Download Windows 8 Metro UI Inspired Dark and Light Themes for Steam

"Steam" is an online gaming platform which is used to distribute games and media. There are approx. 1K+ games are available through Steam.

If you also use Steam, here is something interesting for you.

Today we are going to share 3 awesome themes for Steam. Both themes are inspired from Windows 8's Metro UI.

  • Steam Metro Skin
  • Windows 8 Skin
  • Steam - MetroTwit

1. Steam Metro Skin

This skin has been created by our DA friend "fediaFedia". The skin makes Steam look-like Microsoft's Zune software. It provides a dark interface and if you like darker UI, you'll definitely enjoy the skin.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

2. Windows 8 Skin

Its a new dark skin for Steam created by our friend "BoneyardBrew" @ DA. This theme has been created after getting inspired from Windows 8 Metro UI.

Following is a preview of this skin in action:

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

3. Steam - MetroTwit

If you don't like dark skins and want a light skin for Steam, you should give a try to this theme. This theme has also been created by our friend "BoneyardBrew".

This theme looks very close to Aero Lite theme found in Windows 8 testing builds.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

Do you use Steam? If yes, which theme are you going to try? Please let us know in your comment...

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  • is there a windows 7 theme/ skin exactly like the dark one? that'd be great!!

  • VG

    ^^ Like this?

  • Tried the white theme, but unfortunately, it has flaws, the Friends window is corrupted, every element from it is stuck in top-left corner. Haven't found any other corruption because I changed back to default after that. Well, it was worth it.

  • Ah, there it goes, I looked at the author page and he says there to delete the Friends folder within the skin's folder. It's not perfect, but, well, it works. Now I got myself a fresh skin. :)

  • Wow! Thanks!

  • WoW yeah, those are pretty cool! thanks!!

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