Download SevenVG Black RTM Theme with Normal Thin Taskbar for Windows XP

Recently I released "SevenVG Black RTM" theme for Windows XP which is a Black version of my "SevenVG RTM" theme.

Lots of people requested for a Normal Taskbar (Thin Taskbar) version of this theme and I'm glad to announce that "SevenVG Black RTM with Normal Taskbar" is available to download now.

Download Link:

You can download the theme using following link:

Download SevenVG Black Theme with Normal Taskbar

PS: You'll find the download link in the right-side section of the above mentioned page.

The theme pack contains 5 folders:

  • Theme
  • Fonts
  • Styler Toolbar
  • Extra Common Tasks
  • Iconized Taskbar Hack

To learn how to install the theme and use all these folders, visit following link:

How to Install and Use This Theme

PS: If you want to completely transform your Windows XP into Windows 7 including theme, boot screen, login screen, icons, etc, check out following tutorial:

Transform Windows XP into Windows 7 without using Customization Pack

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