Close All: Small Tool to Close All Running Program Windows On The Fly

If you are running lots of programs simultaneously in Windows and need to close all of them, following freeware will help you.

"Close All" is a free tool which lets you to close all running applications with just one click. It doesn't use system resources because it only flashes a 'close' signal to all open windows on the desktop and then ceases.

You just need to create a shortcut of the tool in Start Menu, Quick Launch bar, Windows 7 Taskbar or anywhere you want and then click on it to close all running programs.

You can also add a hotkey to this shortcut. It is really very handy if you are running ~20 applications and want them all to quit instantly. It works just as if you were pressing the close button for each application.


It doesn't require installation. No settings are stored in the Windows Registry or file system.

Just download and extract the ZIP file and create a shortcut of "CloseAll.exe" file which can be later put on Desktop, in Quick Launch toolbar or pin to Windows 7 Taskbar.

Download Link

You can also prevent certain applications from being to be closed by Close All by appending -x="application_name.exe" at the end of the "Target" string in Properties of the CloseAll application shortcut. You can separate multiple values with "|" (pipe) as well.

Thanks to our reader "Ghost Eclipse" for sharing it...

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  • How to add a hotkey for this programs ?

  • VG

    ^^ Open shortcut Properties and there you can set shortcut key.

  • Thanks VG and Ghost Eclipse for sharing with us ! Cheers Mates !

  • Ghost Eclipse & VG,
    Thanks for the information. Very useful.

  • In Firefox, you can Save+Quit. What will happen under "Close All"

  • HI, Can you expand on how to prevent certain applications using x="application_name.exe" at the end of the "Target" string in Properties? Perhaps an example of the completed line.

    I have added it and it does not seem to work, I believe that the syntax is incorrect but not sure as I don't have an example.

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