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Microsoft's latest OS "Windows 8" has been released and is available for purchase and download online as well as in retail market. Although we are covering latest news and feature updates of Windows 8 regularly since when it was under development but there are many people who have very less idea about Windows 8. Its because many people didn't install the testing versions of Windows 8 in their computers and they were waiting for the final version, that's why they were ignoring any information about Windows 8. Also there are many people who were not very active on Internet when we and other websites were posting articles about Windows 8.

Now when Windows 8 has been released to public and people are getting it preinstalled in new computers and tablets, they are having many questions in their minds. There are also many people who want to purchase Windows 8 to upgrade their PCs but they don't know which edition of Windows 8 should they purchase?

To answer all these questions and to clear all such doubts about Windows 8, today we decided to create this article.


This article will help you in understanding Windows 8 better and in learning all new stuff present in Windows 8. So without wasting time lets start the tutorial:

What is Windows 8? Is RTM Different from Market Version?

Windows 8 is a new operating system from Microsoft just like any other Windows OS such as Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. Its very light and fast compared to previous Windows OS. It supports both computers as well as touch enabled devices such as tablets.

You can read more detailed information about Windows 8 at following exclusive article:

[Windows 8 Review] What's New in Windows 8?

RTM stands for Released To Manufacturing. Its the same version which you get in new computers or which you get after purchasing it from Microsoft.

How to Download Windows 8?

Windows 8 can be purchased online or from market. Currently Microsoft is providing special upgrade offer for existing Windows users to get Windows 8 in a very less price. Check out following topic to learn how to purchase Windows 8:

How to Download or Order Windows 8 Setup DVD Online?

If you are not sure whether you'll like Windows 8 or not, you can download a free 90-day trial version of Windows 8 from Microsoft. Use it for a few days and it'll help you in deciding whether it suites your requirements or not:

Download 90-Day Trial Version of Windows 8 RTM Absolutely Free

How Many Editions of Windows 8 are Available?

Windows 8 comes in 3 editions: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise. Check out following article to read more information and comparison of these different Windows 8 editions:

Windows 8 Editions List

Windows 8 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you are new to Windows 8, you might be having many questions about Windows 8 such as:

  • Where is Start Menu and Start button in Windows 8?
  • How to restart or shut down Windows 8?
  • Will your PC support Windows 8?
  • Can you upgrade your existing OS to Windows 8?
  • What is Metro UI, Start Screen, Charms, Live Tiles, Hot Corners in Windows 8?
  • Why are you not getting Aero glass transparency in Windows 8?

And many more questions. Following exclusive Windows 8 FAQ topic will answer all your questions:

Windows 8 RTM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Windows 8 Hidden Secret Features and Useful Hotkeys

Will Windows 7 Tips, Registry Tweaks and Software Work in Windows 8?

Yes. All registry tweaks and other tips which were posted for Windows 7 will also work in Windows 8 without any problem. Same thing applies to software. All Windows 7 software will work perfectly in Windows 8.

Best Windows 7 Registry Tweaks and Tips-n-Tricks Which Work in Windows 8

Don't forget to check out our Windows 7 section to read exclusive tips-n-tricks and useful utilities which we shared in past. All these stuff will work fine in Windows 8.

Read Our Exclusive Windows 8 Tips and How-to Guides

There are many other interesting tips and troubleshooting articles available in our exclusive Windows 8 section. If you are facing any problem while downloading, installing or using Windows 8, you can fix those problems by following our guides listed in our Windows 8 section.

Check out following link to read various useful and interesting Windows 8 topics:

Windows 8 Section

That's all for now. If you have any other question in mind, feel free to ask it in your comment. If you have any suggestion, please share it with us...

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  • Great. All the articles into 1-single roll-up. You're truly amazing..Keep It Up...XD

  • Nice and very helpful. Thanks. :)

  • wow, nice. thx for the info.

  • very helpful thanks :D

  • @VG
    When are you going to release a "Master Tutorial to Speed Up Windows 8". I'm going to make an upgrade to Windows 8 once the most awaited article in this site is out. Thanks and more power to you!

  • VG

    ^^ It'll take some time as I have not started using Windows 8 as primary OS. Once I start using Windows 8 and tweak it properly, I'll post the master tutorial. ;)

    Thanks for your comments. :)

  • u said that RTM is not a different version of 8 so can't i download it for free and use it???

  • VG

    ^^ No. RTM is not available for free. Its a trial version which is available.

  • You need RetroUI Pro in a bad way....
    + start menu/button
    + taskbar in metro start screen
    + run metro apps in a window
    + skip metro at login

  • @VG,plz tell me where can i get drivers for windows 8 or it will preinstalle d with windows 8,i have a asus laptop,on asus website ,windows 8 drivers are not available.

  • VG

    ^^ If you purchase a new system, all drivers will come preinstalled. If you install Windows 8 in your existing system, almost all drivers will be installed automatically. If some of the drivers are not installed, you'll need to install them manually. You can find them at your hardware manufacturer website but as you said Asus website doesnt provide Windows 8 compatible drivers, then you'll need to wait for some time.

  • Hi!
    i dont use windows 8, though i have heard a lot about windows 8. and i would like to use it , before i buy and use windows, can you send the good bad points about windows 8. please

  • VG

    ^^ There is nothing bad in Windows 8. But some people might face problem because of removal of Start menu and Start button but there are many free tools available to get them back.

  • Useful...


  • Oh that preinstalled ie of windows 8 is too bad it istops working and it fails to resume the paused downloads please do something VG

  • VG

    ^^ You can try other web browsers if you are having problems with IE.

  • i have purchased Dell Inspiron 15r special edition with windows 8 inbuilt 8 months ago.
    i downloaded windows 8.1 preview from windows website.
    and re-install windows. And use product key from windows site itself.
    now i lost my original windows 8 from my laptop.
    i want 2 re install original windows 8.
    what should i do?
    i contacted dell service center , but they told original windows 8's backup has gone.

  • VG

    ^^ Didnt you get any restore DVD with your laptop?

  • @VG
    No i didn't get any restore DVD.
    But i made a restore DVD but it is corrupted.

  • @Arjun


    Head to the above link and download the installer and put ur key, u could download w8 or w8.1 as u wish.
    I think that's the best way and make an iso and use usb for installation they don't get corrupted easily like cds/dvds.Otherwise wait for VG's expertise.

    -21st Jan 2014,10:00 GMT

  • VG

    You can download Windows 8 using following link and use your original Windows 8 product key to install it. The product key should be present at the backside of your laptop.


  • @VG
    Product key that i got from windows website was wrong.
    where can i find my product key?
    there is nothing shown at backside of my laptop.
    now i am using windows 8.1 preview. which will expire soon.
    And i have formatted my HDD to install windows 8.1 preview.
    will that erase my product key?

  • @Arjun
    I m assuming that ur laptop is comparatively new and hence the product key is not at the back of the laptop, maybe its embedded in the bios(as is the case with many new laptops).Since VG won't allow me to post the direct software ,google search for 'extracting windows8/8.1 key from BIOS' and u will get ur answer, plz tell if it helped.

    -22nd Jan 2014, 10:48 GMT

  • will it show my original product key even if i am using preview?
    i tried by using a product key viewer . Bt the key shown by it also not working.

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