[Did You Know] Google Chrome Allows You to Pin Website Shortcuts on Windows Taskbar, Start Menu and Desktop

When Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), one of its noticeable features was the ability to pin website shortcuts on Windows 7 Taskbar, Start Menu and Desktop. You can simply drag-n-drop a running tab from IE window to Windows 7 Taskbar or Start ORB to pin the shortcut. There are also other options available which are given in following article:

[Did You Know] You Can Pin Websites to Taskbar and Start Menu Using IE9

Did you know Google Chrome also comes with a similar feature? Actually its a very old feature present in Google Chrome but very few people are aware of it. Thanks to our reader "Aditya" for reminding us about this feature.

Google Chrome also allows you to add any website shortcut to Windows Taskbar, Start Menu or Desktop. If you don't know about this feature and want to know how to add a website shortcut to Windows Taskbar, Start Menu or Desktop using Google Chrome, check out following simple steps:

1. Open your desired website in Google Chrome and click on Settings button present in the end of Chrome toolbar.

2. Now select "Tools -> Create application shortcuts" option.


3. It'll open a new dialog box where you can select the desired location to put website shortcut. You can create the shortcut in following 3 places:

  • Desktop
  • Start Menu
  • Pin to Taskbar


4. After selecting the desired location, click on "Create" button.

That's it. Chrome will create the shortcuts in your selected locations and will launch the website in a special view of Chrome which shows only the titlebar and doesn't show tabbar or toolbar.


You can press "Ctrl+T" keys together or right-click on titlebar and select "Open browser window" option to open a normal Chrome window.

So did you know about this feature of Google Chrome or was it new for you? Feel free to share your feedback...

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  • I had been looking for a program like this (since Mozilla canceled their Prism project) to do those things, but ended up creating an Adobe Air app for the site. Well, now it's way easier with Chrome!

    Thanks VG.

  • Thanks VG~ Discovering Chrome
    The link Opens like a Application!!

  • Too bad they don't have cool jumplist actions ike IE9

  • awesome but are there tricks like this in Firefox?? dont forget us too...

  • I am using Windows 8 and my default browser is chrome, i want to pin a website to my start screen but when i choose "create application shortcut" I only get 2 options which are "Desktop and pin to taskbar" it does not give me the choice to pin to start screen.

    I did try doing the 2 options in the hope that it would automatically pin to my start screen too (that didn't work at all).

    Please can someone help me as i use a particular site quite a lot and would like to be able to access it from my start screen.

  • thanx for this....Helped a lot

  • Hi Angela, to pin to taskbar in chrome, just create the shortcut to Desktop.
    Than you can right click it, and Pin to Start.
    After you can delete the shortcut.

  • Kardus, emptying your recycle bin will delete the tile from the start screen as well.

  • Nathan, it didn't for me. Thanks for the tip Kardus! It helped!

  • Even if you pin a websit with chrome on Windows 7/8 taskbar, you will not see the special jumplists & notifications on icons as I.E.9/10/11 does. This is what I don't like in Chrome.
    If this feature of I.E9 comes to chrome, then it would definately a great browser for me.
    But I like its special view in which pinned websites are launched. Even the pinned websites really looks like a desktop application.

  • I think Chrome should offer the option to open in a regular window, not just the special no-buttons window. They should make it easy to choose which type of window you want.

  • if you dont have a pint to start screen, try using pin to desktop. and when you already pinned it to the desktop. right click the icon and click pin to start.