Download Awesome Glass Theme for RocketDock

We here at AskVG love RocketDock utility. Its one of the best dock utilities available for Windows. Its highly customizable and very light on system resources. You can download it using following link:

RocketDock: Another Nice And Cool Dock Utility for Windows

Recently we shared a cool Windows 8 skin for RocketDock which can be found here. Today we are going to share another cool theme for RocketDock.

"Glass" is a new theme created by "SABBAT2010" @ DA for RocketDock. It provides awesome Aero Glass like background for RocketDock. Following is a preview of this theme in action:


You can download the skin using following link:

Download Link

Simply extract the ZIP file and copy the skin folder to RocketDock's Skins folder. After that you can apply the skin using RocketDock Settings.

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  • Beautiful Aero Glass Theme for Powerful RocketDock!

    Just Awesome!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Ooh, I've got competition! (joking of course)

    ...but I was planning to do a skin anyway...

  • Glass in distress! Computers in the future will be made in glassomicrochips. And glass embed in your hand. so you have a computer everywhere!!

  • I've had something like that on the Rocket Dock for a while. It is called Mac OSX skin. It is just not just as transparent as that. Cool though.

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