Download Awesome “Nyan Cat” Progress Bar Utility for Windows 7

Love Nyan Cat? Addicted to Nyan Cat? If yes, here is an excellent news for you. Now you can enjoy the Nyan Cat with music in Windows 7.

Almost everyday we copy or move files in our systems and now you can just sit back, watch Nyan Cat and listen the music while Windows 7 finishes the copy or move operation.

"Ben" @ Instant Elevator Music has developed a small and free tool which replaces default Windows progress bar in copy/move dialog box with Nyan Cat progress bar.

You can check following screenshot which shows Nyan Cat progress bar in action:


You simply need to download the free app using following link:

Download Nyan Cat Progress Bar


Extract the downloaded ZIP file and run the EXE file. It'll sit in system tray and now whenever you copy/move a file, Windows will show Nyan Cat progress bar in the dialog box.

You can enable/disable it by double-clicking on its system tray icon. You can also change its settings by right-click on its system tray icon and select "Settings" option.


You can set it to start with Windows, change its volume level, etc.

Currently it doesn't work in Windows XP but according to the developer, its a bug in animation code and he'll try to fix it in future version.

PS: We have not checked it in Windows Vista but it should work in Vista as well.

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  • dnt noe wht it is but im definitely gonna try it...

  • Hahahaaa, nice one.

  • now copying large files would me even more irritating to some people (not me. i love this cat).. hahahahaa

  • Cool! Same guy that made the Elevator Music version, right?

  • ^^ Nvm i didn't read beginning *facepalm

  • blood runs deep..
    nyan cat runs deeeppperrr!!!

  • oh no...i'm affected

  • For a gag, I wish someone would come up with a Sarah Palin version. You know, one that forces a copy or move operation to quit halfway through. :-)

  • why is it not working for my windows 7? the music plays but there is no cat

  • it's not working with my windows 8 progress bar TT_TT

  • why is playing another song?

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