[Fix] An Error Occurred While Troubleshooting: A Problem is Preventing the Troubleshooter from Starting

Recently an AskVG reader "Darrel" contacted us regarding following problem:

I have a Windows 7 computer and I recently noticed that whenever I try to troubleshoot anything, it gives me this error:

An error occurred while troubleshooting. A problem is preventing the troubleshooter from starting.

And when I click error details, the error code is: 0x803C010A. Every troubleshooter gives me this error message. My account is an Administrator. Please help!

This problem is a common problem in Windows. It occurs when you try to run built-in troubleshooting feature of Windows to fix issues or when you try to run Microsoft's official Fix It tools.

As soon as you run the troubleshooter, you receive the above mentioned error message.


When you click on "View error details" link, you get random error codes which might differ for different computers.

If you are also facing this problem, this tutorial will definitely help you in fixing the issue.

There might be many reasons behind this problem, so try following solutions one by one until you fix the issue:

SOLUTION 1: Start Cryptographic Services Using Service Manager

This solution should fix your problem immediately. If the "Cryptographic Services" is not running in background, you'll receive the above mentioned error message while running a troubleshooter.

Just follow these steps to enable Cryptographic Services:

1. Press Win+R keys together to launch RUN dialog box. Type services.msc in the textbox and press Enter. It'll open Services Manager.

2. Scroll down a little and you'll see a service "Cryptographic Services" in the list. It'll be set to MANUAL in your system.


3. Double-click on the service and change its Startup type to Automatic. Also click on "Start" button to immediately start the service.


4. Apply the changes and try to run the troubleshooter again. Now it'll run without any problem.

You can also try to restart your system after enabling the service.

SOLUTION 2: Disable UAC (User Account Control) Temporary

If the above mentioned solution doesn't work for you, try to turn UAC off in your Windows using following steps:

1. Open Control Panel and click on User Accounts icon.

2. Now click on "Change User Account Control settings" link.

3. It'll open "Change User Account Control Settings" window. Drag the slider to bottom (Never notify) and apply changes.


You can also take help of our freeware "UAC Tweak" to quickly and easily disable UAC feature.

SOLUTION 3: Try to Disable Antivirus and Firewall Software

It might be possible that your security software (antivirus or firewall) is preventing the troubleshooter from searching on Internet (Microsoft KB articles) for the solution or from sending required information to Microsoft servers, that's why its giving error messages.

You can try to temporary disable your antivirus and firewall software and then try to run the troubleshooter.

SOLUTION 4: Install Latest Windows Updates and Driver Updates

Run Windows Updates and make sure all available updates for Windows and your hardware drivers have been installed. Sometimes an old driver or corrupted driver might cause such kind of problems. So make sure all drivers are up-to-date in your system.

SOLUTION 5: Repair Windows Using SFC /SCANNOW Command

If nothing works for you, try to repair Windows using sfc /scannow command.

Check out Method 4 in following tutorial to learn how to use this command:

How to Remove 3rd Party Transformation Packs (or Skin Packs) in Windows?

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  • Thanks. I was facing this problem with Network connection troubleshooter. Solution 1 fixed it for me. Don't know what disabled the cryptographic service? Anyway thanks for your guide.

  • also work on mine, nice one.

  • Thank you very much. The first solution worked. TThe troubleshooter is functioning again.