Download Windows 10 Insider (Technical) Preview for Mobile Phones

Most of us are aware of Windows 10 Insider Preview (previously known as Technical Preview) build which is available for free download to public. In fact most of us have already installed it in our computers and are testing its new features.

Now its turn of Windows 10 Insider Preview for Phones. Microsoft has released the first testing build of Windows 10 Insider Preview for phones and its available for free download to public.


This time Microsoft has decided to provide same core platform (UI, features, etc) of Windows 10 to computers, tablets and phones, so you'll notice many similarities between Windows 10 Insider Preview for computers and phones.

If you are ready to test Windows 10 Insider Preview in your Windows Phone, check out following steps:

STEP 1: Check Supported Phone Models List

This preview build of Windows 10 for phones can be installed in a few selected phones only. Check out following topic to learn which mobile phones are supported by Windows 10 Insider Preview:

New Update Build of Windows 10 Mobile Preview Available for Download

So if you have a supported mobile phone, you can install and test Windows 10 Insider Preview build. Support for more phones will be added in future builds.

One more thing to keep in mind! Your mobile phone must have at least 8 GB of free storage and Windows Phone 8.1 should be installed on the phone.

STEP 2: Join Windows Insider Program

If your Windows phone is on the supported phones list, you can download and install Windows 10 Insider Preview build by first joining Windows Insider program:

Join Windows Insider Program

If you joined Windows Insider program at the time of downloading Windows 10 Insider Preview build for computers, you don't to join it again. You can sign in using the same Microsoft account.

STEP 3: Register Phone to Receive Windows 10 Build as OTA Update

After joining Windows Insider program, you'll need to download and install Windows Insider app in your phone using any of following links:

Download Windows Insider App

Alternative Link

Alternatively, you can also install it by searching for Windows Insider app using Store in your Windows phone.

STEP 4: Download Windows 10 Insider Preview for Phones

After installing Windows Insider app, open the app and sign in using same Microsoft account. You'll see Windows 10 Insider Preview download and installation instructions, just follow them. Your Windows phone might restart several times to complete Windows 10 Insider Preview installation.

Windows 10 Insider Preview for Phones Highlighted Features:

The first preview build of Windows 10 for phones comes with many new features and enhancements. Some worth to mention features are as following:

  • New option to set full-size background image for Start Screen
  • More quick actions in Action Center which can be expanded up to 3 rows
  • New interactive notifications which allow you to take direct actions
  • Enhancements to speech-to-text capability
  • Enhancements to Photos app
  • Cortana available to US-English only

Supported languages in Windows 10 Insider Preview for Phones:

Windows 10 Insider Preview for phones comes with support for following languages:

Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Catalan (Spain), Czech (Czech Republic), Dutch (Netherlands), English (UK), English (US), Finnish (Finland), French (Canada), French (France), German (Germany), Hindi (India), Italian (Italy), Japanese (Japan), Korean (Korea), Polish (Poland), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian (Russia), Simplified Chinese (China), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico/LatAm), Swedish (Sweden), Thai (Thailand), Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Turkish (Turkey) and Vietnamese (Vietnam).

Please keep in mind that Windows 10 Insider Preview for phones is a testing build and you might face bugs and issues after installing it. So install it if you feel you are ready for it.

Btw you can roll your Windows phone back to the previous OS any time you want.

PS: If you are looking for Windows 10 Insider Preview for computers, you can get it from following link:

Download Windows 10 Free Insider (Technical) Preview for Computers

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  • Thanks for the heads up! Downloading as I type on my 635.

  • Waiting for lumia 520

  • VG any idea whether call recording possible with it? As in 8.1 if any soft run in background while call in progress mic is auto shutoff.
    Is network video call possible ?

  • VG

    ^^ Sorry but I have not tried it yet.

  • Just installed Windows 10 on my Lumia 635 following your tutorial. Thank you very much. Works like a charm.

  • Waiting for lumia 530

  • please build for lumia 535

  • Thanks for the heads up

  • Dear VG,

    I am using Lumia 830 with Denim update and Insider app installed on it.
    But afraid, if i'm updating to Windows 10 Preview, will it affect my phone warranty.

    Please help.


  • VG

    ^^ It should not void the warranty but I'll advise you to contact the manufacturer company or the dealer once.

  • After a long wait, I was discouraged about being able to upgrade my new Nokia 530 to the new versions of the OS: instead today my green phosphorescent phone asked me to upgrade to version "8.1 Upgrade" of Windows Phone!

    that's the necessary start line to run to Windows Phone 10 or to upgrade to it when it'll be available!

  • Dear VG,

    Can you help me to install Windows 10 Preview on my phone.

    I am using Lumia 830 with Windows Insider app, I'm already part of Insider Program with hotmail ID.
    But whenever I try to install the preview it says NO BUILDS and please check with the program registration or check with phone requirements.

    I done it with so many times and still the same problem which stops me to install preview on my phone.

    I don't know where the issue is.....please help.


  • VG

    ^^ Try to register again with a different Microsoft account (i.e. Hotmail ID).

  • Hi,

    I've installed the Windows 10 insider build on mu LUMIA 535 phone.

    Some times, I'm not ab;e to unlock my phone even after giving correct PIN .

    I'm waiting for 1 to 2 hours and then able to unlock the phone.

    Can anybody have the solution for this (other than removing the lock PIN).


  • Hi,

    I have used windows 10 insider built for Nokia lumia 1020, post installing i am unable to open many of the application and not even able to make phone calls / I thought to rest my phone but i am unable to open setting option on my phone . Please somebody provide me a solution.
    Kindly revert ASAP with a apt solution.


  • the phone gets very slow and many apps are not working .the store are automatically closed and games also automatically closed by installing of windows 10 insider preview.

  • When WP 10 will be published to Nokia 930 in Finland?

    Release date?

  • How much data require for installation of Windows 10 developer preview

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