How to Enable “Open Command Window Here” Option in Context Menu in Windows Vista and Later

In Windows Vista and later, if you press <SHIFT> key and right-click on any folder, you get some extra options like "Open Command Window Here", etc. But if you don't press the SHIFT key, you don't get those extra options.

In this tutorial, we'll tell you how to permanently enable that hidden "Open Command Window here" option in context menu so that it always shows in context menu without any need to press <SHIFT> key.

Simply follow these simple steps:

1. Type regedit in RUN or Start Menu search box and press Enter. It'll open Registry Editor.

2. Now go to following keys one by one:



3. In right-side pane, you'll get a String value Extended. Delete it and the option will get enabled permanently in folders as well as drives context menus.

PS: If you want to enable this option in Desktop context menu as well, follow the same steps for following key:


Now you'll always get "Open Command Window Here" option in context menu and you'll not need to press SHIFT key any more.

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  • big tks :)

  • This works superb for Windows 8 as well, especially since they took out the shift + rightclick cmd window in the first place.

  • Great tip, but for the paranoid among us, can you say whether this change to the registry affects anything other than the “Open Command Window Here” context menu option? I ask because the registry entries mentioned in the article sound very generic.

  • VG

    ^^ Yes. Its absolutely safe to try. It'll not affect anything else.

  • Thanks. This works fantastic in Windows 8. +right-click works as well to add the "Open cmd window here" option to the context menu.

  • nice tip, but the problem is I don't even have that "open command window here" in regular way. can anyone tell me why?

  • Oops! forget to tell you I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate with Administrator (I mean REAL Administrator) privilledge.

  • Sorry but it's now fixed. My bad I hold shift and right-click, right on the file I want to run with command line. I should click it on empty space in the folder.

  • Thanks, it was really helpful.

  • Thanks, works great for me,

  • Helpful !! Thank's

  • Very very useful, simple and well explained, thanks

  • Thanks for help :D !! It works :D

  • TANk's :-X

  • For me didn't work (W8.1), I also tried to restart. Help please!

  • excellent tip, was looking for this!!!

  • I am on Windows 7 and i followed the steps but it hasnt worked. Please help

  • Didn't work for me - i already had deleted those in the past...

  • Tried it on Win7 64x and it works perfectly.

  • Thanx. This is (was) of great help. As said, it is simple and well xplained.

  • This work in Windows 10. Thanks

  • Did not work for me in Win 7 pro 74 bit.

  • Thank you very much.
    This was very useful and worked fine on W10.
    Just in case I exported the registry keys before changing them.
    Better safe than sorry!

  • Great tip! Had forgotten how to do it, and it was too easy! Thanks!

  • Doesn't work on windows 10 x64 pro.

    I can't editing nothings on HKCR\drive\shell\cmd.................

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