Download Winamp 2 Classic Skin for VLC Media Player

Recently we told you about shut down of Winamp media player which was one of the best and widely used media player for Windows at some time. Many people have used Winamp and we all loved its classic and simple interface.

[End of an Era] Winamp is Shutting Down on December 20, 2013

Since Winamp is going to shut down on December 20, 2013, people want to switch to other media players. There is another excellent media player available which is also used by a lot of people and its called "VLC Media Player".

VLC media player is also very simple and easy to use. It can play almost all media types whether its an audio file or video file.

VLC player supports skin as well but very few people are aware of this feature. Today in this topic we are going to share an awesome skin for VLC media player.

If you use VLC media player and want to make it look-like the good ol' Winamp 2, this skin will definitely help you. This skin has been created by "Baegus" @ DA. It transforms VLC media player into Winamp 2 within seconds as shown in following screenshot:


You just need to follow a few simple steps to make your VLC media player look-like Winamp 2:

1. First of all download the skin from following link:

Download Winamp2 Classic Skin for VLC Media Player

You'll get a .zip file, change the file extension to .vlt because VLC player can only read .vlt file for skins.

2. Now open VLC player and press "Ctrl+P" keys together to open VLC preferences window. Alternatively you can open it by going to "Tools -> Preferences" option.

3. Now select "Use custom skin" option present in "Interface" tab and click on "Choose..." button.


4. It'll open a new window to select the skin file. Select the downloaded .VLT file and click on open button.

5. That's it. Click on "Save" button and close VLC media player window.

6. Restart VLC player and now it'll look-like Winamp 2 classic interface.

Almost all buttons work perfectly and you'll really feel that you are using the good ol' Winamp 2 media player.

In future if you want to revert back to VLC default interface, again open preferences window and select "Use native style" option. Close and restart VLC to take effect.

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  • Winamp is my prefered music player. I've used it before WMP itself on an old PC. So sad the guys at nullsoft are shuting it down. So the last version is going to be version 5.7.

  • Thanks for this man!

  • How I hate when people say that Winamp died. Winamp didn't died, Radionomy bought the rights to it and now they are working on it. The new version supposed to appear in 2016.

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