Download New “Opera Neon” Concept Web Browser

If you want to try a new innovative modern web browser, here is a good news for you. Opera web browser company has released a brand new web browser called "Opera Neon" which features a modern and stylish UI.

Opera Neon web browser will not replace the traditional Opera web browser. Opera Neon browser has been developed to show how should a desktop web browser look and work. According to Opera company, Opera Neon has been released to get a glimpse into what Opera browser for computers could become.

Opera Neon has been called as a concept browser by the company which will give you an idea of the future of desktop browsers. Opera Neon browser is also based on Blink web engine similar to Google Chrome, Opera and other Chromium-based browsers but it has been build from scratch unlike any other web browser.

Opera Neon interface is very minimal and clean. It doesn't contain any menu bar, status bar or tab bar. When you open the browser, it provides a search bar to type the website URL or desired search keywords. Once it starts opening the web page, it shows a tab bar on the right-side which contains small thumbnail of the opened web pages which are called bubble tabs.


It uses the current Desktop wallpaper as the background which looks nice and provides transparency like effect to the browser.

On the left-side, Opera Neon shows a small vertical toolbar which contains new tab, media player, snapshot tool, gallery, downloads and main menu buttons.

You can open Opera Neon settings and other options by clicking on the hamburger icon present at the bottom of left-sidebar. It'll open the main menu bar which provides access to important menus such as Settings, Task Manager, Developer Tools, Downloads, History, New Window, Zoom, Help, etc.


Opera Neon settings page is similar to Google Chrome web browser's settings page. It allows to change or customize almost all known options available for web browsers based on Chromium.


It also contains the hidden secret advanced configuration page known as "Flags" which allows to enable/disable advanced features and options. Just type chrome://flags in address bar or search bar and press Enter. It'll open the advanced configuration page where you can turn on/off several advanced features.


You can learn about more such hidden URLs by typing chrome://about in the search bar and press Enter. It'll open a list of all built-in URLs as shown in following screenshot:


Since its the initial build of Opera Neon web browser, several features are missing such as extensions, plug-ins, VPN, bookmarks manager, etc. But in future versions, Opera will keep implementing more features.

If you want to try Opera Neon web browser, you can download its online installer for Windows and Mac from following official link:

Download Opera Neon Web Browser

Since its an online installer, it'll require working Internet connection at the time of installation to download full installer and required files. Opera has not released standalone offline installer for Opera Neon but for your convenience we have shared the offline installers in following topic:

Download Opera Neon Standalone Offline Installer

Also ability to create portable version of Opera Neon is missing at the moment. Opera may include this ability in future versions installers.

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  • is this Offline installer or online installer? (for Mac)

  • Is there any offline installer for Windows?

  • VG

    ^^ Not yet but they might release it in coming days.

  • Not at this time, because opera said it was a fun project and won't be developing it further.

  • Offline Installer for Windows:

  • Does this version of Opera contains the built-in adblocker as the original version has?

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