[Direct Download Links] Genuine Windows Vista RTM with SP1 Setup Files (32-bit and 64-bit)

DISCLAIMER: The download links given in this topic are genuine and absolutely legal. You should have a valid product key with you to be able to install Windows Vista using these setup files. If you don't enter a product key, Windows will run only for 30 days.

Long time back we posted about direct download links of Windows 7 setup ISO with and without SP1. Those ISO files were absolutely legal to download, untouched and genuine because they were hosted on Digital River store which is an official distribution partner of Microsoft so those download links were absolutely safe as well.

[Direct Download Links] Genuine Windows 7 RTM with SP1 ISO (32-bit and 64-bit)

Many people asked for similar download links for Windows Vista OS so today in this topic, we are going to share direct download links of official, genuine and untouched setup files of Windows Vista. These setup files are also available via "Digital River" online store so you can trust the links.

These links are available for both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) editions of Windows Vista and only Windows Vista Ultimate edition's setup files are available to download.

These setup files are available for following language editions:

  • English (USA)
  • French (France)
  • German (Germany)
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Dutch (Netherlands)

You might find these links very useful if you have a genuine product key with you but you don't have the required setup files to install Windows Vista. All these setup files will require an original product key to enter to activate Windows to be able to use it forever. If you don't enter a product key, you'll be able to use it for 30 days.

How To Use:

Please note that there are 3 setup files are available to download for each version:

  • One EXE file
  • Two WIM files

If you are going to upgrade existing Windows, you just need to run the EXE file and it'll install the operating system using the other 2 WIM files.

If you want to create a setup disc for clean installation, run the EXE file and it'll extract the required setup files in a folder which can be used to create a setup disc using a freeware given here.

So without wasting time, lets share the links:

English (USA)

Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1 (32-bit or x86):

Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1 (64-bit or x64):

French (France)

Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1 (32-bit or x86):

Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1 (64-bit or x64):

German (Germany)

Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1 (32-bit or x86):

Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1 (64-bit or x64):

Spanish (Spain)

Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1 (32-bit or x86):

Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1 (64-bit or x64):

Dutch (Netherlands)

Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1 (32-bit or x86):

Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1 (64-bit or x64):

As we mentioned above, you can also create a bootable Windows Vista setup disc from the above mentioned setup files using a free software given here.

Thanks to Jan Krohn for sharing the links...

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  • Thanks for the links. :) Now what's left is to find Untouched XP Disks. :D

  • Any links for the lesser versions? I mean Home Premium especially.

  • so we need to burn the .exe and 2 .wim files into the dvd and boot it ?

  • awesome... but isnt the Windows Vista's Mainstream Support for SP1 already ended by Microsofth-online.com/security/news/item/Mainstream-Support-of-Windows-Vista-has-ended-1518534.html

  • Another wonderful article wow. Now i ask this question to askvg will you ever do a giveaway for a license key to windows 7

  • @Sid I found a way once how to change Windows Vista setup editions (ISO), but don't remember that now. Look somewhere in the "sources" folder, there was a file (inside a folder) to edit.

  • why vista when there is 7?
    unless you want a bit more speed win7 is better(MS did sort of improve it).

  • Because windows vista users still had original license and didnt want to upgrade for now :)

    @sid : just dont enter license key at setup. And you get select menu for vista edition

  • Hey there guys :) im wodering if there can be any chance to get free License key woe Win vista ?
    And Btw i need to know will it work on my old man?(1.00GHz Cpu,768MB RAM,64MB Video card) Ty :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDdd

  • ciao io ho una key originale di vista dato che ho installato win 7 su un portatile ho scaricato i file ho aperto il file exe si è autoestratto e dopo con imgburn ho provato a fare iso con la cartella vista che esce ma non me lo fa ..............sapresti spiegarmi.....ciao

  • How do I go about installing Windows Vista? do i just burn the 3 files onto a disc? Or is something else required like an ISO maker? BTW what is a WIM file? is the boot.WIM required to make the disc bootable?

  • VG

    ^^ Please check the "How To Use" instructions given in the beginning.

  • The thing is I don't want to put it on a usb drive I want to burn the files onto a cd to make it bootable so I may also format my hdd and install fresh with Windows Vista

  • VG

    ^^ Once the installer extracts the required setup files, create bootable setup ISO and then you can burn the ISO to a DVD.

  • i can't connect to the wireless network

    palaging local network only..... can't connect to the internet...plss help me!!!

  • The English Vista x64 link, installs in Dutch !

    From link given above, I downloaded :
    Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1 (64-bit or x64):
    X14-63453.exe , boot.wim, install.wim

    then ran the .exe which extracted files to a Vista folder. then used your WBI creator to create an .iso of that folder. then burned the .iso to USB.

    when i try to install it on a PC, it shows Dutch screen for selecting language, country etc., but Deutsch is the only language !

    Is the link wrong ? Maybe i should download the Dutch link, that will have English ?

  • nevermind guess i just dowloaded the dutch .wim initially, i downloaded the english version correctly and it works fine

  • Hi, sorry but the installation indicates the Install.wim file as corrupt or missing, can anyone help me?

  • thanks dude great share

  • Can I use the Vista Ultimate 32bit disc I would make from the above ISO and a Vista Basic OEM key to reinstall Vista?

  • VG

    ^^ It should work. The setup will detect your product key type and will install the correct edition of Windows Vista.

  • when extracting it shows a message displaying vistasetupprep.exe, instal.wim, boot.wim should be n same folder but it has only instal.wim and boot.wim...wats vistaprepsetup.exe?

