DeskHack: Show Actual Theme Names in Windows Vista Desktop Properties

If you are a Windows Vista user and you use custom 3rd party themes, you might have noticed that whatever theme you use, its name is displayed as "Windows Aero" or "Windows Vista Basic" in "Appearance" tab of Desktop Properties. Actually its a limitation in Windows Vista.

Sometimes it becomes difficult and annoying to distinguish between themes if you have installed lots of 3rd party themes.

But no need to worry, there is a small tweak which can remove this limitation and can show the exact name of the theme which is far better and more easier to distinguish when you use various 3rd party themes.

Following screenshot shows the tweak in action:

Just download "DeskHack" from following link and run the "DeskHack_Install.cmd" file. There is also an uninstallation file in case you face any problem or want to revert back to default settings.

Download Link

Once the patch is applied, you'll always see the actual name of the theme in Desktop Properties window.

All credits goes to Michael from AeroXP...

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