Download TwentyTen (Microsoft Office 2010 Inspired) Theme for Mozilla Firefox

We have shared Firefox 3.7 mockup theme in past and now its turn of an absolutely amazing theme which has been created by the same person.

Our friend "BoneyardBrew" @ DA has created a new Firefox theme "TwentyTen" which brings Microsoft Office 2010 experience in Firefox web browser.

This theme is very easy to install and highly customizable. You can change the theme colors using Add-ons tab. You can also turn Aero Glass on or off using theme settings.

It provides very clean and elegant look to Mozilla Firefox. Minimal UI lovers will definitely love this new theme.

You can download this theme using following link:

Download Link

Thanks again to "BoneyardBrew" for creating this theme and sharing with us...

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  • Twenty Ten? sounds like wp theme!

  • when i downloaded the file, it said the following:

    Invalid or corrupt jarfile ... (blah blah blah)

    basically i cant dowload the file


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