[Direct Download Links] Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7

Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC are special programs available for Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate editions which allow you to run multiple Windows environments such as Windows XP Mode, etc from your Windows 7 desktop.

Windows XP Mode for Windows 7 helps you in easily installing and running old Windows XP applications directly from your Windows 7 desktop. It utilizes virtualization technology, such as Windows Virtual PC, to provide a virtual Windows XP environment for Windows 7.


One interesting thing to note is that if your system doesn't have HAV technology and you try to run XP Mode or Virtual PC, you get an error message similar to following:

Unable to start Windows Virtual PC because hardware-assisted virtualization is disabled.

To solve this issue, Microsoft released a patch KB977206 for Windows 7 systems which removes this prerequisite and the system becomes able to run Windows XP Mode and Virtual PC.

You can download all 3 components: Windows Virtual PC, Windows XP Mode and the patch KB977206 using following topic:

Download Windows XP Mode Final Version for Windows 7

But if you want direct download links to download standalone offline installers for all 3 components, here we are putting all of them together for your convenience:

Windows Virtual PC Direct Download Links

Windows XP Mode Direct Download Links

Patch KB977206 Direct Download Links

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  • I am getting file corrupt after downloading that about 500 mb of file.
    It's total 469.77mb and when I install it says file corrupt, extraction failed pop up message..

  • VG

    ^^ It might be your Internet connection problem. You should give it another try.

  • it says its read only when i open in virtual box.....how do i use the vhd file?

  • @Bivek

    Windows XP Mode can only be used with Windows virtual pc. You can't use it with Virtualbox.

  • You have saved my "life" so many times, so far! God bless you. keep up the great work. Thanks.

  • cool

  • What is the password for Windows XP french ?

  • Hey bivec, firstly you can do it. GO to the .vhd and click on properties then owner and change yourself to the owner with the edit button. Click ok. Go back to properties and security and change access to all users. Then finally click ok and go back to tun off read only.... oh and PS: the mouse cursor didnt move for me in virtualbox??? driver issue maybe?

  • Cool King said "Windows XP Mode can only be used with Windows virtual pc." That's not true. I just finished playing a very old game in XP mode that would not play in Windows 7 even with compatibility mode. I didn't use virtual PC. I used VMWare 3.

  • I want to use window virtual

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