[Did You Know] WSReset Command to Clear Windows Store Cache in Windows 8 and Later

Windows Store can be found in Windows 8 and later Windows versions which works like Google Play Store or Apple's App Store. Windows Store allows Windows users to download and install free or paid apps from Microsoft Store.

But sometimes people may face problems while using Windows Store such as:

  • Windows Store not loading
  • Windows Store opens and suddenly closes
  • Windows Store apps won't open or give error messages
  • You can't update or install apps from Windows Store
  • Frequent Store apps crashing or freezing problems

In such cases, there might be several causes behind these problems and several solutions to fix them. But there is an ultimate solution which should fix all Windows Store and metro (modern) apps related problems.

Today in this tutorial, we are going to share a simple command which can be used as the first troubleshooting step while fixing Windows Store related issues in Windows 8 and later.

WSReset is a built-in program present in Windows 8 and later which can be used to clear and reset Windows Store cache. This small utility will clear Windows Store and app cache files in the same way as you clear your web browser cache (temporary files).

Since it deletes all cache files of Windows Store, there are chances that it'll fix your Windows Store related problems.

To use this built-in troubleshooting tool, you just need to execute WSReset command. You can use RUN dialog box or Start Search to launch it.

1. Press WIN+R keys together to launch RUN dialog box and then type wsreset and press Enter.

2. It'll immediately start the cache resetting process which may take a few moments. You'll see the default progress animation circle in the middle of Windows Store app while the cache clearing process in running. After clearing the cache, it'll launch Windows Store.


Now you should be able to use Windows Store and all apps without any problem.

PS: WSReset.exe file is present in C:\Windows\System32 folder. You can also directly launch it from there.

If you are worrying about your personalized settings or installed apps, don't worry! WSReset command doesn't change any setting or remove any installed app. It just clears Windows Store cache.

If resetting Windows Store cache doesn't fix your problem, you can try following things:

Thanks to our readers Rahul and Patrick for reminding us about the command...

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  • Is any similar way to do it for Metro Skype?

  • Do you have any statistics, or any anecdotal information about how prevalent this problem is? Anyone else out there? I'm not a Metro user at all, nor do I know anyone that uses any, or many Metro Apps, so I'd like to understand this better.

  • @Asrin475, I believe that the tool is going to clean out the cache of all apps, leaving the settings. So, if this doesn't work, you may have to find a way to uninstall Skype Metro, or harder, purge it. You might also install the desktop Skype, which provides much more real estate, making it useful to use while doing other work. Better, with even more screen real estate is the August 2014 version of desktop Skype, before they made it "pretty", (and decreased the usability in many ways.

  • Hi VG.
    Is here any way to download apps without windows store?

  • I tried wsreset and it didn't work. Store shows three items with "download started" as the status and nothing I do will help. I'm thinking of trashing Windows altogether and installing Linus as my primary operating system.

  • OK then ..... What to do when wsreset hangs ???

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