Did You Know You can Move Taskbar Buttons in Windows 7 and Later?

If you are using Windows 7, here is some interesting info for you. Did you know you can move taskbar buttons in Windows 7? Yes, that's a very cool and useful feature in Windows 7. You can change taskbar buttons locations just like you do with multiple tabs in a web browser.


As you can see in the image, we are moving Internet Explorer taskbar button and placing it before Notepad button.

You just need to drag-n-drop the taskbar buttons to move them. Simple and cool, isn't it?

Windows XP and Vista users can enjoy similar functionality with the help of following freeware:

Taskbar Shuffle: Move Taskbar and System Tray Buttons in Windows

TaskbarEx: Move, Rearrange and Detach Taskbar Buttons in Windows XP

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  • This won't let me move them down or up and I would prefer them to be below my active windows

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