[DPI Scaling Fix] Bold, Blurry or Hard to Read Font Problem in Windows 8.1 / 10

UPDATE: New working solution for Windows 10 has been added.

Old problem but new operating system and different problems but single solution! If you can remember, long time back we shared a solution to fix bold and italic font problem in Windows 7:

[Fix] Bold and Italic Font Problem in Windows

Now a similar problem has started occurring in Microsoft's latest OS Windows 8.1. Many Windows 8.1 users are facing a strange problem in which the fonts on screen look weird. The screen text becomes very hard to read. The text looks blurry like you are having an incorrect screen resolution or a faulty graphics card.

Sometimes the issue occurs in text fields and sometimes it happens in programs such as Visual Studio, web browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, etc. Also there are many Windows 8.1 users who have faced this issue in Metro apps such as Camera, Mail and Windows Store.

Recently an AskVG reader "Lior" contacted us regarding the same problem and after troubleshooting this strange issue, we were successful in finding a working solution for it.

Actually Microsoft has improved many things in Windows 8.1 and one of these improvements can be found in DPI Scaling system. Microsoft has added a new option to apply one scaling level for all connected display in screen resolution settings. By default this option is disabled and this is the reason behind this annoying problem.

The users who are facing blurry, bold or hard to read font problem in Windows 8.1, just need to enable this new option and their problem will be fixed forever.

So if you are also facing this problem, just check out following simple steps:

METHOD 1: Fix for Particular Program

If a particular program is causing this blurry font problem, you can fix the issue using following steps:

1. Right-click on the program shortcut and select Properties option.

2. Now go to Compatibility tab and enable "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" option.

3. Apply the changes and restart the program. Now the program will show proper fonts.

METHOD 2: For Windows 8.1 Users

1. Right-click on Desktop and select "Screen resolution" option.

2. Now click on "Make text and other items larger or smaller" link.


3. It'll open "Display" settings page. You can also directly open "Display" window by selecting "Personalize" option from Desktop context menu and then click on "Display" link given at the bottom of left-sidebar.

4. Now enable "Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays" option and apply the changes.


5. Restart your system and your problem will be fixed.

METHOD 3: For Windows 10 Users

1. Right-click on Desktop and select "Display settings" option. It'll open Display Settings app.

2. Now click on "Advanced display settings" link and then click on "Advanced sizing of text and other items" link. It'll open classic Display settings window.

Alternatively, you can direct open classic Display settings using following command in RUN dialog box:

explorer.exe shell:::{C555438B-3C23-4769-A71F-B6D3D9B6053A}



3. Now under "Change size of items" section, click on "Set a custom scaling level" link.


4. Now select 100% option from scaling drop-down box and click on OK button.


5. Restart your system and your problem will be fixed.

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  • Same issue on 8.1 RTM and this fixed it! Thanks!

  • It worked !! Thanks so much. I had problems describing to Google what the problem was. Great !

  • it works for me perfectly. so, installing display / grafics drive doesn't help here.

  • Thank you very much, this solved the blurrieness and touch calibration issues on my notebook while using chrome!

  • Thanks a lot! At least I found a quick solution for this win 8.1 related issue. Now there are only about 100 other annoying bugs/'features' in win 8.1 and windows phone 8 left on my list.

  • Thanks this worked great! I upgraded to Win 8.1 yesterday on 10/18/13 and was concerned that there was a video driver incompatibility but this fixed the issue. Thanks!

  • Brilliant! I the frustrating resolution and display on Chrome and some of my other apps is gone. Now have way more real-estate on the desktop and the fonts are precise and crisp. Worked perfectly for me.

  • I want to thank your for this solution. Had the problem after Upgrading from 8 to 8.1 on my Thinkpad T530. I do not think, they fixed this...

  • Thank you so much for explaining this fix! I had been so frustrated with my blurry browser and worried I was going to have to downgrade back to 8 to restore the proper resolution.

    This worked for the problem on my Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p, by the way.

  • Worked for me, Was automatically set to 125% Changed it to 100% and all good.

  • Hi,
    this bug appeared when upgrading from Win 8.0 to 8.1.
    Works for me now. Thanks!

  • Thanks a lot! I've been searching for this solution the entire day!
    This worked well for me!
    I did change it to smaller, rebooted and then changed it back to normal and rebooted. PERFECT!

    I'll forward the link to my mates and other people who have the same problem!

    Good job!

  • Worked fine. I set my scaling to 125% also--the 1080p monitor displayed things smaller in Win8.1, and the 125% made it all nice again!

  • Thank you very much. This drove me crazy for a week. Worked for every program I had an issue with

  • Thank you! It was so dissappoining to se my new computer look like something from 8 years ago. Everything is crisp and nice-looking again!

  • Thanks!, worked like a charm. You are awsome bailing people out of problems :)

  • THANK YOU! After the Upgrade I felt like I couldn't see anymore. This fixed everything perfectly.

  • Thank you! My eyes were beginning to hurt. Worked perfectly.

