Download Free Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) Screensaver to Scan Your System When Its Idle

If you use Microsoft's free antivirus tool "Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)", here is something interesting for you.

"Security Essentials Screensaver" is a screensaver for Windows created by "jwils876" @ DA. This screensaver scans your system for viruses using MSE when your system is idle.


There is no installation needed. Just download the ZIP file, extract it and you'll get 2 screensavers in the folder:

  • Security Screensaver.scr
  • Security Screensaver NG.scr

The difference between the two screensavers is:

Security Screensaver when triggered will perform an update and scan and a command prompt window will be visible during the process showing the update progress and scan progress. When it completes, it will start an actual screensaver featuring the castle logo from Microsoft Security Essentials.

Security Screensaver NG (No Graphics) when triggered will perform an update and scan completely silent, so no window will be visible showing the progress of the update and scan. When it completes the update and scan, it will not trigger an actual screensaver.

To install the screensaver, right click on any of 2 screensavers file and select "Install". Or you can copy the scr file to "Windows\System32" folder and then apply the screensaver using Screensaver Settings.

Download Link

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  • nice

  • Security Essentials Is Getting Better!

  • I don't like MSE , b`coz it high ram consumption :(

  • I just got free licenses Norton 2011 from my friend for 1 year.

    And b4 i using NAV, I had install MSE and work like charm. And is the best AV in Free class.

  • PERFECT. Does it slow down the system?

  • ERROR : Signature Update failed with hr:8024402C

  • this thing still works for current version of MSE?
    Antimalware Client Version:
    Engine Version: 1.1.9506.0
    Antivirus definition: 1.151.704.0
    Antispyware definition: 1.151.704.0
    Network Inspection System Engine Version: 2.1.9510.0
    Network Inspection System Definition Version:

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