Download Windows 8 “Aero Lite” Border Skin, ViStart Skin and Common Tasks for Windows XP

We all know that Windows 8 testing builds come with a new "Aero Lite" theme.

We have posted in past about "Windows 8 M3 Starter Kit" for Windows XP which transforms Windows XP into Windows 8.

Transform Windows XP into Windows 8 Using "Windows 8 M3 Starter Kit"

If you don't want to use the transformation pack but still want to have Windows 8 feeling in your XP, here is something interesting for you.

AskVG's DA group member "PeterRollar" has created an excellent Windows 8 Border skin for Windows XP which will convert normal XP Explorer windows into Windows 8's Aero Lite style.

If you don't know about Border Skin, check following link:

Border Skin: Get Aero Glass with Blur and Reflection in Windows XP

Following is a preview of Windows 8 Border Skin in action:


1. First download following file:

Download Link

2. Extract the downloaded RAR file using WinRAR or 7-Zip.

3. Now run BorderSkin.exe file from BorderSkin folder and it'll provide the Windows 8's Aero Lite style to Windows XP Explorer window. You can also try other bundled skins.

4. The pack also contains ViStart skin to provide Windows 8 Aero Lite Start menu in XP. Simply run ViStart.exe file from ViStart folder.

5. Last thing is the shellstyle.dll file. This file can be used to show Common Tasks in Windows Explorer at right side similar to Windows 8 instead of the default left side. To use it, you'll need to replace existing shellstyle.dll file present in "Drive_letter:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Theme_folder\Shell\NormalColor\" with this new one.

For example, if you are using SevenVG theme, then you'll need to replace "Drive_letter:\Windows\Resources\Themes\SevenVG RTM\Shell\NormalColor\shellstyle.dll" file with this new one.

Its easy and simple to use. What do you think about this skin? Like it? Please share your opinion with us in your comment...

Also check:

Transform Windows XP into Windows 8 Using "Windows 8 M3 Starter Kit"


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  • what we can change the colre of star menu
    and how to i replace

  • VG

    ^^ You'll need to edit the image files present in ViStart skin folder to customize its look.

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