Download New Redesigned Yahoo! Messenger Desktop App for Windows

Do you remember the good ol' days when almost everyone used to chat on Yahoo! Messenger IM client. Some people also used Windows Live Messenger (WLM) but I know many people who loved Yahoo! Messenger chat client. Many of my Indian friends used to chat on Yahoo! Messenger for hours everyday. I was also a fan of Yahoo! Messenger and I created many skins to change the look-n-feel of this awesome program which can be found at following links:

But when people started using Facebook messenger, WhatsApp and other messaging apps, they forgot Yahoo! Messenger and now-a-days almost everyone has stopped using this program which was very popular a few years back.

Now to win the heart of IM users again, Yahoo has released a brand new and redesigned Yahoo! Messenger app for Windows. The new Yahoo! Messenger comes with a revamped UI which is modern and easy to use.


It comes with many new and interesting features such as given below:

  • Ability to send animated GIF images in chat
  • Unsend any message, photo or GIF and it'll be removed from the conversation
  • Ability to like posts and photos
  • Drag-n-drop to share multiple photos
  • Desktop notifications support to help multitasking
  • Offline and low connectivity mode

Interested people can download the new Yahoo! Messenger desktop app for Windows from following link:

Download Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Desktop

Download Yahoo! Messenger for iOS and Android

Yahoo! Messenger Online Version for Web

Please note that the classic Yahoo! Messenger version 11.5 is still available for download but it'll be discontinued after August 05, 2016. So if you are still using the old legacy version of Yahoo! Messenger, then update it to the new Yahoo! Messenger as the old version will stop functioning after August 05.

Give a try to the new Yahoo! Messenger and let us know your feedback in your comment...


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  • Wow man... the app is friends list, no online indicators, black and white emoticons...

  • This version is only for Win32 (Download Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Desktop). Where is x64 version?

  • VG

    Since its the first version released, we'll need to wait for UI improvements and separate 64-bit version. :)

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