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Most of you may heard the name of "Avira" company which makes one of the most popular free antivirus software for Windows operating system. We always recommend Avira along with AVG and avast! to our readers who want a free security program for their computers. We have listed it long time back in our following article:

Top 5 Free Antivirus and Anti-Spyware Software for Windows

Now Avira has decided to release a secure web browser for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Since Avira is very popular in PC security field, they have tried to make this web browser as secure as possible.

According to Avira, there are many 3rd party web browsers available on Internet such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera but we need to install extra plug-ins and extensions to add security features in them. Avira's web browser will come with many essential and required security features built-in.


It'll try to secure your web browsing experience in 3 ways:

  • Client (your PC and web browser): By detecting attacks and blocking them
  • Internet infrastructure (such as Wi-Fi): Fixing by end-to-end encryption
  • Server (malicious websites): By identifying and blocking them

Since Avira already has a huge database of known security threats and malicious websites, it'll help their web browser in identifying such dangerous places on Internet quickly and easily.

Avira will also implement an Auto-Pilot feature in the web browser which will be based on the security decisions taken by their backend database and experienced experts team. It'll help users in automating the repetitive security tasks as well as keeping them safe and secure on web.

Avira web browser is based on Chromium which is also used by popular web browsers Google Chrome and Opera. So you'll be able to use almost all popular extensions and add-ons which you use in Chrome or Opera.

Avira web browser can be installed in Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

Currently Avira is under development and testing phase and a beta version is available for download.

Interested people can download and try it from following link:

Download Avira Web Browser Beta

You'll need to create an account first to be able to apply for beta testing. It'll take a few minutes in completing the whole process. After that you'll need to wait for some time until Avira team approves your selection for beta testing of their product. They should have made the downloading process easy...

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  • wait for some time, vs sometime.

  • Thanks VG for the news. Looks promising but I am waiting for their approval.

  • You could also mention about the most secure email provider, it's in beta state at the moment and desperately needs more users.

  • Signed up for the beta on same day as this article. Was never sent an approval but am receiving survey requests. Hmmm.....

  • I got selected but I'm very disappointed, no x64 version and x86 version didn't even start on Windows 7. Just a white screen nothing else, I'm off. This kind of a error message doesn't make me to try it more than 1 time. Goodbye Avira.

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