cant open the pc settings at charms bar,
    when i click the "change pc settings" nothing happens.
    please help!
    Thanks in advance!

  • lol now this is pretty funny post about Win8 annoying/weird bugs. I never actually noticed it. Windows 8 download file is from a server in United Kingdom!? lol i wonder why there hmm makes me feel a bit suspicious

    ----------CHEERS FOR MR. GUPTA FOR DISCOVERING IT!---------------

    @Lord Patrick,

    srsly stop it. the world doesnt revolve around you, and we all know windows 8 is terrible except for the performance.

  • thanks for this solution man. I annoy with this problem recently after i update win8.

  • this solution does fix @ symbol issue, but issues with using ctrl+backspace for word deletion gives "]"
    and use of shift+arow keys in word selection also gives some error i cant recreate.

    to fix it change the language and region to united states and it will fix all the problems

  • Thanks.It Saved me from burdern of copying @ from other sites.

  • Great advice!! Followed and fixed the issues with no problems! Thanks immensely for this info! :)

  • It was really a big problem to us...and this page is very helpfull to me...thank you...

  • just type shift+ ' symbol just above the right shift button

  • Thank you so much! This really helped.. i no longer have a problem typing this !@#$%^&* :P

  • Thanks a lot!!! I was struggling for hours with my new computer until I found this page.

  • still, everytime i restart my pc, i have to click the ENG then change to india keyboard format, is there anything that i can do to make it automatically make it in india rather than UK...zzzzZZZZZZZ


  • VG

    ^^ Points 5-7 do the same thing which you want.

  • thanks a lot for help

    now i can type @ symble :happy:

    thanks a lot for help friend

  • thanks a lot .........................now i can easily log in to my site...

  • thanks so much now I can log into my Facebook account

  • Thank u very much , it is very helpful to me.

  • wow your tutorial worked fine.. thanks very much :)
    By the way i have another windows 8 problem,, whenever i open videos through Videos app in start screen, i see white borders instead of black,, can u tell me how to fix it??

  • Thank u very much , it is very helpful to me.

  • I also was having problems with @ until I connected my small laptop to a larger screen and the problem went away - however " will not type unless I press twice and then it doubles.
    I already as you suggest changed the language. Oldie

  • thanks a lot it really works 100 likes :-)

  • I tired the,above procedure many times but still the problem,is,persisting dont know what to do cant type special symbols , cant select text using shift and arrows key, sometimes it works for 2-3 times sometimes it doesnt work at all I,have windows 8.1 installed

  • Hi VG

    When I click on the Change PC settings button, it wont open.
    Can you help me?

  • It's really helps me for fixing my keyboard symbols . Thank a lot.

  • Hi,
    My trouble was resolved. Thank you very much! This is very helpful.

  • I upgraded my pc.. and I encounter this problem.. thanks a lot! more power. God Bless!

  • Thanku Verrrry Much It helped a lot.......

  • This problem happens not only in Windows 8 but happened in every version of Windows when it is "English (United Kingdom)" as an input language because it has a different keyboard layout than the usual one.

  • Caught my attention because I've had the exact same problem. But it's on Windows7 and its only my husbands desktop. My daughter and I don't have this problem on our desktops. Anyways, gonna try the Fox when I get home. Post again tomorrow to let you know whether it works or not

  • Masha Allah..
    It was a very hectic problem me.
    I just do according to this page.
    Fixed it.
    Cool page!

    Thanks. Thank you very much...

  • Awesome!!!

    Fixed my issue.

    Thanks a lot!!!

  • i have problem with naming the pc. when i use Nepali keyboard it says use different keyboard at the time of installing . and there is no option. and computer doesn't reboot or re install?? so any one knows how to get re booting device option in lenovo

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  • Hi there, this fix didn't work for me. I followed the instructions to the letter but no luck. Any other suggestions?

  • I have win 8.1 installed and facing prob, with keyboard .the above step could not help me.....only the keys UIOPJKLM are not being typed.......pls help....

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  • thanks...............
    its working.................
    very clear idea to set all thinks.

  • Thank you dear it helped me a lot. God bless :-)

  • Thank you! My problem was solved by following the clear instructions given :)

  • ... this does not help my problem of not being able to type the section symbol. and im american. so that doesnt help. please give me some help...

  • I've followed the steps and I still have the same problem.

  • Didn´t fix my problem. There was nothing wrong with my language settings )all settings are set to US English=. It keeps changing. Sometimes the keyboard is fine and other times it changes back. I haven´t done anything to my settings to make the change. As you can tell it´s still messed up!

  • Thanks very much it was very small but no body have ever able to kill the issue thanks very much.

  • Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you so much brother loveeeeeee you

  • Hi VG,

    I got the same problem after restart my pc. But, the problem is that I can't log in coz my computer has password . I can't type with symbol to log in .

    There is no other option to reach to the desktop . The only one option is BIOS setting.

    Can you pls help ?

  • Thank you Vishal for your quick response.
    It worked perfectly for windows 10 as well.

  • i am facing problem with shift ,ctrl keys in windows 8.
    they are not working at all -both shift keys and control keys.
    can any one help me please.

  • Thanks! Apparently, it is a universal problem. I am not an Indian but your solution helped me to fix this keyboard issue.

  • I had the same problem but a much simpler solution without rebooting:

    1) control panel > language
    2) add language English > English (United Kingdom)
    3) click on the newly added language English (United Kingdom)
    4) click Remove

  • thank u very it was very use full information thank s again have nice day

  • This really helped in the key board layout.

    Now I am one happy user.

    Rgds MM

  • thank you so much dear broooooooooooooooo

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