  • Umm, the explanation is very sparse which is why people are having trouble. The link doesn't provide much info either... I don't know which files go on into the ISO or if I'm creating a USB boot drive or both. Basically I have the 3 files from this site, the file that the setup created, and a program that will create a bootable usb. Maybe I am noob, but I just don't know how I go from the files I have to an ISO. nvm... found a clear explanation on another site :)

  • To create a bootable disc from your download:
    1. download the files
    2. run the exe file, it will create the filesystem of the original install disc
    3. use disc burning software to burn to cd or dvd, whichever the content size fits best on.
    3a. in your disc burning software you want to create a new bootable .iso file
    3b. include the entire filesystem (from step 2) on the root of the .iso (ie. not in a folder)
    3c. create the .iso file.

    4. now create a new disc burning project or whatever and choose something like create from .iso.
    5. select your .iso file

    The disc will be bootable when it is finished and you can save the .iso to make more discs if needed.

    This is the general flow of making a bootable disc. Some disc burning utilities allow you to drag and drop files into a list as you create the disc. The disc is made bootable while burning if you checked a box for it. This method does not use the .iso format but you might be able to save the project for future copies to be made.

  • I thought this was going to be The Answer.
    Unfortunately "A Bootable USB" uses ISO and the Vista Image is an incompatible WIM.
    The instructions ignore this inconvenient fact.

    It would appear that utilising this WIM on a USB drive requires the download of several programs, an intimate knowledge of DOS and the Windows installation process.

  • Hello, I was wondering if you could maybe put some sort of Windows XP image on your site? I have a legitimate code for PRO sp2 and sp3. Doesn't really matter what kind, though would like it to be pro or corp. any service pack. thanks in advance.

  • Hey, for the german exe it says "file not found". Can I download the setup files in another language and still use my license key ?

  • Here's a link to a blog that has much fresher links on the hard-to-find X14-xxxxx.EXE part. Love how MS cannot be arsed to make a real .iso, but can still find the time to break our links just for teh lulz.


  • Thanks VG for all the valuable information you share with us. Keep up the good job. :)

  • I am trying to restore a Sony Vaio Laptop and have the OEM product Key. Will this Visat ISO work with Sony OEM product keys?

  • VG

    ^^ It should work. If it doesnt work, you can use activate over phone option to get activation code.

  • Great links for some of us who neglected to create recovery.... I have downloaded the 2 wim's but cannot download the exe (english) as the file does not exist... can anyone help?

  • VG

    ^^ Links updated. Please check again.

  • Seems like the English install.wim link is down as of 8/28/2014. :( Any suggestions??

  • VG

    ^^ Working fine here.

  • It worked,to make a long story short,my Vista disc was stolen from me,i had my key still,but no setup files and i just found them on here,and this also works if you need to upgrade to Windows 7 from XP without losing anything,just install Vista from the links here first,erase XP after Vista is installed,then install Windows 7 as an upgrade to Vista

  • Hello to all! Great site, very informative but here's a question I've not been able to find either here on askvg or any other website I've been searching regarding a particular question I have and the answer I've been looking for.

    This would also pertain to all those others out there with the same situation I have regardless of which operating system they have (XP, Vista, 7, etc) desktop or laptop.

    My desktops "original" operating system is Windows Vista Home Premium (no service packs) however sometime back Windows Update did install Service Pack 1 onto my desktop.

    "Originally" my desktop did not come with Service Pack 1 pre-installed, Windows Update installed Service Pack 1 after the fact...just need to make that part clear :o)

    The key to any successful hard drive format and re-installation of any type of operating system is of coarse a legitimate product key coded to that particular desktop/laptops version of operating system already pre-installed. My product key is legit and came with my Windows Vista Home Premium desktop, however, I did not have a Windows Vista Home Premium installation CD but did find a "genuine/legal" ISO download for Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 and have already created the installation CD.

    What can I say, Windows Vista Home Premium has worked perfectly for me for years and I'm not quit up to the task of upgrading to Windows 7 just yet :o)

    "Genuine/Legal" Windows Vista Home Premium ISO downloads I've seen available on-line all include Service Pack 1, which is also the one I've already acquired, but I've not been able to locate a Windows Vista Home Premium ISO download anywhere w-i-t-h-o-u-t Service Pack 1.

    Here's my query.............my product key was coded particularly to the Windows Vista Home Premium operating system originally installed on my desktop (without Service Pack 1, Windows Update installed after the fact), would an ISO file (or any such file) of Windows Vista Home Premium "with" Service Pack 1 work for me???

    Formatting the hard drive will remove any and all files, etc, including the Windows Update installation of Service Pack 1 but I don't believe the Windows Vista Home Premium ISO installation CD I have will work because it contains Service Pack 1...or will it???

    Any insight or help locating such a file "without" Service Pack 1 would be greatly appreciated.


  • VG

    ^^ The same product key will work even if you install service pack 1, 2 and so on. So your Windows Vista product key without SP1 will work for Windows Vista with SP1 ISO.

  • It seems that this has been taken down now so anyone wishing to reinstall on an old computer has a problem. I just hope I can find the disc I made a year ago for a friend's machine or I won't be able to help out. What an odd way to treat customers. Even if Win 10 is free in half a year, this person has a dead computer today.

  • The vista download is no longer avl at the link. Can I find a vista download elsewhere, or could you email me where I could get one. I have the proper cd key to activate, but no bu cd

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