Download Portable Version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera Web Browsers

Many of us like portable software because they don't need to install and we can carry them in our USB drives. Also we use portable version of a software to test it before installing.

Similarly if you don't want to install Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera web browser in your system but still want to try them, here is a good news for you.

Portable editions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera web browsers are now available for download. Just download the portable version of your desired web browser and you can run it without installing it in your computer system. You can even carry the portable browser on your USB drive anywhere you want.

The portable version of any web browser will provide all features and benefits of that browser. It'll not install any file or folder in your system drive. It just extracts the required files in the same folder or in a temporary folder. So you don't need to worry about your Windows OS. You can enjoy the web browsers without installing them in your Windows.

Interested people can download the portable version of their favorite web browser using following links:

Download Mozilla Firefox Portable Version

Download Portable Google Chrome

Download Opera Portable Version


Opera users can manually create portable version of Opera web browser. This way, Opera will be installed in a single folder and then you can copy that folder to your USB drive and use it as a portable app. It'll also store your Opera user profile, cache, cookies, browsing history and all settings.

[Tip] Create Portable Version of Opera Browser for USB Drives

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  • Wow nice thanks a lot .....

  • what is this...oh men....this is the greatest web browser ive ever truly honor your success....thanks for all your help to millions of people in the globe...from now on,,,,everyday i'll browse to the web using google chrome....thank you very much...and by the way,,,i'm kenneth from the Phillippines...

  • i like this so much,....

  • Nobody in Google chrome take care on solving bugs instead of release every 1.5 months.

  • No major changes as I noticed!

  • The portable Opera20 link sends me to Opera 12.16, Not 20

  • Gabor at no point is it said that the link is to a portable version of Opera 20. It is a portable version of the last version of Opera before it became Chromified.

  • my net is mobile and too slow so i can't download by first file and second mean step by step

  • Nice

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