  • OMG Thank you so much this was driving me insane! I kept checking for driver updates and forcing gfx drivers to re-install. What a stupid "feature" that accidentally makes all MS stuff looks great and everything else look like crap. I'm sure it's not intentional...

  • Thank you, this problem was driving me crazy, I even return to my old laptop, but now I can start using the new one again.

  • thank you, i wish microsoft would think of these things before changing it. really annoying.

  • this works for me, but i use my laptop at work and when i dock/undock and use laptop mode the issue resurfaces and i have to this fix over and over every time and it asks me to sign off and sign back into windows.....annoying, is there a way to fix this?

  • Perfect, was annoying but is now fixed!!! Thank you!!!

  • Thanks so much - this was driving me crazy. I kept thinking that my color depth was off. It was particularly bad in Chrome.

  • Thank you! Worked on my ASUS (asus ux32vd) laptop.

  • It works really, thank you very much for the solution!

  • Thanks a ton. This had me thinking a lot, as it only happened on one of my laptops (Lenovo Y500)

  • This appeared to fix the blurriness in Google Chrome, but it did not seem to work for iTunes even after a restart... in case anyone is wondering what to do about iTunes, this seemed to work for me: go to C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes, right-click on iTunes.exe and select Properties. Within the "Compatibility" tab, check the box labelled "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings", --> Apply and restart iTunes. Now works fine and crisp again and a relief that I do not have to go to the opticians with seemingly blurry vision!

  • Thank you SO much. Nearly had heart failure after "upgrading" to 8.1 :=)

  • thanks so muh! this had been sooo annoying!

  • Totally did the trick for me too! Thanks a bunch! I was worried sick but now everything looks so small.. I hope Windows will come with an update soon :)

  • This was the first 8.1 laptop that I worked on fresh out of the box, and this took care of the problem. Since I've worked on 2 more, and they all exhibited the same problem. Looks like this feature is disabled out of the box, so any new laptops that we purchase will most likely need this simple fix. Thanks for the heads up!


    I was struggling thinking that my graphics card was damaged/not properly installed!

    Thank you Microsoft -.-"

  • I really struggled on this issue for more than 5 days. I started wondering if i made a mistake migrating from windows 7 to 8.1. But thanks so much for the tip and i can see it works perfect.

  • Thanks very much! It wasn't my eyesight, after all. :-)

  • Ugh... spent hours with ASUS tech trying to resolve this issue yesterday and ended up doing a full system restore and then re-upgrading to win 8.1 (with the problem coming back of course) -- LOL. Help desks. Sometimes they're great, sometimes they're utterly useless... total crapshoot. Thanks for this fix.

  • THANK YOU!! Like most here, it was driving me crazy, back when I first upgraded to Win 8.1, my tech support was still active, and Dell wanted money to fix the problem. IT WAS DRIVING ME CRAZY. Thank You So Much!

  • Was about to go back to Windows 7 again before I found this fix. Worked perfectly. Thanks!

  • man.....thanks alot.....finally i have normal screen...and just befor reading this solution i recovered 3 times...and i was thinking to go for mac to be free from these kind of suffering ....

    and believe me the service center in doha they didnt know how to solve it to me....

  • I just installed the 8.1 update and instantly noticed this problem. Using the instructions fixed the issue and it only took a minute. Thank you!

  • Awesomeeeeeeeeee... Thank You very much.
    Was automatically set to 125% Changed it to 100% and all good.
    Again Thank You.


  • hi i am from Pakistan, i want to say thanks, this is working

  • Lenovo Z50 user, brand new model. Laptop is only one day old. Had the same problem too with blurrry fonts on google chrome and some apps. Randomly came across this website and what do you know, it worked!! Thanks a million!

  • Thank you so much for this helpful and straightforward advice! Much appreciated.

  • Another method which could solve it-
    1. Go to Control Panel-Display-Change Display Settings-Advanced Settings-Color Management TAB,
    2. Open it-then click All profiles, choose another Color profile from the list, e.g. try the Display-Notebook etc. manufacturer profile, make it default.
    Restart PC.
    If not satisfied try another one.
    Also adjust after driver settings, contrast,brightness,gamma,saturation,clear type.

  • Thanks - this fixed my blurry text in Office 2013.

  • for some reason I don't have that option and I just updated yesterday, how can I fix this

  • The solution worked as you specified. Thanks a lot!

  • Windows Registry editing fixed the font thickness issue for me completely, we can tune the font thickness/darkness by calibrating FONTSMOOTHINGGAMMA value to between 150 and 190 hexadecimal( 336 to 400 decimal )

    - search for FONTSMOOTHINGGAMMA by keying "Ctrl F"
    ( will automatically take us to CurrentUser\ControlPanel\Desktop path)
    - double-click mouse on FONTSMOOTHINGGAMMA enter any thing between 150 and 190 hexadecimal. (the Lower the value, the thicker the fonts.)
    - close the REGEDIT tool
    - LOGOFF and then LOGON

    Now all the fonts are very thick & very dark in Chrome Browser.

