[Did You Know] Hidden Secret “Network Monitor” Mode in Nokia Mobile Phones

A few months back we posted an interesting article about hidden secret "DeskBar Options" tab present in Windows 98 Taskbar Properties:

[Did You Know] Hidden Secret "DeskBar Options" Tab in Windows 98 Taskbar Properties

Many people liked the article and requested us to share similar articles regularly. So today we are back to reveal another hidden secret feature. This time the feature is present in Nokia mobile phones.

Do you remember the good ol' "Net Monitor" option present in old Nokia cell phones? If you don't know, lets discuss it in details!


"Net Monitor" also known as "Network Monitor" or "Field Test Mode" was a hidden secret option present in several old Nokia mobile phones such as Nokia 3310, 3210, 5110, 6150, etc. This option was not enabled/activated by default in any mobile phone but there were tricks to enable and access this secret option.

Some older Nokia cell phones required re-programming EEPROM memory to activate Net Monitor option. Some newer Nokia mobile phones came with Net Monitor option activated by default but it was hidden from menus list. User could access this hidden option by pressing Menu button and then number 10 or similar numbers. After some time many free software came in market such as Logo Manager, Net Monitor Activator and N-Monitor which allowed users to enable Net Monitor option in Nokia mobile phones quickly and easily. You just needed to attach your Nokia mobile to your PC using a data cable and then you could enable the option using these free software.

Although Net Monitor option was mostly accessed in Nokia mobile phones but it was also present in a few other mobile phone brands such as Alcatel, Motorola, Siemens, Ericsson, Sony, Samsung, etc. The difference between Nokia and other brands was that Net Monitor option was present in almost all older Nokia mobile phones, on the other hand only a few selected mobile phones of other brands had this option.

Now lets talk about this hidden option's functionality and use. Net Monitor was a hidden mode present in old mobile phones for testing purposes. It was basically implemented for service engineers. You could check battery status, phone status, network status, etc with the help of this hidden option. This option also allowed users to perform various tests on mobile phone.

Once activated Net Monitor option when users opens it, it allows users to enter 2 digit numbers to start the test. Once entered the numbers, it starts the testing and shows the test results on screen. Many older Nokia mobile phones allowed to enter 1 to 19 numbers only for testing but some newer Nokia mobile phones came with some extra tests.

The number 241 was used to disable/deactivate Net Monitor option from any Nokia mobile phone.

It was really fun to use this hidden secret option. Have you used this option in past? Feel free to share your experience or feedback about this option in your comment...

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  • Interesting info.

  • Yeah. I have used it in Nokia 3310. You have refreshed those golden memories. :D

  • Thanks for sharing these hidden gems VG. I always admire your work.

  • VG is there any way for symbian anna belle touch screen phones ?

  • VG

    ^^ Cant remember exactly. Did you try above mentioned software?

  • Yep have used in several nokia sets i.e Nokia 1100, 6230i (still have with me), 6630, 6680, N73 and lastly on N97 mini now i am switched to android. a really wonderful peace of software.

  • Ahahah totally! Surprised my friends with this, they used to look at me like "WOW!"
    (They still do... since I'm an IT admin but... you know what I mean... kid's stuff xD)

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