Download Windows 8 Updates to Fix Advanced Startup Option Issues and Improve Windows Defender Performance

As a part of "Patch Tuesday" updates, Microsoft has released various new updates and fixes for Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Server 2012. Among these updates, following 3 updates are interesting and important to install:

  • KB2812822
  • KB2811660
  • KB2781197

Download KB2812822 Update for Windows

"KB2812822" update fixes an issue in computer systems using Windows 8, Windows RT or Windows Server 2012. It solves a problem when the user selects Advanced Startup option to restart the computer in UEFI Firmware Settings screen but the computer doesn't show the desired "Choose an option" screen and directly starts Windows. This problem occurs due to a crash of LogonUI.exe process.

If you are facing this problem, you can download and install this update using following link:

Download KB2811660 Update for Windows

The second update "KB2811660" has been released for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. This update performs some performance and reliability improvements in Windows.

Basically this update brings following changes in Windows:

  • Improves Wi-Fi reliability when Windows 8 devices resume from hybrid sleep
  • Provides consistent rendering of bold text for Windows 8 apps when compared to earlier versions of Windows
  • Improves reliability of USB 3.0 device initialization
  • Resolves an issue in which the On-Screen Keyboard displays incorrectly when you use a remote app
  • Resolves an issue that could cause errors when you manage a Group Policy Object (GPO) that has software installation settings

This update also fixes following issues:

  • Tasklist.exe tool displays no process information
  • Data is corrupted when there is insufficient memory
  • Data is corrupted and network connection disconnects unexpectedly when you run a WFP-based application
  • Memory leak occurs in Wmimgmt.exe process you leave Server Manager running in Windows Server 2012
  • You cannot stop a process by using the Taskkill.exe utility and you get process not found error
  • Windows Error Reporting reports a crash when you shut down your computer
  • Sound is not playing from the paired Bluetooth audio device after you reconnect the device

You can download this update using following links:

Download KB2781197 Update for Windows

The last update "KB2781197" is actually an anti-malware platform update for Windows Defender program present in Windows 8. If you are using Windows Defender in Windows 8, its a must have update for you.

This update for Windows 8 updates Windows Defender services, drivers, and user interfaces. This update contains following improvements for Windows Defender:

  • Adds new malware remediation functionality to Windows Defender
  • Adds anti-tampering improvements to Windows Defender
  • Improves overall performance of Windows Defender

You can download this update from following links:

PS: All these updates can also be downloaded and installed using Windows Update but if you have set Windows Update to notify you first before downloading and installing updates or if you have set it to never check for updates, you can download and install these updates using above mentioned links.

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