Download Windows 8 and 8.1 Login Screen for Windows XP

UPDATE: Windows 8.1 login screen is same as Windows 8.

Many of us are using Windows 8 RTM in our computers. Windows 8 comes with many changes and improvements. Also there are many UI changes and one of these UI changes is the new login screen.

Windows 8 login screen is a little bit different than Windows 7 login screen. It comes with a simple colored background.

If you are still using Windows XP but want to get similar login screen, this topic will definitely help you.

Our friend "PeterRollar" @ DA has created Windows 8 look-like login screen for Windows XP users.

Following is a preview of this login screen in action:


You can download it using following link:

Download Link

After downloading, extract the RAR file using WinRAR or 7-Zip and you'll get "LogonUI.exe" file. That's the file which contains the login screen. You'll need to replace existing "logonui.exe" file present in "%windir%\System32" folder with this downloaded one. Use "Replacer" to replace the file.

Or you can use Tuneup Utilities to easily apply the login screen which is very safe.

If you don't want to replace system file and don't want to use TuneUp Utilities to apply this login screen, check out following tutorial:

How to Install and Apply Custom 3rd Party Login Screens in Windows?

NOTE: Windows Vista and 7 users can also get the similar login screen. First create the background image using any image editing software and then use any of the tools mentioned in following topic to apply the image as login screen background:

Ultimate Collection of the Best Free Tools to Customize Windows 7 Login Screen

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  • I got a problem when I preview it. it doesn't show any background or anything. What happened? is it conflicted with the logon screen windows 7? (which also i got from you) ... I know I download it without any error ... wierd huh ...

  • VG

    ^^ Sometimes Tuneup Utilities doesnt show preview. Try to apply it and it should work.

  • thanx. turnout it works :D
    too bad the user picture couldn't be change without resource hacker right? so, is it have to be replace before we installed it or we have to find the logonui's path post installation? where is it? could you please guide me?

  • Hey computer is flickering in windows 8 any suggestions for that.

  • Is there any chance that I could get a Windows XP login screen on Windows 8.1?

  • how to uninstal ?

  • VG

    ^^ If you replaced system file, restore default system file. If you used Tuneup Utilities to apply the login screen, you can restore default login screen using the same tool.

  • sigh... this login screen looks horrible. i mean the windows 8 login screen. as if somebody died or something ( : really, why would anyone leave the colorfull windows 7 login screen for this, or any other custom login screen options? i'd even go as far to make the login screen background an animated dreamscene like thing! but thats just the beginning! this. i don't have anything worth saying about the windows 8 login screen

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