Download Dark Basic Theme for Windows 7

We have shared lots of themes for Windows 7 users in past but almost all those themes require Aero feature enabled in Windows. Many people have low-end machines and their systems can't support Windows Aero and they have to use Windows Basic theme.

If you also using Windows Basic theme in Windows 7 but don't like it and want to have a dark theme, here is a cool theme for you.

"Win7Dark" is a new theme for Windows 7 created by AskVG's DA group member "iampears7". This theme has been created for Windows Basic theme users.

This theme comes with dark black interface which definitely please dark theme lovers. This theme also features multicolor shellstyle (Details Pane and Command Bar) which means you'll see Details Pane and Command Bar in different colors for different type of folders like videos, images, documents, etc.

Following is a preview of this theme in action:

You can download the theme using following link:

Download Dark Basic Theme for Windows 7

Extract the downloaded ZIP file using WinRAR or 7-Zip and then follow the instructions given in following tutorial:

How to Use 3rd Party Themes in Windows 7?

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  • Hey Vishal,
    Yesterday I installed Windows Developer Preview on my Windows 7 based PC, and since I am not able to boot my Windows 7.
    It always takes me to recovery tools, which aren't able to help me...
    one more thing, just after installing Windows Developer Preview, my Windows 7 partition just filled up completely...
    Please help...!

  • one more thing, Windows Developer Preview is not detecting my ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Series graphic card...

  • Rgank you so much VG !!!!!!!! Luv u Lots : )

  • Sorry Mistyped.. :(
    *Thank You So Much VG !!! :)

  • That's a really clean and stylish theme, thanks for sharing :)

  • Love the multicolor common tasks!

  • Astitva its not surrported then or use windows update try that

  • the glass is not black just normal glass on my pc. Why? :(

  • Hi VG!

    I have downloaded both Universal Theme Patcher and VistaGlass patcher, but they both don't work. It says "No System Patch Available for your Windows Version"


  • and what about the windows 7 problem? are you all facing it?

  • VG

    ^^ When it automatically starts system recovery, did you try to repair boot loader?

    Which Windows 7 edition are you using?

    @Jeet Chowdhury
    Its only for Windows Basic.

  • Great work VG.

  • @VG yes I did, but no gain…
    I'll tell you what happense, after selecting windows 7 from the win8 boot menu, black screen appears as if win7 would boot, butaoon after the cpu turns off and restarts with system recovery options. And none of them worked for me

  • I can't get this theme to work in windows 7 starter. Have installed vista glazz and followed all instructions. Any advice?

  • Hai Vishal!

    I want to work this theme on Win 7 ultimate.Any advice?

  • VG

    ^^ This theme will work in all Windows 7 editions but you'll need to disable Aero Glass to be able to use this theme.

  • Hai Vishal!
    I disabled the DWM process and then applied this theme.Still it's not working.Please help.I am using Laptop and i want to preserve the battery life.

  • VG

    ^^ Disable DWM service using Service Manager and then try to re-apply theme.

  • Hai Vishal,
    Sorry to say that your method doesn't work.I have patched my system.I am currently using Win8 RTM for win7.(only for battery life)

  • VG

    ^^ First try to apply default Windows Basic theme and then apply this new theme. Sorry but I cant help much as I'm on Windows 8.

  • Never install any custom themes on Windows until you have backed up your registry, custom themes require a hack to bypass the in built theme detection. Basically allowing you to sign custom themes as genuine on launch. This has an adverse effect, as the custom themes can sometimes overlap or even replace existing themes.

  • VG

    ^^ Installing custom themes doesnt have anything to do with Registry. Its absolutely safe to use.

  • nice

  • when i copied it over in to resources folder and applied it it went to classic and the top is just plain black (Not racist)

  • VG

    ^^ Did you run the patcher first?

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