Transform Windows Vista into Windows 8, Download Windows 8 Metro Theme for Vista

It's been long time since we shared any theme for Windows Vista users. The last theme which we shared for Windows Vista was our exclusive "AeroVG" theme which has become one of the best and most popular theme ever created for Windows Vista. It was released in 2008.

Almost all people have switched to Windows 7 from Vista as Windows 7 was based on Windows Vista and Microsoft fixed all the issues in Windows 7 which were present in Windows Vista. Windows 7 is considered as the second Windows XP from Microsoft.

Since very few people are using Windows Vista, theme creators have stopped creating themes for Vista. Recently when we shared Windows 8 themes for Windows 7 and Windows XP, a few Windows Vista users asked us to share a similar theme to transform Windows Vista into Windows 8.

So today in this article, we are going to share a Windows 8 theme with Metro UI for Windows Vista users. This theme has been created by "M-Awesome" @ DA.

Following is a preview of this theme in action:


This Windows 8 theme was created when Windows 8 was under testing and Microsoft didn't remove Aero glass transparency from Windows 8. That's why this theme provides Aero glass along with square window borders.

This theme comes in 2 versions:

  • Windows 8 theme without Start button
  • Windows 8 theme with Start button

Initially the theme was created without Start button as Microsoft has removed Start button from Windows 8 but a few people asked for Start button so the developer created a new version of the theme with Start button. He used the same Start Screen thumbnail for Start button which is shown in Windows 8 to switch to Start Screen.

If you are a Windows Vista user and want to make your Windows Vista look-like Windows 8, you can download this theme using following link:

Download Windows 8 Metro Theme for Windows Vista

Download Windows 8 Metro Theme for Windows Vista (with Start button)

Please go through following tutorial to learn how to use custom themes in Windows Vista:

How to Install & Use Custom 3rd Party Themes in Windows XP, Vista & 7

If you decide to uninstall the theme, you can follow easy steps given in following tutorial:

How to Uninstall / Remove Custom 3rd Party Themes in Windows XP, Vista and 7

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  • Why didn't you share my VS when I made it ??

  • Looks pretty nice, but i dont have Vista :(
    but have Win8 :)

  • Windows 8 should've looked somewhat like this...

  • Where can i have that Windows 8 local disk icon?

  • ^ Try to change with tune up styler or something tools for changing drive icons

  • I like it without aero glass. Is there no version without aero?

  • Upgraded to win 8 from Vista - cannot open any files even with apps, no outlook which I desperately need, office gone, looks nice but NEED my business functionality back. Can I reverse and download my Vista software and get my stuff back? thanks for your help.


  • VG

    ^^ I think you upgraded your Windows Vista to Windows 8 and not just transformed the look. If yes, you should get an option to restore previous Windows version in Programs and Features in Control Panel.

  • also windows 8 second vista, in my opinion

  • Wheree can i download windows 7 icons i want to change my windows icons they are still vista i am using custopack tools to do this can you give me a link to download windows 7 icons please

  • VG

    ^^ You can try to use icons given in following icon pack:

  • Hey guys i am about to create the Windows 8 RTM with start button (8.1 style) and without startbutton. I am also going to create the Aero Lite theme from Windows 8 RTM which was hidden.

  • The theme that i am making of the RTM version and 8.1 theme are 60% done i just need the close minimize buttons and the maximize buttons to match the RTM version. It will include the sounds,cursors and themes. I will also make a version without the startbutton RTM style and with startbutton 8.1 style.

  • I finished the theme go to here

  • Sorry to bump again but im updating it and its down for a moment.

  • why didn't you share my awesome win8 theme for windows vista?

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