Download DWM Enabled “Windows 7 Basic” Theme with Aero Titlebar Buttons and Shadow Effects

Do you love the simplicity of Basic theme in Windows 7? Do you hate the Glass effect in Aero theme? Do you want to have a combined theme for Windows 7 featuring simplicity of Basic theme and shadow effects of Aero theme?

"bismanbir" @ DA has created a theme for Windows 7 users which provides Basic UI in Windows 7 along with some eye candy features of Aero. You get shadow effects in windows, cool sharp Aero theme's titlebar buttons.

Following is a screenshot of this theme in action:

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

For more information on how to use this theme, please visit following link:

How to Use 3rd Party Themes in Windows 7?

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  • Nice...

  • Thanks..!!

  • Who noticed a new look on AskVG? I noticed it.

  • ^^ i also noticed & its better than the previous one. Good work VG. :)

  • What I want is the ability to use Win7 themes in Windows 7 Home Basic. :-(

  • cool!

  • Nice theme! Thanks.

  • Hey VG, check out Solo-Dev's latest work, I think it would be a good addition to your site. Here is the link.

  • @Dan
    Go to to use your favorite theme in Windows 7 Home Basic and Start

  • Nice.................. Thanks

  • smooth edges? not really.

  • it looks like the "Windows Standard" theme which is found in some versions of Windows 7 :)

  • nice one Vish! (and bismanbir) :)

  • Can it be used in editions other than Home Basic?

  • Can it be used in editions other than Home Basic?
    :D Sorry, got confused. It can be used in other editions.

  • Error loading theme.

  • @Uewd
    It can be used only in Home Basic and starter editions of Windows 7.

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