[Did You Know] Windows 8.1 Allows You to Show / Hide “Libraries” in Windows Explorer Navigation Pane

When Microsoft released Windows 7, they re-designed Navigation Pane in Windows Explorer and added following 5 items to it:

  • Favorites
  • Libraries
  • Homegroup
  • Computer
  • Network

Microsoft didn't provide any option to show or hide these items from Navigation Pane and we had to depend upon Registry tweaks to remove unwanted items as described here.

But Microsoft added a new option to hide "Favorites" in Windows 8 Explorer Navigation Pane as shown in following tutorial:

Windows 8 Allows You to Remove "Favorites" from Windows Explorer Navigation Pane

Still options to hide Libraries and other items were missing in Windows 8. Now with the release of Windows 8.1, Microsoft has added another useful option to show or hide "Libraries" in Windows 8.1 Explorer Navigation Pane.

By default libraries are hidden in Windows 8.1 Explorer Navigation Pane but you can use this new option to toggle libraries appearance.

Simply open Windows Explorer and right-click in Navigation Pane and click on "Show libraries" option as shown in following screenshot:


It'll immediately show or hide Libraries in Windows 8.1 Explorer Navigation Pane.

Another nice addition to Windows 8.1 by Microsoft.

PS: If you want to remove 6 folders (Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos) from My Computer (or This PC) window, you can remove them easily using a simple Registry tweak given in following tutorial:

[Tips] Tweak and Customize Windows 8.1 Explorer "This PC"

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