Download Norton Antivirus 2013, Norton Internet Security 2013 and Norton 360 2013 Free Public Beta Versions

Norton is one of the most popular and widely used security products available for Windows OS. Currently Norton is working on its upcoming version 2013 and now offering a free public Beta version of all of its 3 following products:

  • Norton Antivirus
  • Norton Internet Security
  • Norton 360

Norton Antivirus protects your system from virus and spyware. It comes with Norton's exclusive 4 layer protection system to provide better security.

Norton Internet Security is a complete security suite which comes with antivirus, antispyware, firewall, parental control system, antiphishing technology and much more.

Norton 360 is yet another security suite from Norton which also comes with a PC tuneup utilities set and an automatic backup feature to protect your important data from loss. It also provides 2GB of online storage for free.

Now you can enjoy any or all of these Norton 2013 products absolutely free by downloading their free public beta versions released by Norton.


According to Norton, once you complete the registration of these free public beta versions download, you will be emailed a 14-day Beta Subscription Activation Key to assist you in testing. If you do not receive the email, you should check your spam folder or try an alternate email address. Once the Beta Subscription expires, check for the latest builds available. You will then be able to download the new build, and receive a new 14-Day Beta Subscription Activation Key. Be sure to use your subscription keys until they expire before using any new keys that you are assigned, so that you can get the most use out of your beta subscriptions.

Since these are beta builds, its always advisable to install them in a testing system and you should not install them in a work PC as you might face bugs and issues in these beta builds.

You can download these free public beta versions using following links:

Download Free Public Beta of Norton Antivirus 2013

Download Free Public Beta of Norton Internet Security 2013

Download Free Public Beta of Norton 360 2013

Simply select your country name, enter your email ID, click on I agree checkbox and at last click on the big "Download Beta" button to start downloading beta versions.

PS: These new beta versions also support Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Which antivirus or Internet security suite are you using currently in your computer system? Is it a free one or a paid one? Feel free to share your feedback or experience with security products in your comment...

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  • FIRST!!!!
    nice post vg

  • norton is bloat ware nothing more nothing less all it ever did was slow my pc down by 6% i will stick with avast doesnt slow doesnt hurt always does a great job

  • VG

    ^^ Norton used to slow down systems and was bloatware in past. I advise you to try new versions of Norton and they are very light on resources. :)

    Thanks. ;)

  • Norton was good 15 years ago, now they should be classified as PUP(potentially unwanted program) ware
    I fix so many virus infected systems running their software that I only recommended anything but norton.

  • metro UI everywhere! good. it's look promising

  • i did try it on my second computer its still bloat ware takes up to much ram and its at 5% cpu all the time i downloaded a few viruses that avast would detect and norton didnt do a thing i even scanned the file and nothing so i installed avast and it killed the virus with in seconds and compared to avast which is always at 1% and 12mbs of ram i think i made the right choice

  • @alex
    Norton was famous for being a bloated software and reduce the speed of the computers in their old versions, which now is no longer true.

    The new versions of Norton are lightweight and very little compromise the performance of operating systems, however, when you want to uninstall it, is very difficult to get rid of it.

    Thanks for this update VG.

  • avast and avira give the best results.
    they make less mistakes.
    so I won't pay for it. I think Alex is totally right here.

  • avast 7 is the best.

  • pity norton does not provide a real free antivirus app like avg or avast

  • metro ui detected

  • norton 2012 is


  • I personally prefer to use the default anti malware that comes with Windows 8 CP because its not bloatware and is preinstalled....

  • Norton is really a memory hogger ! Even the 2011 used up lots of memory !

  • The Windows 8 CP versions support Metro UI

  • Microsoft Security Essentials is better

  • Im really trying to get my computer fixed,cause Im really tired of all the crap my son put on it.So if this helps in a little way for now I want to say thank you for the info about norton

  • I am very happy to find out about free antivirus

  • I am so happy to findout free antivirus

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