Download Windows Defender Offline (aka Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool) to Remove Malware from Infected PC

UPDATE: A new tool "Windows Defender Offline" has also been released by Microsoft which does the same job. Interesting thing is that it looks almost similar to the previous Standalone System Sweeper Tool. Another interesting thing to notice is that the downloaded file names are also same and you can't run both of them at the same time as Windows shows error message that one instance of the program is already running. So basically both programs are same, only names are different.

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool is a free recovery tool from Microsoft that can help you start an infected PC and perform an offline scan to help identify and remove rootkits and other advanced malware. In addition, it can be used if you cannot install or start an antivirus solution on your PC, or if the installed solution can't detect or remove malware on your PC.

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool is not a replacement for a full antivirus solution providing ongoing protection; it is meant to be used in situations where you cannot start your PC due to a virus or other malware infection.


To get started, please make sure that you have a blank CD, DVD, or USB drive with at least 250 MB of space. Next, download and run the tool. The tool will help you to create the bootable media required to run the software on your PC.

You can create a bootable USB drive or bootable CD/DVD to start and scan the infected PC. You can also create an ISO image file for later use.

Download Windows Defender Offline Tool

Download Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool

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  • Hey, if I want to create a USB drive with the Windows Defender thing, and i have some data on the drive, but there is about 4GB space left, can I still install it?

  • NSDCars5,

    IMO I think you can't. The USB drive will be "bootable". Read VG's article about OS to USB disk. It requires formats on the drive.

    Anyway good find Vishal :)

  • It was in the beta state. Is this the final version now?

  • VG

    ^^ No. Its still beta.

    As Lester mentioned, it'll format the drive.

  • I installed this on a flash drive and made a cd. It works like a charm but it take a long time to load the files while booting. It opens an interface that looks just like Microsoft Security Essentials so I guess it is using the MSE enginge. After you use it, just close it with the X button and the computer will automatically reboot. Very nice tool to have. Thanks for the share VG.

  • @VG and Lester:
    OK! Thanks!

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