Dataone Quick Usage Finder (DQUF) Utility for BSNL Broadband Users

Do you use BSNL Dataone broadband Internet in your computer? If yes, the free tool we are going to share in this topic will definitely become useful for you.

Dataone Quick Usage Finder (DQUF) is a freeware to quickly find the bandwidth usage for BSNL's broadband service Dataone. It also takes care of scheduled dial-up connection and disconnection for Night Unlimited plans.

Dataone Quick usage Finder is a free open source utility, that's used to quickly get a summary of BSNL's broadband service dataone. The utility resides on the system tray area making itself available all the time. You get the complete summary with minimal user input. Scheduled dial-up connection and disconnection is provided for night unlimited connections.


  • Be in control of your bandwidth usage.
  • Really Quick summary with very few clicks.
  • Less bandwidth consumption as all pages are not downloaded for getting the summary.
  • More reliable statistics, as its the same as what BSNL provides on their site.
  • Old months logs do work with old tariff and bandwidth limits
  • Dial-up Connection and disconnection scheduler for Night Unlimited Plans
  • Auto detect Plan and usage limit according to the actual plan subscribed which minimizes user input.
  • The last updated date and time is same as the last record found on bsnl site, so you can be cautious on the usage, if BSNL site is not updated.

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