Fission: Firefox Add-on to Show Progressbar in Addressbar Similar to Safari or Opera

We all know that Opera and Safari web browsers show the web page loading progress in the addressbar instead of the statusbar which is quite a unique feature of these web browsers. It helps the users in easily and quickly see the progress status.

If you are a Mozilla Firefox user and want to get a similar feature in Firefox, this article will help you.

"Fission" is an excellent extension for Mozilla Firefox which can show the progressbar in Firefox addressbar just like Safari and Opera web browsers do.

It actually combines the addressbar and progressbar in Firefox as shown in following screenshot:


It also allows you to select the color or image to be shown in progressbar.

You can also choose whether to show the progress info in addressbar or not and you can also enable link tooltip. Its a worth to install the extension.

You can download it from here:

Download Link

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