Collection of Some Useful Tricks and Extensions for Mozilla Firefox

Recently we posted a few tutorials and posted about a few interesting extensions for Mozilla Firefox which we are going to summarize in this topic.

So lets start it:

Fix Broken Extensions and Make Them Compatible:

When you upgrade to a new version of Firefox, you might have noticed that many of your favorite extensions stopped working and got disabled by Firefox.

Actually it happens because the developer didn't update the extension or the developer failed to code the extension compatibility version properly.

No need to worry. You can follow the steps given in following tutorial to make your broken extensions working again:

Fix Broken Extensions and Make Them Compatible With New Version

Fix Frequent Firefox Crashing Problem in Windows Vista

Many people who use Mozilla Firefox in Windows Vista are facing a frequent crashing problem. After 4-5 minutes their Firefox crashes and Windows Vista shows a message, "Data Execution Prevention (DEP) has shut down Firefox to protect the OS."

If you are also facing this problem, then use following simple steps and your problem will be solved:

Windows Vista Data Execution Prevention (DEP) Crashing Mozilla Firefox

Disable Automatic Virus-Scanning in New Download Manager:

New Firefox built-in download manager scans the downloaded file for virus or spyware upon completion.

Actually this kind of behavior only occurs under Microsoft Windows OS because it uses the antivirus software installed in your Windows to scan the file. If no anti-virus software is installed, it'll not scan the file.

You can disable this automatic virus-scanning using following tutorial:

Disable Automatic Virus Scanning in Built-in Download Manager

Disable OR Adjust URL Suggestions in New Addressbar:

The new addressbar shows a drop-down list of matching URLs as soon as you type something in addressbar. By default it shows 12 suggestions in drop-down list.

Some people might feel uncomfortable with this new feature and want to disable it. Some might want to increase / decrease the no. of suggestions in drop-down list.

So here is a simple and small tutorial for adjusting no. of suggestions in addressbar or to completly disable this new feature:

Disable / Adjust URL Suggestions in Addressbar of Mozilla Firefox

Disable Automatic Image Resizing:

Firefox automatically resizes an image if its larger than the screen area. There is no option available in Firefox Options to disable the Automatic image resizing. Even IE has this option.

So if you want to disable automatic image resizing, then following trick will help you:

Disable Automatic Image Resizing in Mozilla Firefox

Add Vista Aero Interface to Firefox:

Now you can enjoy Windows Vista default Aero interface in Firefox. Following tutorial can bring the Aero glass to Firefox window:

Get Maximum Glass in Mozilla Firefox Under Windows Vista and 7

Get Opera Speed Dial Feature in Firefox:

"Speed Dial" is a nice and useful feature in Opera browser which lets you to visit your favorite websites easily and quickly by providing their thumbnails in a grid format.

Now there is a good new for Mozilla Firefox users. You can also enjoy this feature in your Firefox now.

You need an extension "Speed Dial" which can add the same functionality to Firefox:

UPDATE: Newer versions of Firefox already come with this functionality.

Enable Windows Media Player File Streaming:

Firefox doesn't stream Windows Media Player files in websites. But there is a way to enable WMP files streaming in Firefox.

Follow the instructions given in following tutorial and it'll install WMP plugin for Firefox and your Firefox will start streaming WMP files without any problem:

Enable Windows Media Player Files Streaming in Mozilla Firefox

Hidden Easter Egg in New Version:

With the release of recent version of Firefox web browser, Mozilla has included an Easter Egg.

To reveal it type "about:robots" in Firefox addressbar and press Enter. It'll show a page having title as "Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!" and content as following:

Welcome Humans!

We have come to visit you in peace and with goodwill!

  • Robots may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  • Robots have seen things you people wouldn't believe.
  • Robots are Your Plastic Pal Who's Fun To Be With.
  • Robots have shiny metal posteriors which should not be bitten.

And they have a plan.

You can enjoy this easter egg in all Mozilla Firefox versions.

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