[Software Update] Mozilla Thunderbird 45.0 Now Available for Download

UPDATED on April 12, 2016: Release of Mozilla Thunderbird 45.0 version.

Thunderbird is one of the best and most popular Desktop email clients developed by Mozilla, the same company which also develops the popular web browser Mozilla Firefox. Thunderbird is open source and can be used in Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Thunderbird supports all popular email service providers and you can add your email accounts easily and quickly without any problem. Its highly customizable and you can change lots of settings using its preferences.

It also comes in a portable version which doesn't need to be installed so you can carry the portable Thunderbird on your USB drive. The portable version will always store all settings, email accounts and your emails.

Thunderbird also comes with built-in RSS feed support so you can also use it as an RSS feed reader.


Recently Mozilla updated Thunderbird to version 45.0 which comes with following changes and updates:

  • Add a Correspondents column combining Sender and Recipient
  • Much better support for XMPP chatrooms and commands
  • Remote content exceptions: Improved options to add exceptions
  • Implement option to always use HTML formatting to prevent unexpected format loss when converting messages to plain text
  • Use OpenStreetmap for maps (even allow the user to choose from list of map services)
  • Allow spell checking and dictionary selection in the subject line
  • Allow editing of From when composing a message
  • Add dropdown in compose to allow specific setting of font size
  • Return/Enter in composer will now insert a new paragraph by default (Shift+Enter will insert a line break)
  • Allow copying of name and email address from the message header of an email
  • Mail.ru supports OAuth authentication
  • Stability enhancements and bug fixes

You can download it using following links:

Download Mozilla Thunderbird

Release Notes

Download Mozilla Thunderbird Portable Edition

NOTE: This article is updated whenever a new version of Mozilla Thunderbird desktop email client is released. So keep checking this page regularly.

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