Download Yet Another Free Windows 7 Theme for WinRAR Archiver

We have shared 2 awesome themes for WinRAR archiver in past:

Download Free Windows 8 Metro Theme for WinRAR Archiver

FREE Download Windows 7 Theme for "WinRAR" Archiver

Today we are going to share yet another Windows 7 theme for WinRAR. This theme has been created by "Ritwyk" @ DA. This theme transforms old classic WinRAR toolbar icons into shiny new Windows 7 icons. You should definitely give it a try.

To use this theme, simply download the file, extract it and run the extracted "Windows7Ultimate.theme.rar" file. It'll install the theme which can be applied by selecting "Options -> Themes -> Windows 7 Ultimate" in WinRAR window.

Download Theme

Download WinRAR

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  • Nice Theme

  • Are there actually any paid themes for WinRAR?

  • i think 7-zip is better than winrar
    but why winrar is more popular than 7-zip?

  • Meh, 7-zip is better.

  • oversized icons

  • this theme is better than the previous 2 themes...

  • @ard, correct 7-Zip is better and it's even free. So not only do you get better software, you also get it free.

  • I agree, 7-zip is better. Although it looks uglier (joking of course)

    Meh, people think that paid software must be better. I quote, "Why do you think some get so highly paid, while the others are volunteers?" Geez.

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