Download FREE CustoPack Tools to Customize Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

CustoPack Tools is a free software that allows you to easily customize Windows look-n-feel through the installation of transformation packs. It is compatible with Windows XP (32-bit), Windows Vista (32 or 64-bit), and Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit).

You can customize your icons, your Desktop background, your visual style and much more, all that for free and in a few clicks thanks to a selection of various CustoPacks themes. And if you have the soul of an artist, you can also create your own packs.

The software splits into 3 parts:

Choose a CustoPack: Designed for general public, this part allows you to install a CustoPack (among those you have downloaded and installed) in order to customize the appearance of your Windows.

Create a CustoPack: Designed for a public more informed, this part allows you to create your own CustoPack with elements which you made or selected.

Settings and configuration: This part allows you to set CustoPack Tools options and to configure some system options.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

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  • it's nice to see & work fine. by installing this ur system will be little bit slow bt if u prefer more appearence than performance dat's nice to use

  • when r u giving us custopack for win 8.1

  • Please make custopack tools for windows 8.1

  • Thanks VG.

    updated link (@April 2016) -

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