    But we must make sure that ClearType smoothing is enabled in Windows( controlPanel -> personalization -> appearance -> Effects -> ClearType smooth check (ticked box) )

    OR alternately in RegEdit ...

    FONTSMOOTHINGORIENTATION=1 for LCD-screen, 0 for CRT-screen

  • This worked great for me. Its too bad that I couldn`t use the 150% scale, but the regular works just as good. Thanks for the article

  • kindly send me link for fixed this kind of problems guyssssssss

    and also suitable graphical driver link for window 8.1 on dual core processor

  • do you have a good solution for Windows 7? Not works for me.

  • Another important issue has to do with cables and the different resolutions supported by the different connection standards (VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort). Many people are trying to use a single-link DVI cable with a very high resolution monitor, but this type of cable maxes out at 1920x1200. To get higher resolutions that display properly, they need a double-link DVI cable, which maxes out at 2560x1600. You won't know that the cable is causing a problem because your graphics card may show it is producing an output resolution that exceeds the specs for a single-link cable, but you will get a bad picture with blurry text. DisplayPort is the best option if available because it maxes out at 3840x2160. Next best would be to use double-link DVI cable matched to a graphics card and monitor that support the high resolution the user is trying to achieve. This is a common problem.

  • I have the same issue on the latest MacBook Pro with the latest OS X. Do you guys have a solution for me?

  • Perfect. What I'd been searching for a few days, it took 1 minute to fix.


  • Correction: In the 'Display' window, click on 'Adjust ClearType text' and follow the instructions in case the above steps are not able to fix it.

  • I have this problem of blurry text only in Google chrome. Please help.

  • I just started to have this problem today with my Dell Venue running 8.1 after a Windows update yesterday. I can't read any email in Outlook. The text is too small and when I go to resize the page the text becomes fuzzy and unreadable. I don't know whether to look for a solution or try to roll back the updates. According to some sites this is caused by a bug in the Win update KB 2670838. I hope that isn't the problem because rolling back that update doesn't correct the problem and it doesn't look like Microsoft will fix the bug anytime soon because people have complaining about this for years. Looks like I might have to do a factory reinstall to correct the issue. I hope that's not the case. Any suggestions?

  • Brilliant! This was a very clearly explained solution to a very annoying problem.

    Thank you!


  • This ridiculous problem has returned with Windows 10. Unfortunately, there is no "Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays" option in Windows 10. I have had no success trying to resolve this problem and am losing my eyesight. Please provide a fix for Windows 10 also. Many, many people around the world will appreciate it!

  • I too, am searching for a fix on Windows 10... :(

  • This works in Windows 10 as well. Right click on desktop>Display Settings>Advanced display settings>Advanced sizing of text and other items

    Then in "Change size of items" Read the paragraph written just below the heading and click on "Set a custom scaling level" and set the percentage to 100%.


  • Hi VG
    I m use window 10 pro

    Please help me

    Any way to stop automatically download or installing windows update
    Only manually download and installing window update like window 7 in window 10

  • VG

    ^^ This:


  • So we have to choose between blurry text or tiny unreadable text? How is that a "fix"? In the old days a fix solved an issue without creating another.

  • Disable Display Scaling On High DPI Settings:

  • It worked as thing are not blurry anymore but they got extremely small on the other hand. They are good quality now but hard to read

  • Salam, and thanx for ur effective solution, now nothing is blurry, but, something went wrong, and that is "everything is too small to see!"
    what shoud i do now?!!!

  • THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!! I was beginning to go crazy!!! Such a simple fix!!! Thought it was something so much deeper!!! Dun dun duhhhhhhh.... Glad I didn't need to replace my computer!!!

  • For people with Windows 10 and Ultra HD where the recommended setting is 250%, how does scaling down to 100% improve anything? That just makes things smaller when the problem is that the scaling is already too small. I'm confused.

  • Did not work. It has been going on as soon as I purchased the computer. Sent it back to dell twice. Still does it It does it randomly and it does when i swipe the touchpad. It fixes if I restart the computer.

  • This solved my blurry text in Chrome problem on my new PC build, thank you for the easy solution!

  • Thank you!! ^_^ It worked :D For so long, it had been set all wrong

  • if i use smaller or medium font the content on the screen beccomes awfully small. And if i use larger font the contents becomes blurry again please help

  • win 8.1 on 4th september 2016 started up blurry, all apps blurry also. thought the graphics card or driver was dead, installed new intel graphics driver, no fix.
    came here and all is good. another strange feature people reporting a change to the clock going from am pm display to 24 hour?? but for me my 24 hr clock went back exactly 1 hour. weird. it wouldnt update automatically, went into internet time settings and eventually got a time update. hope thats the clock fixed??.what the blazes did microsoft just send to my tablet? i refused the free offer of windows 10 to avoid this nonsense....seems they send out trouble to me on win 8.1 anyway!

  • Thank you thank you thank you. I have been scratching my head and couldn't find a resolution for Windows 10. Intel Support themselves suggested I upgrade to their Beta Driver for the Intel HD Graphics 520, which failed to work too. You've made my day :)

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