Download Clean and Minimal Newspaper Skin for FeedDemon RSS Reader

RSS feed is the best and easiest way to stay updated with your favorite website or blog. Just subscribe to the desired website's RSS feed in your RSS feed reader and it'll automatically notify you whenever a new article is posted on that website.

You can subscribe to RSS feeds using online RSS readers as well as dedicated desktop clients (RSS feed reading software). Personally I prefer desktop clients for RSS feeds and my favorite RSS reader is FeedDemon.

FeedDemon is a very lightweight software which is also very easy to use. I'm using it since long time when it was not a free software but now anyone can download and use it for free:

Download FeedDemon 4.5 Pro Version for Free

I'm using FeedDemon's portable version so that I don't need to install and customize it every time I install Windows in my computers. You can also create a portable edition of FeedDemon with the help of following exclusive tutorial:

Create Portable Version of FeedDemon RSS Reader for USB Drives

I like everything in FeedDemon except the built-in newspaper styles and integration of sharing, blogging, etc unwanted features.

I like clean and minimal things so I just wanted a simple RSS feed reader which shows the new posts and stuff only without any extra clutter which is of no use except increasing memory usage and ruining the reading experience.

That's why I created a simple, clean and minimal newspaper skin for FeedDemon client which doesn't show any unnecessary stuff in reading area. It just shows the new article title, its content and date/time.

Skin Preview:



Features List:

  • Very simple and clean skin for minimal theme lovers
  • Doesn't contain any extra images or graphics
  • Doesn't show unnecessary stuff such as share, blog this, tags, etc
  • Shows the articles and content in blog style which enhances reading experience
  • Very small in size so doesn't consume extra CPU resources/memory
  • Always underlines the hyperlinks for better reading experience

I created this skin for my personal use but today I decided to share it with all AskVG readers so that other FeedDemon users can also enjoy this minimal skin. I'm sure you'll like this theme.

If you want to try this skin, check out following simple steps:

How to Download and Use This Skin in FeedDemon?

1. First of all download the skin using following link:

Download AskVG - Minimal Newspaper Skin for FeedDemon

Its just 3KB file. After downloading the ZIP file, extract it using 7-Zip or other file archive software.

2. Now copy "AskVG - Minimal.fdxsl4" file from the extracted folder and paste it into following folder:

C:\Program Files\FeedDemon\Data\Styles
C:\Program Files (x86)\FeedDemon\Data\Styles

If you are using 32-bit (x86) Windows edition, you'll find the FeedDemon folder in first location i.e. "C:\Program Files\FeedDemon\Data\Styles" and if you are using 64-bit (x64) Windows edition, you'll find the FeedDemon folder in second location i.e. "C:\Program Files (x86)\FeedDemon\Data\Styles".

3. After copying the skin file, open FeedDemon and click on Style button present at the bottom-right corner of the window.


Now select "AskVG - Minimal" style from the drop-down list and enjoy the clean and minimal interface in FeedDemon.

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  • Great! Thank you for this theme

  • Looks good but unfortunately it isn't fully portable nor can I import news articles from RSS\Atom feeds stored in the database used in GreatNews as I need a newer,stable portable RSS\Atom Feed app... :(

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