FireGestures: Get Opera Like Mouse Gestures in Mozilla Firefox

If you use Mozilla Firefox but like the mouse gestures feature of Opera web browser, here is an excellent add-on for you.

"FireGestures" is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox users which provides Opera like mouse gestures to execute various commands and user scripts.

It allows five types of mouse gestures:

  • Mouse Gestures (Move mouse with holding right-click)
  • Wheel Gestures (Scroll wheel with holding right-click)
  • Rocker Gestures (Left-click with holding right-click and vice versa)
  • Keypress Gestures (Mouse gesture with holding Ctrl / Shift key)
  • Tab Wheel Gestures (Scrolling wheel on the tab bar)


You can download it using following link:

Download Link

Thanks to our reader "TheAslan" for sharing it...

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  • There's a Chrome extension called Smooth Gestures that is very similar to this one. I'm not sure if you've reviewed it but you might want to try it out.


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