How to Disable or Change a Key Action in Your Keyboard Using Sharp Keys?

Recently I got my new laptop "Dell XPS M1530". Its great but I faced one problem. My previous laptop was a Toshiba one and it had the "Delete" key placed between right Ctrl key and left arrow key. This new Dell laptop has the Delete key at top-right corner. I found it very uncomfortable and pressed a wrong key quite frequently.

Have you faced such kind of problem? Do you also want to change one or more keys in your keyboard? Or do you want to completely disable any key in your keyboard like Caps Lock? If yes, then "SharpKeys" will definitely help you.

"SharpKeys" is a very small application which does an excellent job in remapping the keys. You can disable any unwanted key or you can convert any key into any other key. The bottom line is that you can customize almost all keys in your keyboard according to your requirement.


Once you launch the program, click on "Add" button to change any key's function or disable it. You'll get following window:


You can either select the key from the given list or can manually type the key using "Type Key" button. Using "Type Key" button is the best and easiest way. First click on "Type Key" button in "From Key" section and press the key which you want to change. Then click on "Type Key" button in "To Key" section and now press the key which you want to assign to the previous key. If you want to disable a key, simply select "Turn Key Off" option present at top in the "To Key" section.

Once you complete, click on "OK" button and it'll show the conversion in the list:


At last click on "Write to Registry" button. It'll show a message that you'll need to restart or log off your system to take affect. Once you restart the system, your desired key will be changed or disabled as per your requirements.

Its a very easy to use application and works in almost all Windows versions.

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  • Thanks Vishal,
    I was just confused as to what I would do with my Keyboard.
    I installed windows 7 Ultimate build 7600 and had a crazy problem with my keyboard.
    Keys were not proper.
    Now I found a Solution
    Thanks from my heart.
    May God Bless You.

  • Can u write more clearly ? Like the Left "Type key" or right "Type key"

  • Quite cool, nice job here really though it couldn't help. I needed that to stop someone from play games on my PC. After disabling an essential key for PES, i was very supprise to see the guy singing and having fun with his game. What an experience!

  • I have done this but it didnt actually disable the key. I have a faulty enter key that
    periodically gets stuck on and want to disable it.

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